15 Celebrities Who Should NEVER ACT AGAIN (Don't Quit Your Day Jobs Guys!)

15 Celebrities Who Should NEVER ACT AGAIN (Don’t Quit Your Day Jobs Guys!)

It’s pretty common nowadays for stars to criss-cross into different creative fields; actors form bands, and musicians turn to the big screen.  Of them, there are some folks who are true double and triple threats: Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, Jamie Foxx… And then there are others who…are not so much.  When it comes to stars trading careers, the bad definitely outweigh the good.

Here’s a look at 15 musicians and reality stars who REALLY should not quit their day jobs for these roles.


1. Beyoncé in Obsessed

2. Kim Kardashian in Drop Dead Diva

3. DMX in Romeo Must Die

4. NeNe Leakes in Glee

5. Ashanti in John Tucker Must Die

6. Fantasia in The Fantasia Barrino Story

  • Mizz Undaztud

    What a shame, The writer of this article did’nt have to kick Fantasia in the knee for her learning disabilty. Low blow….! Plus, everyone did their best and I loved their performances in their respective roles…. Nene, DMX, Beyonce and Fantasia did extremely wellll…. shame on you…!!

    • PERSON

      NOT! Beyonce lol

    • duckfaceantonacio

      Since when is being an illiterate single mother who can almost sing a learning disability? Fantasia Barrino had her 15 minutes of fame, but didn’t realize it because she probably can’t tell time either.

      • donnie

        Last time I checked, DYSLEXIA was still a learning disability. And “duckface” was a stupid screen name!

  • Guest

    The low blow on Fantasia was wrong as hell and I’m sorry but I actually like NeNe on Glee each week.

    • dj

      totally agree, that’s not something to laugh about. Illiteracy reflects a huge problem with America.

      • poppikkf

        Its funny everyone here sticking up for fantasia with her dyslexic self, I myself have struggled with dyslexia my entire life. But I am a college graduate with both my bachelors and my masters, dyslexia is a condition that can be overcome with hard work. It should never be used as a crutch, or an excuse for a grown person as to why they sound ignorant…..

    • MeMoMoo

      I know right? How can you say Fantasia acted bad in The FANTASIA Burrino story? It’s ridiculous.

    • chanela

      it’s sad when you can’t act out your own biopic. LMAO

    • Udont Knowme

      The low blow was the horrific pic they used LOL.. THey coulda got her looking better in a different scene!! LOLOL!!

  • Yummy

    Totally agree with Beyonce, she can’t sing either…..

    • guest

      I think we’re the only two people in this world that share the same sentiment…thank you for being brave enough to go against the grain!

      • me

        No, you’re not! Definitely NOT a fan!!!

      • Orpheus75

        nope.. with you.

        • guest2

          Add one more… I’m with you!

    • Jimmy Djeep

      Definitely with you. She’s just so annoyingly repetitive and bland…

      • dre

        she can sing but she is extremely overrated

    • Chaz

      Can we lay to rest the whole “hater” lexicon? Just because someone disagrees with you and isn’t in love with whatever you’re defending, doesn’t mean they “hate” something or someone. Besides, it’s 2012; hate-this, hate-that sounds so ignorant and dated.

      • Orpheus75

        Amen! Thank you for saying that!. If you call out a celebrity for how disgusting they are, (calling a skunk, a skunk so to speak), you get called a “hater”. hmmm…so does that not make those calling us “haters”, a “hater” in their own right?

    • wrenaroo

      Finally, people who have not drank the Beyonce KoolAid. Over rated along with being a self absorbed horn blower. She is just trying to add titles to her resume. Doesn’t matter if she is actually good at any of them, just as long as she tried it once (even if she failed miserably). Love how stars do that (producer, writer, director, actor, singer, performer, choreographer, designer, chef, CEO, mother) If she ACTUALLY thinks she could step into any one of those roles (as a knowledgeable leader) and be qualified, she is sadly mistaken.

      • Summer

        Julianne Hough in anything she has done. Give it up people, she is not an actress or singer for that matter. Leave her on the dance floor, the only place she really shines.

    • tabicat

      I can appreciate that you don’t like Beyonces acting, but how can you honesty say she can’t sing. I dont like all her songs, but she has obviously been given a gift with her singing. Even her speaking voice is beautiful!!!

    • TJE

      Yummy, Ima let you finish, but Beyoncé made the greatest video OF ALL TIME! (total sarcasm)

    • Beckers

      Oh my god thank you beyonce tries so hard she should quit and hang on tight to jay-z

    • Udont Knowme

      Add me to the list too…. they should’ve put Beyonce “In Everything she’s ever been in”

  • Michelle

    Man that Fantasia joke was hilarious!

    • Maradebe2oo4

      ‘nothing hilarious with bullying comments about people with learning disabilities. 

