7 Of Tinsel Town’s Super Thin Celebs (These Ladies Have Concerned Us At One Point Or Another)

It’s one thing to be slim, but another thing to be just straight up skinny. In Hollywood, it seems like there’s a rat race between celebrities to see who can become the skinniest of all. No matter how many articles are posted and forums are started, Hollywood is always at odds with society because of the horrible pressure that encourages a negative body image.

It’s unfortunate, but these 7 celebrities have all made us wonder at one point or another, do they think being super skinny is the way to go?


Rachel Zoe

Celebrity stylist and reality star Rachel Zoe chooses to wear oversized clothes usually, but should add pounds to her frame to actually increase in size.


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  1. says:

    Jennifer Hudson concerned you? Really? 

    • says:

      I agree.  Jennifer Hudson isn’t too skinny by any stretch of the imagination.  I applaud her weight loss and think she looks fantastic; however I wouldn’t consider her to be skinny and certainly not too skinny.

  2. says:

    Have you seen Madonna lately? 

  3. says:

    When their heads seem as though its growing bigger then their bodies it time to stop what ever diets they are on  and start back to eating smartly to maintain a stabilize weight.

  4. says:

    Omg Jennifer Hudson is not too skinny. She looks perfect like that.

  5. says:

    I really like Guliana but it might be possible that her weight might be keeping her from conceiving and/or carrying a baby to term.  It’s a known medical fact that lack of fat can make it difficult for some very thin women to get pregnant.  Some women with no fat or very low fat on their bodies have been known to stop menstruating.

  6. says:

    Some people say she’s not too skinny..She is if they are going by the BMI (Body Mass Index) It’s not made for everyone.

  7. says:

    Giuliana Rancic is part alien!

  8. says:

    Jennifer? She has such a nice body! its not like she is all skin and bone. She has something up top and something in the rear and belly flat. JEALOUS.

  9. says:

    Madonna is looking more like Waylon Flowers’ Madame everyday!

  10. says:

    Lindsey Lohans sister is sick skinny not sure if she is a celeb though

  11. says:

    Gulliana really looks like she is sick. Her lovely face looks like she has a thin layer of skin over it.

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