Bet You Didn’t You Know They Were Child Stars First! 7 Stars Who Got Their Start On The Small Screen

We spotted seven of Hollywood’s most adorable child stars from the 90s who stole our hearts. Remember popular sitcoms, “Full House,” “Family Matters” and PBS’s “Barney & Friends?”  Long before Jurnee Smollett, Naya Rivera and Selena Gomez became the superstars they are today, they started their acting careers on the small screen. Find out about other celebrities who were child stars first, and are still making big bucks today.


Jurnee Smollett played Michelle’s best friend, Denise Frazer, on “Full House.”


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  • Stephan A. Baker

    i remember all of em…especially jurnee cause she had fire lol!

  • Tiffanie MadameGigglez Thomas

    Wait! Freeze, time out! Michelle was on The Adventures of Pete & Pete before she starred in Harriet the Spy.

    • bingl

      and also Inspector Gadget

  • tyrese sanders

    Bryton McClure grew up to be a fine a– man!  GOT D— IT!

  • Becbec99

    I knew about Selena and Demi but that’s it

  • Nellypoo04

    I knew about all of them b/c I watch way too much tv…smh. Lol

  • FineTuned

    Jurnee also was on her own show on ABC called Getting By cause she had all of her brothers and sisters on that show. It was bout 8-10 kids possibly. The show only lasted for like a season.

    • Candigal88

      It was not Getting by. The show with Jurnee and her brothers and sisters was On Our Own. Getting by was when the black lady and white lady move in the same house with their kids. Telma Hopkins was on that show. 

  • IsaidItNowWhat

    check out the look..on that olsen twin face….

  • Robins

    For a couple of them, there was some major plastic surgery that took place between the then and now pics

    • Darnpag

      I don’t think it’s plastic surgery. I think it’s called growing up. Peoples features change as they get older.

      • aimeeintx

        I agree but most features don’t shrink, they grow

  • Dayijianaeharshaw

    Swearrr , Demi Lavato Was A BIGG KIDD , NOW LOOK AT HER SHE CHANGED 4 SURE !

  • GK

    Awww I remember Journee on there (Fullhouse) !!!  I only watched that show when she was on there … She made it so fun and funny to watch !!! And she played in many good films after that show… One of my Favorite movies she played in was Eves Bayou and The Great Debaters … Still Love that movie !!

  • Ivan Awfulitch

    I didn’t know any of these people were stars NOW let alone “stars” then!

  • Rach

    Michelle will always be Harriet the Spy to me…

  • asdf2133

    Nope, I had no idea these people were childhood stars, because I don’t even who they are *now*. Never seen or heard of any of these people.

  • stevemaury

    The only one of these “stars” I ever heard of is Selena Gomez. And her only because of Jackie Evancho’s appearance on “Wizards of Waverly Place”

  • NarpathWarpath

    Everyone on this list is either someone I very well knew was a child star or someone I don’t know today.

  • Bearabull

    Brad Pitt was on the soap Another World

  • Bev

    Noses have been changed…

  • Linda B

    Go back a little in time and check out Ben Affleck on PBS in The Voyage of the Mimi! What a cute kid!

  • aimeeintx

    How is “How the grinch stole christmas” small screen and half these people are still on the small screen and not on the bi screen

  • ReverendBenzo

    I have never heard of any of these people.

  • Jim McBride

    I bet this guy thought he was the only one that watches too much television –

  • Julie

    I knew Richie Crawford, Denise (from Full House) and Michelle Trachtenburg actually surprised me being on a list of un-well known child stars. But probably because I grew up on Nickelodeon…

    None of these were outrageous to me.

  • poolgamer

    Jurnee just grew up to be such a beautiful woman I loved her and Megan good in Eve’s Bayou.

  • Dyonus

    It’s funny because I recognize all of them as child stars, but very few of them as adult stars.

  • Rachel Hayes

    Well, I knew about Selena and Demi. But the others? Wow. I’d seen Michelle once or twice but I hardly could tell.

  • Grayce Bee

    I’m wondering how they could leave out Janet Jackson, (Good Times, DIff’rent Strokes) but she became a singer and I guess the list is just actors. And yes, I will also always remember Michelle Trachtenberg from Pete and Pete.