  • Sookiiee

    I think nene plays her role on glee very well I think a lot of high some schoolers may have an obnoxious coach lol and furthermore if you’re going to put kelly rowland up you need to add her friend lala as well.

  • Now do another one of celebrities who should never sing/rap again.  Don’t quit your day jobs.

  • MorenaKika

    You’re crazy! NeNe killed it on this week’s Domestic violence centered Glee.

    • BobS

      Oops! I think you mis-typed. I think you meant to say “NeNe SHOULD HAVE BEEN killed on this week’s Domestic violence centered Glee.” Character needs to go….and take the cow with her!

  • ShaynnaK

    DMX was a great actor in Romeo Must Die…Ashanti and Kelly Rowland both need to sit down in the acting and music departments.

  • jhsting32

    Fantasia was great on Broadway!

  • Elaine

    Nene’s acting was terrible, not sure what you all saw. Beyonce sucks as an actress…stick to singing.

    • Valeriebush6

      she can’t sing, act, dance either. There’s only one person that can and could do it all RIP AALIYAH !!

      • kiira0823

        Aailayh was amazing but, you are all wrong. Name one chick in the game who has been out for 15years and has 16 grammys and has sold millions.

      • BionicBey

        LOL gurl Aaliyah didn’t even believe that. Stop trying to rewrite history LOL “you people”

      • Say What?

        Aaliyah was an amazing singer and dancer but the only time I loved her acting was in Queen of the Damned. She was beyond fantastic.

  • Jackieo Perkins

    BEYON’CE THE WORST  AND NE NE WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET…the rest you can take it or leave them

  • Spoilme2much730

    DMX? Yall buggin. I think he does an awesome job acting

    • Tommykimon

      I know he was good in Belly waaay better than Nas.

      • Dartfin

        Yeah that took about as much acting as Eminem in 8 Mile. It wasn’t a stretch. Let’s cast him in Life as a House or a Shakespeare update and see where that goes.

        • Bomani

          Yeah that took about as much acting as Eminem in 8 Mile. It wasn’t a stretch.
          That was funny! And please,anybody who mentions Belly is not concerned about acting,writing,or anything to do with film. But it’s really called “stay in your lane”. I enjoyed DMX in the other films,but no,he won’t be doing Othello.

        • Eminem did a great job in 8 Mile. What do you look for in a Rapper that is in a movie? He did something believable. Now if he tried Shakespear & failed, well that’s another story!

    • BobS

      “Yall buggin”? Really? Is that even English?

      • BionicBey

        Is bangin’ sheep and exhaust pipes English Bob? lol the nerve….

      • You should be able to look up “Yall buggin” on the Urban Dictionary so you know what it means.

      • thesillyolie

        seriously? people need to learn that there are a numerous amounts of varieties of the english language with different words and phrases to mean different things…so do not hate on someone for the variety that they are speaking because then you are discriminating based on language

  • aries

    i am glad to know someone else thinks Nene’s acting is just Nene being Nene. on Glee, i thought they would change her appearance and voice to make her appear to really be someone else. Beyonce never become anyone else, her voice is the same in all her movies. that was mean what ya’ll said about Fantasia. i don’t know what is wrong with Kelly, she can’t get nothing going.

  • Jen

    I was in agreeance with you up until you got to Fantasia.  Her acting may not have been good but to make that statement about someone who’s had a learning disabilitiy was absolutely a wrong step.  Didn’t know you had it in you like that!

    • RoHo

      Agreeance?   Awwwwhahahahahahahahahahahaha  Talk about a learning disability.

      • a·gree·ance  [uh-gree-uhns] Show IPA
        noun Now Rare .the act or state of agreeing; agreement.

        • BionicBey

          LOLOL oops!

  • LewLew

    Now you know you’re wrong with the Fantasia reading scripts blow. LMAO!

  • I loved nene on Glee, I thought she was funny.

  • ok, I can’t comment on Kelly, Fantasia, or Ashanti because I’ve not seen their movies. I can’t stand to hear Beyonce talk and add J-Lo to that category, their speaking voices drive me crazy…I didn’t think DMX did too bad in Romeo Must Die.  NeNe would be ok as long as she’s playing some version of herself (lol).

  • Guest

    I think Beyonce should have stopped after Carmen: A Hip Hopera.

  • ffffff

    i don’t know… beyonce was phenomenal in dreamgirls. i feel like that should count for something.

  • Holly

    I thought Beyonce was great in that movie…

  • You should all watch Beyonce in Cadilac Records an amazing performance given.

    • I was just going to post this! I actually didn’t want to watch the movie because she’s in it, but I was really surprised.

  • guest

    wow, I’m old. I knew who exactly 1 of those people were….

  • Wade

    I abhor anything Real Housewives, but I actually love Nene on Glee. She’s a great foil for Sue.

