Get Serena Williams’ New Workout Plan, And Use Her “Enduracool” Towels While You’re At It! (Detailed Fitness Routine Inside!)

Serena Williams is no stranger to the worlds of fitness and beauty. The tennis superstar was on hand to launch an event promoting  her new product, the Mission Athletecare Enduracool Towel, at 24 Hour Fitness Center in NYC.  Along with UFC fighter Georges St.Pierre, the pro athlete showed off her new workout routine and introduced her new towel line. Enduracool is an instant cooling towel with built-in technology to stay cool for hours which subsequently prevents injuries while working out. Now ladies, here is even more reason to work out and not worry about how you look while doing so. No more excuses! And Serena Williams workout curly weave is on point too!

Check out Serena’s workout plan, and see if you can keep up!

1 Minute Each Exercise
+ Jogging In Place with Arm Rotations
+ Knee-Up Skipping
+ Jogging In Place with Arm Rotations
+ Knee-Up Skipping
+ Stretch


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