Neon Nail Polish is Not Illegal, It’s Just Not Legal (Do You Know Why The US Imports Its Fluorescent Lacquers?)

The US has a long history of importing some of its most cherished goods: beautiful models, fine fabrics…tea.  But, we were recently shocked to discover that America also imports all of its neon nail polishes!  A wild imagination would lead you to think that the astoundingly bright, and currently trending, nail colors contain some serious chemical ingredient that would have you riding higher than a Mariah-note.  But, apparently neon polishes aren’t ‘home-grown’ because they’ve never been registered with the FDA.  And we gather the costly registration must be more of a pain-in-the-pocket than the price to import them?  Needless to say, foreign relations just got way more important.


Fashion never fails to surprise us.


-Tameika Lawrence



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