7 Celebrities Who Made VERY Questionable Style Choices (Are They Shopping In Their Kid’s Closet?)

So they’re talented, rich, and are all divas in their own right, but some of their style options have caused us to raise a brow. These celebrities are either living in a time warp or are completely inspired by the younger generation. Between bad style choices or hanging on to what they wore in their teens, these celebrities may have to have a reminder that they are either moms or just simply too damn grown to ever leave the house like this. And we mean ever!  See 7 celebrities who’ve made some VERY questionable style choices. 


Melanie B.



Scary Spice looks $exy and all, but also looks like she isn’t a married woman with three children. #IJS


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  • http://DuckyFace.blogspot.com/ DuckyFace

    Coco taken seriously??? for what??? she makes money off her body so she can dress how she wants. she is well off financially. She probably wont need a black blazer and sensible shoes for her job interview @ the Gap.  Whatever. Sometimes u fashion people are super snobs. I agree she is too much but I didnt like the condescension in your tone here!