  • DaMama

    I heard that Fantasia was really good on Broadway in “The Color Purple”. And she is dyslexic, so ragging on her was not nice at all. Beyonce is the most over-rated celebrity on this list. Her singing is mediocre at best. There is nothing special about her voice. And her acting is atrocious. Any Kardashian should be banned from TV, magazines, movies, internet – everything! They are a waste of space. NeNe? Really? She is another self-absorbed reality airhead who would be nobody if not for stupid people watching her on TV. By far, the worst on the list are Beyonce and Kim Kardashian.

    • BionicBey

      There’s something EXTREMELY special about her voice. She has MORE control over her vocals than ANY artist out NOW. NEVER off-key, NEVER pitchy, NEVER inserting unheard of notes… like today’s musical artist. You my dear, are bitter…. and we… the Beyonce fan club… appreciate you and those LIKE you running from blog to blog JUST to discuss BEYONCE 😀

      • ????

        You mean the Beyonce WORSHIPERS club. You people are beyond annoying and pathetic.

    • chicityyy

      are you actually serious? as a vocal coach i can tell you beyonce has an incredible range and ALWAYS sounds amazing. i agree her acting isnt the best but to say she cant sing is ridiculous.

      • OperaDiva

        I’m a professional, classically trained singer and vocal instructor and I can tell you that Beyonce DOES NOT have and incredible range. She can sing and I feel that she over does it sometimes, I believe for dramatic purposes. Someone who sings less than two octaves naturally (w/ the use of electronic manipulation in the studio to enhance their average range) doesn’t have ave an incredible range. She definitely should stay away from acting, but she’s way better than Fantasia. You know you are a horrible actor when you can’t even play yourself convincingly in a Lifetime movie about your LIFE!.

        • Michelle Kirkwood

          @Opera Diva

          Okay, but the woman can still sing—not every good singer is blessed with incredible range like Aretha, Whitney, Regina Belle, Jill Scott, Teena Marie,, or even the underrated Chrisette Michelle. Hell,even Diana Ross was told she would never make it as a singer because her voice wasn’t–I forget why, but she was told that, and she STILL became a singing/acting star herself. Beyonce may not have a classical singer’s range, but she can still outsing half the people I hear on the radio today as far as I’m concerned, and I enjoyed her 2nd CD and will be getting her 1st someday.

      • Dr. Octogonapus

        My farts have better range than Beyonce…

  • you are crazyy beyonce can act her butt off!!

  • NENE was great!!!! u dummies!

  • I remember Kelly Rowland was in the film “Freddy vs Jason”, too. Being in a movie like that wasn’t going to help her career any.

  • sam

    no joke. and I’m a white guy.

  • Ron

    Lindsay Lohan should of be added to this list …

  • Wayne

    Please. I would watch Beyonce’ in a school play,PBS,or one of those Vivica Fox movies! It’s Beyonce’ fool!

  • Josie in Space

    I never watched Housewives (any version), but NeNe Leakes as Roz on Glee was hilarious. I hope she’s back next season. She’s the only character who could go toe-to-toe against Sue and come out unscathed.

  • Kim Kardashian is Armenian — that’s not black.

  • enzoiscool

    I am not a K.K. fan but you’re wrong here – her turn on “Drop Dead Diva” is cute and enjoyable – give her a break. I’m actually looking forward to watching her. Hey we can’t all be Justin Timerberlake or Jennifer Hudson. What about Cher and Barbara Streisand – and think about it, Didn’t Whoopi start as a comedian?

  • bulletinyourhead

    With names like Ashanti, NeNe, Beyonce and Fantasia is anyone really surprised that they aren’t serious actors?

    • BionicBey

      said while you’re humpin’ your lil sis Billy/Bob/Kip…

      Hillbillies have sure gotten ballsy as of late….

  • anonymous

    You do realize this is styleblazer, the self-proclaimed #1 fashion obsession for women of color, so…

  • BobS

    NeNe Leakes being unemployed is the best side effect of Glee’s downward spiral. However, NeNe may actually act again…..assuming there are any parts coming up calling for really obnoxious drag queens!

  • Wow, that statement about Fantasia was uncalled for….Beyonce was great in Dreamgirls, never saw Cadillac Records but I heard she was good…Nene was hilarious on Glee…
    Honestly the only one I agree with is Kim K. I’ve seen her on Drop Dead Diva and she is just horrible! I don’t know what Tyler Perry was thinking either!

  • ted 026

    N O MO R E K A R D A S H I A N !!!!!!!!!!

    • I have never heard of most of these people. Tupac was the best talented.

  • James Deen Holloway

    For a minute there, I thought I was the only one that noticed — “Weird” is a nice enough euphemism for the what the real “–ism” here is.

    • SamIAm

      You do know what website this is right? Click on a link, view the site more paying close attention to skin tone then see if you feel the same way.

