Addicted No More! These 7 Stars Kicked Their Drug Habit For Hollywood

Drug addiction or any form of addiction is one of the worst things anyone can go through—especially if you live  under the spotlight like celebrities do. For whatever reasons millions of people fall under their addiction, there’s nothing like seeing them kick their habit, triumphantly, and surge on with their lives. These 7 celebrities stopped using for a bright future in Hollywood, more opportunities and sobriety living. Kudos to them!


Nicole Richie


Nicole Richie probably wouldn’t have had a beautiful family, an amazing fashion career and simply of piece of mind if she hadn’t gotten rid of that drug habit.


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  1. says:

    Doesn’t Lil’ Wayne still use coke?  He raps enough about it.  This article was sort of short and didn’t give the details that I really wanted to know.

  2. says:

    Anthony Kiedis has an amazing story, too. Check out his book, Scar Tissue

  3. says:

    being a blogger is just getting easier and easier huh?

  4. says:

    Good LAWD! Who does the writing? Could of…would of? Would of gave in? Try could have…would have given in to…Get back in school player..your mind is a terrible thing…..

  5. says:

    Kudos to those who can kick the habit…and loser to those who think this blog is short because creeps like Downey, Lil’Wayne still use and they aren’t covered here…boohoo

  6. says:

    I was just saying where’s RDJ? That man stayed in court and jail for drug use. Love him, though. He also continued to act phenomenally during that time, too.

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