Betsey Johnson Files for Bankruptcy & Heads to Reality TV (Look Back on Her Craziest Moments)

It’s been a rough couple years for a lot of industries, fashion not excluded.  But, we’d been lulled by the recent lack of magazine folds and design house departures…until news of Betsey Johnson filing for bankruptcy hit the internet a few days ago.

No 30-something year old design house has brought us more fun, funky, or candidly kooky fashions than Betsey Johnson.  Unfortunately, the brand’s file for bankruptcy protection—which basically buys a debtor time from possible foreclosures, lawsuits, and the like so they can reorganize their finances—will likely result in about 350 employee dismissals; and possibly most, if not all, the brand’s stores will be closed!

Fret not though fashionistas.  On the plus side, the Betsey Johnson e-commerce store, owned by Steve Madden Ltd, will not be affected; the designer still plans to show at Fashion Week this September; lower-priced Betsey Johnson products will still be available in stores like Macy’s; the designer will still do a reality show with her daughter Lulu; and you can look forward to snagging some major Betsey buys from their store-closing sales.

In honor of Ms. Johnson’s departure from high-end design, here are some of her craziest, kookiest moments from over the years.



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