  • how is it possible that ice cube, ice t, mark wahlberg, madonna and snoop (plenty of others to choose from but these are the main offenders) avoided this list?

    • jabo

      Ice T was good on SVU, and Mark Wahlberg has never made a bad movie. As for Madonna and and Snoop, I wouldn’t bother spitting on either of them.

      • Mark Wahlberg has made at least one awful movie…The Happening was stupid.

    • Mark Wahlberg can act!

  • JE

    I haven’t seen “Obsessed”, but Beyonce’s teary eyed, emotional performance as Etta James in “Cadillac Records” was Best Supporting Actress worthy. – “I’d Rather Go Blind”

  • BionicBey

    Well she’s not so YOU can just take a seat. 😀

  • Tracy Valentine

    this page has way too much going on

  • slong3

    Hey, that Kardashian tramp ought to count for about half a dozen in her own right!

  • I don’t think they have any connection to Africa….dufus!

  • Relster

    She ruined Autin Powers “GoldMemeber”!!! That movie would have been hilarious without her in it, and because of that I refuse to ever watch it again, or anything that she decides to act in (if you want to call that acting)

  • SayHi2YourMom4Me

    Looks like a lot of Hip Hop and R&B artists made this list

    • SayHi2YourMom4Me

      Oh I didn’t realize it was a publication for black people I just noticed a trend.

  • GnoGnews

    Paris Hilton should be on this list. Wasn’t she in some crappy horror movie a few years back?

  • guest

    don’t forget Mandy Moore, who chooses to make one flop after another !

  • Nikki

    Why isn’t Taylor Swift like.. No. 1 on this list?

    • WOW…

      Taylor Swift made a movie!?!

      • Nikki

        yep – Valentine’s Day. The most unfortunate casting job… ever.

  • Troy

    I have to agree with the beYAWNcy Factoid, because she’s been in several films and not one has she proved that she could act. She comes across as illiterate not only in films but in interviews as well. I will say that Fantasia, going through her troubled life has the potential just like J-Hud to snag a role that will show her vulnerable and dramatic side. I believe that Ne-Ne has the potential if she snagged the right dramatic role she would transcend good across the screen as a serious actress. beYAWNcy in my opinion brings nothing to the screen but the same thing she brings to the stage of her concerts and that’s a profound ability to be a pole dancer if nothing else. I’m not a fan of her singing either, her voice is very annoying. I’d even give Rhianna props for her ability to act and Kelly Rowland beYAWNcys former band mate has proven to me that she has the ability to become a great actress. Some musicians just have that knack to transfer from music to the screen. Janet Jackson, although she started out acting as young Penny on Good Times, made the transitiion perfectly, Rapper Mos Def, Ice T, Queen Latifah all made a good transition.

  • never heard of these people, who are they?????????

  • This list is BOGUS!!! Justin Timberlake should have been first on that list, period!

  • This is just a matter of opinion. Some people can act & some are not believable. Pure, plain & simple. I actually liked everyone mentioned on the list! Even crazy Kim K.! We should really look at these singers/actors for what they really want! The EXPOSURE!!!!

  • How can that be offensive? I really think America is too White Washed. I grew up thinking what I was taught in school. I was taught that America is a ‘Great Melting Pot’ full of a lot of differnt wonderful colors. How can you be upset that there were not bad White singers/rappers turned actors? Create your own list and add as many white people as you want. Maybe 1 black person too so it can live up to your idiotic standards. We as Black people have to watch a lot of awful white singers & actors. Why can’t we enjoy something or create something of our own without being labled wrong for it? This is a black article Allison.

  • This IS a web site for Black People. It’s okay that we have insight for our people too. I am not heart broken, however, that you wanted to see some more talentless White people though.

  • kd102

    i dont think i wud have placed fantasia in this list…. to me, she’s a gud actress, not great…. but she played that role well. I disagree with yre choice here

  • Orpheus75

    no, we’re not “hating”, we’re giving our own personal opinions. Last time I knew, we were still allowed to do that.

  • tricky

    Why would someone put each ‘actor’ on a separate page, when each page takes FOREVER to load…….When designing a website it should be considered that some pages take so long to load that people just LEAVE. Feel free to pass that on to EHow and MSNs homepage.

    • annmattia

      I totally agree. What a pain to keep going to a separate page for each person.

    • webguy

      They do this on purpose so they can increase clicks on the site. “Oooh. Look at how many clicks we get. You should totally pad us to advertise here.” Common practice of shoddy websites that no one visits much. Signed, -Guy Who Does This For A Living

  • Rikki Lake. Ugh she is terrible.

  • Odd Article

    How curious that all those named are of an ethnic background. It’s kind of interesting that you wouldn’t include someone like, say, Paris Hilton or an actress like Beyonce who *killed it* in movies like Dream Girls? Seems kind of interesting if you ask me. And definitely a little tilted to the right.

