10 Biggest Beauty Mistakes That Should NOT Be Made in 2012 (These Beauty Blunders Should Carry Time!)

10 Biggest Beauty Mistakes That Should NOT Be Made in 2012 (These Beauty Blunders Should Carry Time!)

We consider ourselves a reasonable bunch over here at StyleBlazer.  We’re always willing to compromise on certain beauty practices because there are ‘different strokes for different folks.’  However, there are definitely some beauty mistakes that we think have officially made it into the beauty faux pas hall of fame.  And in 2012, there is no reason why these bad beauty calls should be made.

Check out the top 10 beauty mistakes that should NOT be committed in 2012.


1. Extra Long Fingernails

There are a lot of things we left behind in the 90’s. This should be one of them.


2. Ash

Ashy skin is sooo unattractive AND unhealthy. Whether you prefer some good ole vintage Razac lotion or Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, PUMP IT PLEASE!


3. Colored Contacts

Give it up. They’re more creepy than cute, and screams you have a complex.


4. Bad Lace Front

Bad lace front weaves, wigs, or whatever aren’t fooling anybody except you because you paid for it.

5. Drawn On Eyebrows

Just the idea of drawing in a part of your body blows our minds. Drawn-on/tattooed eyebrows were never a good look then, now, or ever.


6. Outlined Lips


Outlined lips look dated and uninspired more than anything else.

7. Mismatched Ponytail Weave


There is absolutely no reason why your own hair should be the black 17 and kinky with a ponytail that is brown 37 and silky.


8. Body Glitter

If you are not a fairy, gogo dancer, or celebrating Halloween, body glitter should not be currently in your beauty bag.


9. Acrylic Toenails

It seemed like a good idea at the time when your big toenail broke, but it’s not anymore.  Not to this extreme at least.


  • Except, nails like that are no mistake. They are 100% intentional! Yeah, I like mine longer than what’s supposed to be “correct” or “proper”, but they’ve never been longer than my fingers. That’s too much. An inch is more than enough to be noticed.

    • Nippon Jeikobu

      I don’t see what’s wrong with having long nails. Why should it matter if it’s PC? 😉

  • Oh. Just saw the toenail version there. Now that always gives me the creeps, long toenails, even in nice colors.

    • Tee Cee

      It makes them look like short, squat fingers hanging off the feet!

  • Abdc

    Theres nothing wrong with outlining lips if you do it right….

    • pretty.red.bone


      • namvet527

        I saw you on the street corner under that street light last night.

      • whisperloud73

        why the period after everyword? just curious….

  • Lisa

    well i agree with all of them, even with the drawn on eyebrows even though I personally have no choice BUT to do it, since i literally do not have eyebrows and it SUCKS thats why i get super mad when I see some girls literally shaving their eyebrows just to draw it in… 

  • Shellyw

    My eyebrows are very, very then…that’s why I have to draw them on…or else it would look I didn’t have any at all…its nothing wrong with it.

  • Toya Sharee

    Why everytime a woman decides she wants to change her hair or eyecolor, she has to have self-hate issues?  I totally don’t agree with that, but then again I have never been one to consult a website or magazine for fashion tips and beauty advice.  I know the article is all in good fun, but we women seriously need to stop being so concerned with how other women look.  I do me, I like what I see in the mirror and that’s all that matters.

    • icon kain

      I bet a guy wrote this one .lol we don’t know any better. But u got the right idea.

  • Msshae2010

    I wear colored contacts I am dark drown and wear just brown contacts to lighten my eyes, they look completley natural. I outline my lips, but not with black lipliner.  Mine always match the color gloss/lipstick I am wearing.

    • Amija James

      I don’t think they’re talking about people like you.  I think it’s like the dark chick rocking the blue contacts or the super harsh lip liner.  You know the extremes.  At the end of the day, I say a woman has the right to wear whatever makes her feel good!

      • jodi

        I totaly agree with you… likes!

    • lucky.money


  • The Truth

    Who ever painted her nails (first pic) did an excellent job!

  • Guest

    i just threw up in my mouth when i saw the toe nails…

    • namvet527

      Did it taste good? lol

  • Hehldq

    this is SOOOO ghetto.

  • whisperloud73

    awww, that’s ‘lil kim’ before she became ‘lil somebody save my esteem face’….

  • girl_boom

    why are people explaining themselves…lol guilty

  • hsquared

    *going to
    Don’t be a hypocrite.

  • Jade

    I agree about the eyebrows, but what do you do when you have hypothyroidism and your eyebrows become so sparse, thin – almost non-existent. I use the brush on method to add brows, then I brush over it with powder to take away the harsh effect. Believe me, it’s not an easy thing to do.

  • Jade

    Another thing is that I notice that feet have become a fashion issue. Yes, feet! I’ve noticed a few men looking at my feet. I keep them clean and pedicured, but I don’t have perfectly aligned toes. I do what I can, but it does make me feel very self conscious. You can’t change what you were born with, well at least not entirely. I only take a size 6 1/2 shoe, so I don’t have big feet. So what’s with the foot fetish?

  • i dont think anyone mentioned white people on here before you commented Nam… or did i miss a comment or two. Are you gonna chill up on black sites and make race comments.. is that ur thing?

  • ‘IMITATION OF LIFE’, with Lana Turner!!!!!!

  • Charlotte

    Why are you here, dude? O_O

  • Dances with Dweebs

    Why so hostile, little punk?

  • Waddles

    psshhhhttt i love my glitter..lol XD

  • Mochipants

    That image of Ke$ha made me shudder. She’s a walking herpes blister.

  • On Fire In Pain

    I used to wear the most beautiful clothes and shoes…..then I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Google it….. Air, bedsheets, water rushing over my feet when I swim, feels like a raging fire burning on my skin, due to overactive nerve receptors. Now I am forced to buy shoes with a large toe-area. For a woman, it breaks my heart. But even I’m smart enough to know a pencil skirt doesn’t go well with business attire, church clothes, shopping clothes, not even pajamas. I agree with part of your post. I don’t like wearing them, I must wear them. Just dont judge someone’s attire too quickly before you know all the facts.

  • Trim fingernails (check)

  • ????

    Women who CAN grow eyebrows but shave them off just to pencil them in is HORRIBLE! The acrylic toe nails are ICKY and so are the ridiculously long fingernails. Colored contacts that don’t look natural are PATHETIC! And not matching your natural hair color/texture to the phoney pony is TRIFLING! Just saying

  • Nippon Jeikobu

    Speak for yourself on the nails. The nails in that pic have to be the most beautiful nails I’ve ever seen. I realize I’m in the minority on that one, but that’s just something I naturally find attractive.

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