9 of Michelle Obama's Most Stunning Hair Moments: From Sharp Bobs to Cropped Curls, We LOVE Her Lustrous Mane!

9 of Michelle Obama’s Most Stunning Hair Moments: From Sharp Bobs to Cropped Curls, We LOVE Her Lustrous Mane!

Michelle Obama not only has a closet we’d love to raid, if we got hold of those gorgeous strands, we’d try them on and never give them back. Seriously, her hair always looks good!

At Saturday night’s star-studded White House Correspondents’ Dinner, FLOTUS donned a printed Naeem Khan dress coupled with delicate hoops, minimal makeup and a perfectly coiffed cut that we’re itching to recreate. Side parted and styled to a t, Michelle’s neck grazing bob was the main attraction at the fashionable black-tie affair.

Obama’s hairstylist, Johnny Wright, claims the trick to keeping strands healthy and glossy a la Lady O. is frequent deep conditioning, investing in the right tools and giving your hair a day or two off to breathe.

Whether she’s wearing it sleek and straight or cropped and curled, there’s no denying our First Lady has a great head of hair—it’s the perfect accessory to match her elegant style. See Michelle’s most stunning hair moments below.


Side-Parted Straight Cut


 Cropped Curls

Sharp Bob


Slick Swoop


Messy Pinback

Layered Bangs


Tousled Waves


Sleek Pinback

  • Misshangel1

    I love all of them, but my favorite is the Dinner Do. Go M.O. love fashion and hair styles

  • Chantei

    The short cropped bob and the dinner curls are my favorite!

  • crazychris

    michelle obam,a is the first first lady in my lifetime that was attractive. come on nobody found betty ford, nancy reagen or the bush wives attractive nobody hilary clinton was kind of cute in 93 but she was’nt pin up girl material.

    • Barbie

      No class/ugly in my book!

      • flynnhigh

        What book is that? Jealousy for dummies?

    • native_daughter

      crazychris — Nancy Reagan was hollywood gorgeous in a day where gorgeous did NOT come from a bottle or a surgeon’s knife. Laura Bush is downright lovely, both in her nature and her face. And Hilary Clinton is simply classy and very intelligent… neither of which michelle can lay claim to …..

      • truthbtold

        dead on

  • GoObamaGo

    Short bob is it!!!!  What a queen!

    • truthbtold

      queen eats a lot, queen spends our money. queen welfare mentality.

  • Stunning

    I love the sharp bob! Mrs. Obama is so beautiful!!!

  • NAPHI2

    Love love the Dinner Do and Slick Swoop!! Classy lady.

  • The first lady is so beautiful and elegant!

    • isis

      elegant???? seriously????? I have trouble believing she could SPELL ‘elegant’!!! (I *know* her husband would need a teleprompter to figure the word out!)

  • Are you kidding m

    If Walmart-chic is your idea of a good looking woman, maybe. But this woman has neither the style or grace of ANY First Lady in the last 100 YEARS.

    • Disgusted

      You must be a Republican and would never like someone with class. I’m not supposed to be rude but you were!

    • Janrista

      I agree with the WM chic; can we all say wigs?

      • flynnhigh

        Because you’re a follower and will never be a leader.

    • If I were WASTING the tax dollars that this PIG was I’d look good. The two clowns deserve each other, LEACHES of The White House, spending OUR money faster we can make it! Her ugly goes all the way to the bone!

  • notastylist

    i think #5 is horrible. i am sorry but it reminds me of getto mom fresh out of bed. but the rest she rocked them and curls are my fave.

  • lady bug

    What difference does it make she is ugley INSIDE – OH and that butt!

    • snowpayer

      waht about the belts. they are so high they should be around her forehead. the hair is nothing to look at. people who say she is stunning don’t know what stunning is all about. both bush women were stunning in a presidential way, like a jackie kennedy.

      • GREAT!

      • Necie4010

        The Bush women…lol…lol…lol…lol….lol…lol..”lol..those flat butt, ugly women..lol…lol”..lol…lol..lol..”lol….lol…lol..you have got to be kidding, right?get a new pair of glasses, you are sure losing your eyesight.

        • truthbtold

          you don’t know class when you see it, do you? take some lessons from then you might get further in your life.

    • flynnhigh

      You can’t even spell UGLY, STUPID, atleast she has a butt.. lol

  • catherineinpvb

    Seriously. . .While most of the ‘do’s’ here are Michelle’s real hair; she does use wigs. Can anyone pick it out above? (So, yes; it is ‘no wonder’ her hair always looks good!)

  • krtegirl@aol.com

    Call me crazy-but since when does “great hair” include weaves?

  • Geirgio

    Howe you say in the english? Shoot out of cannnon?

    • flynnhigh

      Here’s an idea …Maybe you should leave englid for the americans if you can’y speak it.

  • Barbie

    Poor thing, she is just ugly no matter what she does to herself!

    • flynnhigh

      Awe, Barbie must be jealous. Stick your head up Ken’s butt..

      • truthbtold

        my goodness. what an ingenious come back that was. sarcasim do you recognize it?

  • rw

    She’s a babe, and classy, stylish, and (more importantly) intelligent. And for going on 50 with two kids — most ladies are not doing nearly so well. Yeah, she ain’t built like Kate Moss, but a lot of folks think Kate’s disgustingly anorexic. Can’t please everyone. (And FWIW I’m a 46 y.o. white guy that a lot of folks mistake for looking 20-something.)

  • native_daughter

    Trust me on this …. it is very possible to find that woman unattractive! All you need to do is look beneath the taxpayer-funded duds and look past the taxpayer-funded TEAM of stylists to see the ugly morals and attitude!

  • Necie4010

    Oh, Fox uninformed one, the President has LONG quit smoking…I know its hard but try to keep up….that is if you can read or learn facts.

  • Necie4010

    If she has what you have determined is a bit rear end, then you must think that Ann Romney’s has a rear end the size of a tow truck….now that is one large behind. WiDE LOAD COMING!

  • Me

    Most use wigs? Wow, you must be quite the black hair expert! MOST USE WIGS TO FOLLOW THE FASHION of wearing wigs, not to straighten their hair…for that MOST USE HAIR RELAXERS!

    • truthbtold

      ahhh no sweetie. hair relaxers we can see coming.

  • sickof it

    It’s easy to have nice hair when you have a taxpayer funded hairstylist on your staff for $100k a year!

  • truthbtold

    those are hair extensions people. none of it is her hair.

  • truthbtold

    puleeze. give me a break. I can assure you we dont want anything you have.

  • truthbtold

    yep. you are correct.

  • Stephi

    Wow, I don’t care what you are. Myself I’m Irish-Chinese-Black-Puerto Rican-Native American and the things you people say to each other is so disheartening. I am everything and everything is me. Love it all.

  • cronequeen

    It is easy to see racism is alive and well in the USA. She is lovely, brilliant (a college grad), more importantly she is strong and independent and truly cares for the people especially the children. She has as much class as any first lady in history. I will refrain from reverting to my redneck roots and tell you what I think of some of you and your comments. In the words of Einstein, “Kindness is greater than wisdom.”

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