    • Odd Article

      over an actress*

  • donnie

    Making fun of someone’s disability (dyslexia in this case) shows incredibly poor taste and judgement. Shame on you!

  • guest

    totally agree with you

  • you people see race in everything,must be a misable life for you

    • It can be at times. You always wonder if you actually did something wrong or if you’re just being judged by the color of your skin or your gender…

  • You forgot Kristen Stewart in….EVERYTHING!!!!!

    • Joebakb

      I also hate bad acting just like Amanda.

  • Kelly

    It’s weird. Just noticing, that 12 of these 15 people are Black. And that 10 out of these 15 are Black women. And that 11 out of these 15 are women of color. Just a funny trend I saw here. And by funny I mean suspicious. Maybe whoever wrote this article should think about why they find Black people less believable as actors (also a lot of actors were shitty starting out. Look at Mark Wahlberg in the beginning. Look at Channing Tatum NOW).

    • Michelle Kirkwood


      This is a black run site,duh—hence THE focus on black celebrities. How hard was that to figure out?

  • I made it through two– could this site be any more annoying with a kagillion ads and 15-pages of link-bait with NO content!?!

  • Nickster

    You forgot Tom Cruise !!

    • Katie

      Haha he’s a great actor, if you’ve seen enough of his movies then you would know. Some people just have a weird issue with him and it’s annoying. Oh yeah also did you not read what this article was about? Celebs who are singers or reality stars that try acting (Tom has always been an actor, nothing else.)

      • ratinacage78

        did YOU not read???? two of the several tags directly under the headline say “celebrities who should not act anymore” and “worst actors”. not to mention that the opening line of the article mentions criss-crossing several creative fields, including “actors form bands”. tom cruise would definitely qualify as he performed the opening sequence in Rock of Ages as well as other songs in the film. i’m going to be a bit of a hypocrite now and say that i hate people posting ignorant comments directed toward other users that contribute nothing to the discussion at hand.

        PS – tom cruise is a terrible actor.

        • Ratinadoesn’tknowJack

          This is still an article about celebrities crossing from music into acting. “Here’s a look at 15 musicians and reality stars who REALLY should not quit their day jobs for these roles.” Tom Cruise does not qualify because of Rock of Ages because that was a musical and his “acting” performance required singing. He is not a musician crossing over into acting. So now I ask “did YOU not read?”” If you don’t like Cruise, just say so, don’t go into something you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. BTW, he is considered by most critics to be a good actor which explains his huge salary.

          • ratinacage78isright

            maybe you should read the entire article instead of picking and choosing
            which parts make any associated discussion relevant.

            the “here’s a look at 15 musicians” statement is added at the END of the ‘article’. the TITLE of it is “15 CELEBRITIES…” and as ratinacage78 said, the tags under that mention other associations that make tom cruise relevant. if you didn’t have such a bad habit of selective reading, you’d have also noticed
            that they DID say they don’t like tom cruise, hence the “tom cruise is a
            terrible actor” comment. and if they had no knowledge of it, then how did they say it? they certainly seem much more informed than you do, relying on the opinions of CRITICS!! what a joke!! thanks for showcasing your ignorance.

      • sally

        He always plays the same guy with just a slight variation nearly every time out. Yawn. Has anyone else noticed how most of his leading ladies are all has-beens within a couple of years? (With just a couple of notable exceptions)

      • Cruise is a terrible! There is never anything authentic about his characters, or anything about him as an individual, he just has a bunch of “tricks” up his sleeve to make you think he can act, but his real talent is truly manipulation. He is an atrocity as a Actor. He is a “Movie Star” only and there is a huge massive difference!!!

  • kiwi243637

    I thought Kim did a good job on Drop Dead Diva. It doesn’t matter if she is over exposed or not she didn’t do a bad job on the show.

  • SerenaLee

    They’re almost all black…

  • Jim

    Really? Christina is not THAT good. She is also extremely inconsistent. and extremely annoying

  • AnaRoW

    Did you just list the first names that came to your head? For example, Mariah Carey got poor reviews for Glitter but she got generally good reviews for Precious, which she did after that. Christina Milian got her start as an actress. What she should stop doing, is singing.

    • I thought about that too. Maybe the writer was just thinking about bad movies instead of bad actresses.

    • Michelle Kirkwood


      Milian can both sing and act (check out BE COOL,where she does both) but for some reason,she’s never been able to maintain a steady presence on the charts–she seems to have fared better with acting,for some reason.

  • Tony

    I must live in a bubble because I didnt see any of the movies referenced nor have I heard of most of these performers of dubious talent. While most of these “actors” weren’t likely hired for their acting talents, it’s pointless to argue with success. I hope they all enjoy it, while it lasts.

  • dema

    If you look like Beyonce, you don’t NEED to know how to act!!

