Lauren Conrad Debuts Her 'Little Neon Pony' (Are You Daring Enough to Try this Hot New Hair Trend?)

Lauren Conrad Debuts Her ‘Little Neon Pony’ (Are You Daring Enough to Try this Hot New Hair Trend?)

So the neon trend has officially taken over!  It seems like we are taking a ride back into the 90’s with the eye-popping colors showing up everywhere. Leave it to reality star turned beauty aficionado, Lauren Conrad, to debut her “little (pink) pony” via instagram and have us all ‘ooohing and ahhing.’

Ombre’ hair has been one of the most popular hair trends for months now, but neon colored ends is just the trick to be fun and youthful while remaining chic. Lauren’s ponytail looks so good because of the natural bleeding of colors done instead of a fully dyed, over processed look that could easily come off as anything but chic.  For those who aren’t totally committed to hair coloring, this fun trend is perfect since it is easy to grow out or trim off.



Styleblazers, are you daring enough to try neon hair?



-Tunisia Z. Wilson



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    I’ve been wanting to try this trend for months, but I’m a little nervous about damaging my hair because I would have to bleach the ends before applying the color.