Addicted No More! These 7 Stars Kicked Their Drug Habit For Hollywood

  • KJ23

    Doesn’t Lil’ Wayne still use coke?  He raps enough about it.  This article was sort of short and didn’t give the details that I really wanted to know.

  • McTittysprinkles

    Anthony Kiedis has an amazing story, too. Check out his book, Scar Tissue

    • KJ23

      Yeah, Anthony Kiedis and John Frusciante would have been AMAZING on this list!

  • Zenwreck

    being a blogger is just getting easier and easier huh?

  • Devils Dad

    Good LAWD! Who does the writing? Could of…would of? Would of gave in? Try could have…would have given in to…Get back in school player..your mind is a terrible thing…..

  • nadanada

    Kudos to those who can kick the habit…and loser to those who think this blog is short because creeps like Downey, Lil’Wayne still use and they aren’t covered here…boohoo

  • Nickey

    I was just saying where’s RDJ? That man stayed in court and jail for drug use. Love him, though. He also continued to act phenomenally during that time, too.

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