  • throttler

    I thought Beyonce’s acting was okay in OBSESSED.

  • deekan12

    Why do I feel like this is racism…

  • smartass

    i don’t think any list can be credible without a brief summary explaining valid arguments and logical explanations to enlighten readers as to why the writer feels the way they do. it seems irresponsible, lazy, and almost petty, because without plausible points, it’s really nothing but name-calling. also, it lacks diversity while seemingly possessing a narrow perspective. clearly, the writer only watches and researches under a certain genre of media, and this reveals a sign of incompetence, striking any sense of plausible reason. sorry, dude. try again and next time, put some thought into it.

  • Anony

    This list should be extended to 16, ending with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. That white boy’s acting is atrocious, and now he’s WRITING & PRODUCING films that are just as bad. Oh God… I wish singers would just stay singers & actors would just stay actors.

  • Muffpotter54

    I agree!!! Why even waste the time with these alleged actors!!! Sponge Bob Square Pants would get more attention………..

  • ldkjflksdf

    paris hilton on the O.C. anyone?! how could you forget her?!?!

  • LilMizKnowItAll

    is this beyonce or zoe saldana?

  • Thoughts of Stars

    Seems like this website is only focusing on African American actors. Well I have a few white actors that should never see the screen again: Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson, and Britney Spears

  • ThatYeah

    I got to #4 and got tired of the pages loading so slow. I know sites do this to up their hit count, but you could at least code your site to load faster.

  • Even though I’m NOT a fan of Mariah, and Glitter was a disaster, she showed good acting skills in “Precious” as the welfare Social Worker.

  • The only one I disagree with is DMX. While the part in Romeo Must Die was mediocre, the film itself was a bust. His role in Belly however was stellar.

  • LnInMn

    Statistically speaking, looks like the sistas’ are in the lead

  • coprophagia teratosis

    these people can get day jobs? i quit.

  • Tip

    She was in the movie Seat Fillers and she did great.

    • ???

      I was just thinking that and she did give a great performance.

  • Rachel Sherman

    I didn’t know she was previously famous, but NeNe Leakes was hilarious in Glee.

  • Gar32

    Hey, I liked Rihanna in Battleship

  • eufeuhc

    DMX is awful he made Jet Li look bad.

  • Owen James

    There were maybe three white people in this whole list hahahaha

  • StyrofoamTumor

    Why is Hayden Christensen missing?

  • DAle

    Most of them are all black women!

  • Margie

    10 were black and 2 were 1/2 black – out of 15.

  • Racism Abounds!

    …did anyone else notice that 13/15 celebrities on this list are African-American? Hmmm… Biased much, Styleblazer?

  • denee

    I’m sorry but Paris Hilton should have been number #1 “Celebrity” that should never act again…

  • the dumbass who created this site forgot to add michael cera to this list, hes at least 50 courics

  • Alias Falsus

    So, yeah, not a lot of white actors on this list…

  • i thought Ashanti was good.

  • me

    Can’t judge every actor by a badly written overly dramatic screenplay. Plotline was stupid.

  • j

    What about Keanu Reeves or Nicolas Cage (ever since Raising Arizona)?

  • lee

    hello would yu please set up a slideshow when yu do these types of stories so the images stay in one consistent area?? (it’s not brain surgery….or is it?

  • Hmm

    ALMOST every single one of these entries is a person of color. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Considering the proportion of white to non-white actors in Hollywood I think this list is not entirely representative of the terrible casting decisions made in the last decade.

  • fantasia is horrible, thanks a lot, american idol

  • this is a horrible list i love every movie dmx is in

  • OperaDiva

    Quoted from the article, “Of them, there are some folks who are true double and triple threats: Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, Jamie Foxx…” They start off by praising musicians who have successfully crossed over to acting and all 4 of them are black. So I’m not understanding why people are making a big deal about bad black actors… This really doesn’t have anything to do with race… it’s simply pointing out people who lack the ability to act and advise them to stay the f out of the business. BTW…. I’m black and I approve this message 😉

  • sorry, 12 African Americans 2 whites and one very mediocre Armenian…

    • Stormy

      Kim K. is half Armenian from her dad and Scottish and Dutch from her mom. Quit calling her Armenian all the time, like that’s all she is.

    • Being Technical

      Not to be a douche, but not all of the people listed are “African American.” I’m not familiar with all the people in this list, but I do no Rihanna is from Barbados, so she’s not African American. So I think it would just be easier to say 12 people of color, and two white people.

      • Whoops

        *know. My apologies

  • DB

    I actually thought NeNe was hilarious on Glee. Agree with all the rest, though.

  • DMX was in Cradle to the Grave, not RMD

    • avgnoix

      Same movies, Jet li with rappers? It’s still bad.

  • Kristen Stewart should be on the list, too.

