StyleBlazer Survey: WTF Was Adrienne Bailon Thinking When She Decided to Step Out in This Futuristic Monokini?

StyleBlazer Survey: WTF Was Adrienne Bailon Thinking When She Decided to Step Out in This Futuristic Monokini?

With Adrienne Bailon it’s either hit or miss. When she’s hot, she’s hot, and when she’s not, it’s a pretty serious flop. The former Cheetah Girl was recently spotted strolling the sandy shores of Miami beach with BFF Julissa Burmundez in a rather questionable leather swim suit. Leather on the beach? Did we miss the memo? When did leather become the go-to fabric for a trendy bikini? Le sigh…

Apparently, Adrienne wore this futuristic contraption while filming for her new reality show with ex 106 & Park VJ, “Empire Girls: Julissa & Adrienne,” slated to premiere on the Style Network on June 3rd. The show chronicles the lives of these rising Latina starlets in New York City. Hmm… Will you be tuning in?

Any who, StyleBlazers, does A’s frosted monokini get your stamp of approval? See a few more snapshots before you decide. 


  • Jen

    Key word…THINK!  Who goes to the beach in leather and high heels?  Maybe wedges or cute sandals!  Someone please pull this young person to the side and give her some advice on ANYTHING!

  • Jbelkin

    well, when the face & hair is not attractive, you gotta do something to dstract ’em

    • Smartbeautyym

      yeah she does not look to good but her butt does!

  • nadine

    I think she is looking terrific and well built and a beautiful monokini, that she is just wearing for a show, not to get in the water.  I give her a 10+.

  • guest

    She is pretty..and has pretty hair. The shoes are a little distracting..maybe a metallic sandal or wedge would have been better..the monokini is very cute..not sure I would watch the reality show though

  • Oh please some one stop her wearing such kind of leather
    swim suit. Well we should not bothering, is her own life but at least a person
    should have some dressing sense.  

  • Leela3012

    Wow…that outfit is hideous. She looks like a dominatrix from The Jetsons.

  • MadsenCadetFicklin

    Nice design. Looks like 80’s.

  • Smartbeautyym

    Who is she btw???

  • John-John Pokenbeans

    I sure do know what I’m thinking….

  • danicakes

    who cares? You guys have way too much time on your hands.

    • Lyna

      Shut the F*** up!! Plus u was lookin at it 2, but we just decided 2 put how we feel about it just like u put how u feel about us!!!

  • Ozie Jackson

    Who is her friend in the red dress? That is the outfit I’m interested in!


    She’s got the tools to pull if off no doubt.

  • Lady J

    She wasn’t thinking!