Tracy Reese Brightens Up Anthropologie with Girly Botanicals and Brights (Check out this Refreshing Spring Collabo)

Anthropolgie—the more conservative sister brand to Urban Outfitters and Free People— is following in the lucrative footsteps of retailers like H&M and Target by introducing a collaboration initiative called Made In Kind.  Their latest collaborator, designer Tracy Reese, caught our attention with an Anthropologie capsule collection that is seemingly ‘made in kind’ of the girlie-girl.  The collection, inspired by botanical photography and artist Frida Kahlo, mainly features bright colors and busy prints in ultra-feminine silhouettes; all signature design elements of Reese.

Flip through the following pages for an up close look at Tracy Reese’s Anthropologie capsule collection.




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  1. says:

    Tracy nevers disappoints.  Her summer dresses are the best I’ve seen this season.  

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