  • Fair and Square

    But, critics praised Mariah’s performance as a haggard social worker in, “Precious”. Maybe sometimes the star is just given the wrong role the first time. Don’t be so quick to judge. For ones who have only acted once, they deserve one more shot before being called out like this.

  • ZeeKah

    I don’t think Omarion or Christina Millian should be on here. . . I personally enjoyed their movies.

  • Jeanious

    African American? Which of these people was born in Africa?
    Oh, then you mean AMERICAN! Got it.
    Did you?

  • Jeanious

    The problem is that people who have a wonderful talent stimpy are happy with just one thing. They think they are therefore great at everything they do.
    It’s all about ego.
    What a shame. For me, the bad overtakes the good talent, then I don’t like them much at anything.

  • OMG NOOOOOOOooooooo

    Most of the talentless ACTORS mentioned above have great talent in another field. SINGING. So they think they can crossover and become more of a SUPERSTAR than they are. SOMEONE needs to remind them that while they can sing it does not mean they can act. As for this being a black white thing. It is just silly. I do have about 7 or 8 people that need to join this list. Hilton, Lohan, Seacrest, stewart,

    Larry The Cable Guy(unless it is the voice of Mater), and The idiots that plays in Twilight..

  • Finally someone has noticed that Beyonce is the worst actress! Please no more movie roles stick to singing, dancing and being beautiful..but the speaking…no stay away, please stay away from the speaking roles I beg you!

  • texas truth

    You can not take the TRAILER out of some people & everytime NeNe talks you she is TT!

  • texas truth


  • Jaded28

    How did Madonna not make this list? Don’t get me wrong I used to love Madonna, but she has never been know for her acting. As a matter of fact everything she’s ever been in (except for Desperately Seeking Susan) has been universally panned.
    Also how did Paris Hilton not make the list? She’s certainly worse than DMX.

  • It has a list of what I call wanna-be actors. Black or white… they are not actors.

  • i got the sense it was written by an african american author. and to be honest, the thesis is right-on. most of these people can’t act. some of them can’t even sing (thanks, autotune!!)

  • Mackie

    It’s not “hating” if it’s true.

  • GAS33

    Not much acting required to be a ghosts-sus! LOL If it wasn’t a liberal REQUIREMENT to have a spook, a Hispanic and a woman, in EVERY movie, they wouldn’t hardly be in any!!!

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      STFU, you stupid racist troll!



  • Thomas

    DMX wasn’t even in Romeo Must Die

  • come on

    *they’re *your whoops.

  • keka

    just because your movies make money doesn’t mean that you’re a good actor. for example snow white and the huntsmen got ok reviews but most reviewers agree that kristen stewart was the weakest part of the movie. the only reason she has a “positive” record is because she was lucky enough to get one role that made her insanely popular. if someone else had gotten twilight i’m sure she wouldn’t have been as successful. a movie requires a lot of effort on a lot of people not just the actor, so just because a movie did well financially doesn’t mean that the actor is all that great. besides, people have a tendency to love bad movies just because of good looking people or big explosions.

    • chanela

      also people go to a movie expecting it to be good and then it ends up being a complete disappointment.. BUT since all those people did go pay to see the movie that ended up being crappy, the movie DID make a lot of money so people assume that it was a good movie.

  • MrMonkeyWrench

    Morons. “StyleBlazer is a 24/7 fashion, beauty and style website dedicated to upscale, progressive, chic and sophisticated African-American/black women.”

    • Annette Blair

      If I could give you 30+ points in the brain department, I would. You’re the only other person on here who understands this.

  • Shay

    I don’t know where your nephew’s friends are from, but I assure you, not all black people think that way. Maybe he should just get a new group of friends. No matter their race, they should share his family’s values. Also, if you’re afraid of us blacks becoming a majority in this country, trust me, you have nothing to be worried about.

    • nephew must live in my neighborhood. that is how it is here.

  • seff

    Hey don’t buy into what was told by the child, not that they lied, but that is just a small ratio of people, the people i know would never teach that to that kid. So in short don’t use this to base your feelings on all, there is absolutely no reason that they should have taught that child that and they should be ashamed. Your brother need to make sure that he doesn’t allow the child around that type of negativity.

  • Brian H

    Someone forgot to add Paris Hilton, in the House of Wax.

  • Brian H

    Kristin Stewart is an actress, always has been. This list is for people who crossed over from another field into acting, like singing or being a reality TV star. So she would be exempt from the list. Lucky her.

  • Coda2501

    See what they failed to mention was these are 15 SINGERS who should never act again… everyone on this list is a Music Performer first and foremost, with I would wager little to no acting training. That being said… they also pulled performances from really shitty movies too. I think Christian Milian isn’t that bad an actress, she did well in her guest spot on Smallville. I think it is hysterical Fantasia couldn’t even play herself…

  • Sam

    It’s even more of a travesty that stupid people like you think those of us who voted for him did so because of his skin tone rather than his politics. Considering the politics of his opponent in 2008 I believe I made the right choice.

