8 Black Stars Who Are Addicted to Blonde Hair (Give the Bleach a Rest Already!)

8 Black Stars Who Are Addicted to Blonde Hair (Give the Bleach a Rest Already!)

Switching your hair color every now and then is a fun, fresh way to change your look. The following celebs though seem to have a strong attraction to a bottle of bleach and their colorists. Check ’em out…



1. Beyoncé



Likely the Queen Bey of blacks gone blonde, the singer has gone through various levels of sunshine strands over the years. We think it suits her golden undertones quite well.



2. Keri Hilson




About the only thing you can safely say that Keri and Beyoncé have in common are their honey hued tresses. Just don’t let Keri hear you say that though…she might go all postal on you.



3. Nene Leakes



Nene wears her blonde well in cropped ‘dos. The length is perfect as anyone who has ever had a double process can attest to.



4. Mary J. Blige



There’s no doubt about it, Mary loves her some blonde. We dig it on her, too. Her honey skin carries it nicely.



5. Janice Combs



Mama Combs will show out with her collection of platinum wigs. Despite our constant dissing of her style, we actually admire Ms. Combs’s forever young spirit. Just step away from the Marilyn Monroe wigs, Ms. C.


6. Eva Marcille



It all somewhat started when Tyra lightened the diva’s locks on America’s Next Top Model and once brightened, Eva never turned back.



7. Lil Kim



By the time you go through all the things wrong with Kim’s look these days, her blonde hair is the last on the list. *sigh*

  • Diddy’s mom & Netecia, Nene w/e her name is needs to be arrested, fined & jailed for their busted blond mop wigs/weaves. 
    The two always look like they jacked raggedy ann’s hair. Some people need to learn how to rock what compliments their complexion, size & shape!

    • Aquarius_Girl

      LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL bah ha ha!!!!! You made my day with that. Thank you!

  • Teluu_taylor

    Why do you walk around looking like a clown?

  • Venetia86

    chris brown
    nicki minaj
    dennis rodman

  • Colleensky00

    Where are your list of white celebrities?  Is turning from dark to blonde reserved for people of none color?

    • femmegauche

      Poor you, having to suffer through only a list of black celebs who overdo the blonde. It really must be hard to miss out on other races.

  • Blonde hair is just not flattering on women of color.  It’s the equivalent of a pale white blonde woman dying her hair black.  She does not have the undertones for that, she would look CRAZY!   And if you notice it’s not done often, because they know it’s not complimentary.  These women above don’t care though.

    • To a point I agree with you unless they know what they are doing it could be tragic and who wants to lose hair just to blond,it’s not always healthy maybe a wig.There are many shades of blond and a person needs to know how far to go before they’re bald.

    • femmegauche

      Disagree. I think it can enhance skin tone and add a creative textured look for some, it just has to be done right. Anyway, it’s not like jet black hair looks great on all Caucs.

  • tbdisqus

    I don’t like Nene as she is an embarrassing excuse for a Black Woman and I therefore have NO respect for her but as for a dark skin black woman here she is doing the blonde right as opposed to mary j blige who is actually lighter and she STILL makes wearing blonde painful to the eyes. Dam Mary.

  • tbdisqus

    Eva is a drop dead gorgeous woman! I still don’t know what she saw in Lance Gross!

  • I have been wearing blond for43 years ,my cousin,mother and aunt all chose to wear blond,and we all worn it well. If I allowed my natural growth my son would tell me”Mom you’re getting a little dark, my son who is 35 had never seen my hair completely brown my natural color. Black women must know what shades of blond goes will with their skin tone you just can’t say I want blond do your research and get want you want but make sure your hair is healthy enoughv,you can’t play with chemicals if you don’t know go to someone is specializes in coloring. I can be a good thing if done correctly.

    • Keith Young

      No sade of blond goes with your skin tone as a black woman. What goes with it is loving yourself as God made you, and not teaching your children to be ashamed of who they are is the right blond for any black womans skin tone. My quess is that you are the one screaming the loudest “I LOVE MYSELF”

  • hairball

    P. Diddy mom wigs are so bad they look like they cost .50 cent and they then told her here’s your change it was on sale for 40 cent and stop with the blond it looks horrible on you

  • truthhurts

    Who are they trying to kid?? Black and blonde? get the $&%$ out…that’s called ” trying to get acceptance from Cauc’s”

    • femmegauche

      True, but at least they prove that they can still work it if they do it right.

    • Nevermind the fact that 10% of the blacks in the Solomon Islands ARE born with unmistakably blonde hair. If white celebs can dye their hair blonde, brown, black, blue, why can’t blacks?

  • Get real black women, if we looked good with blonde hair, God would have gave it to us naturally. Caucasians don’t all look good with it either.

    • Then can you explain why many blacks born in the Solomon Islands have naturally bright BLONDE hair? Here’s a hint, God has nothing to do with it, genetics do. And if a white woman who doesn’t naturally have blonde hair can dye it blonde, then a black woman has every right to do the same. It’s funny, we talk about how much white people hold us back but sometimes it’s our community that does inadvertently does it just as badly.

    • Nappy Blaclk

      There are dark skin or ‘black’ people who have naturally blond hair. Aussie aboriginals for one.

  • Random Lurker

    This is all fine and dandy, but I always wondered what folks thought about black people with white ancestry who just happen to come out with red/blonde hair. I live in a ethnically diverse area and they are EVERYWHERE. : o

    I have black blood and I have strawberry blonde and, my father who is black has red hair and and my grandmother (Who looks like a so-called “passing” black person has very, very yellow blonde hair)

    There is an island/ethnic group of black people somewhere on Earth that are born with naturally bright platinum hair and it appears to only occur in this specific group. No one knows why, they just have the blonde gene with very, very dark skin. There are also some people like this in Australia. I just see it as Earth’s amazing way of diversifying genes and characteristics without European influences and I don’t really think much of it.

    Yet, we “mixed folk” are all counted under the black umbrella, but sometimes, when it comes to black hair, we get tucked under the rug for a moment until that topic passes. Many people have their take on this topic. I was personally looking for Mariah Carey and Nichole Riche, but they didn’t make the list. The reason being is I hear some people doubting their real hair color, but from childhood pictures, you can clearly see that they were born with blonde hair. Are black people with other ancestry just not “black enough” for some occasions and “black enough” for others? Or are we just that; “the others?” I am confused.

    : V

  • iridescent

    If blonde works for you, then rock it. Just be careful of damaging the hair. If it does not work for you, then don’t. People can wear whatever color they choose if it works for them and makes you even more beautiful or handsome. If you’re not paying for it, then shhhh!!!

  • femmegauche

    The reason why Bey’s blonde doesn’t work is that she doesn’t style it the right way like Nene and MJB. But it’s still not as great as when she has the brown with sun-kissed highlights.

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