  • Sam

    I agree with the inclusion of everyone but DMX on this list. I saw his movie and it wasn’t too bad. Considering his costar in the movie DMX looked like Oscar material.

  • Naopowpow

    Maybe instead of picking on Popstar/Rappers for doing “bad” in acting we should commend them for the humanitarian work they do. Perhaps the next post could be “Popstars who cross over from their busy lives and do charitable work to help make the world a better place”. I feel we need to stop looking at what people do as “bad” and look at the good they could be doing. We don’t even know because columnists think all we want to do is poke fun at people who are in the spotlight. We really need to rethink the way we perceive media. It starts with us. The less we read this, for lack of better words “crap”, we just might change what the media deems worthy for us to read. ENOUGH WITH THE NEGATIVE GOSSIP!

  • Shawn Baublitz

    You forgot Shaq and Madonna

  • SassyLady1958

    Wow Kim K. not only should never act again she should never even be on TV at all!!!

  • Beckers

    Nene leakes is a reality tv star on the real house wives of Atlanta and Omarion is a struggling ( and trust me he is struggling) r&b star

  • Rachel

    Where is Justin Timberlake, he is HORRIBLE!

  • SomeRandomCitizen

    Wow – 12 of the 15 are black? And many have features that are more “African” than “European”? Perhaps this article would have been better titled “Faces I Don’t Want to Look at Onscreen”.

  • Anaiis

    ok. so they’re quick to name the actor but then won’t give any reasons why they shouldn’t act?

  • Wait NeNe needs a pass… She was not THAT terrible on Glee. She was basically portraying herself. Now in that new show, yeah, she needs to be shot for that.

  • Ashanti PERIOD!

  • LMAO! Fantaisa PERIOD!

  • Nee Nee Leeks is a housewife from Atlanta Stephan, DRAMA, not a great actress.

  • chanela

    they forgot eva mendes,cody horn(she RUINED magic mike and end of watch),jessica alba,megan fox, and channing tatum

  • I agree with some of the celebrities that they posted but not all of them. Kim K, Britney Spears, NeNe, Ashanti, Rihanna, and Cassie should never act again but I thought everybody else did a good job for it to be the first acting job for some of them.

  • Kimberly

    I thought the quality of this article was really low. It shouldn’t even qualify as an “article” in my opinion. It’s more of a slideshow. There was no argument for why you believe each of these actors were terrible in their roles. Even a sentence or two would have made it better.

  • acceptably rascist

    this is basically a “blacks can’t act” list. the two white girls in here are only because of affirmative action

  • Booba Jumbali

    Other then paris hilton not being on this list i agreed with everything

  • joeQpublic

    I guess you’re right ‘cuz there’s only a handful of these people I’ve ever heard of!

  • I_regret_nothing

    Beyonce SHOULD NEVER ACT. It was painful watching movies she was in, Good thing I watched them online.

  • max

    so 13 out of the 15 people on this list is a minority, black or middle eastern. i mean i don’t disagree, with their acting ability, but how is this list the one place that Caucasians don’t have a prominent number.

    • T Dagwell

      Quit trying to stir the pot.

  • Michelle Kirkwood


    The term “colored” is stupid, racist and just flat-out outdated. Just say “black people” from now on, Thank you.

  • Michelle Kirkwood


    Oh,go to hell,troll,with your fake name and your dumb-a** racist comments.

  • Brandy

    Jennifer. Lopez. Should be banned for life for unleashing Gigli on an unsuspecting public.

  • randomuser1105

    I don’t know or care about who most of these people are.

  • Kadja2

    Hey…Mariah redeemed herself in “Precious”. You screwed up there. I don’t think Beyonce can redeem herself though.

  • La qeesha

    Is this site run by black people? There are like entire lists of black celebs I’ve never even heard of.

  • Raygirl

    You don’t know who Omarion is? B2K? Does that not ring a bell? Or maybe you were still a baby in the early y2k. If you were in high school, then everyone knew who Omarion was then. They were big in 2002-2003.

  • JB

    It seems weird that all but maybe 2 or 3 of these people are not Caucasian. Not to play the race card, but who compiled this list? Seems a smidge racist.

  • T Dagwell

    It is unfortunate when the singing flavor of the week can’t cut it in movies. Since most of these people are at the top of the heap in music, don’t call it racist if their fame has lured them into films they can’t cut. Though I don’t know.. is Mariah Carey African-American?

  • RJ

    Did you notice how the majority of those were black ???? Are we show’n a” tude dude” Spears was on there NO surprise

  • Sgt. Hulka

    Rihanna is THE reason I never saw this movie.

  • reality

    this page is annoying, each slow loading page for ad clicks and no content. You may be worse than facebook…

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