Princess Diaries: 8 of Kate Middleton’s Best Style Moments (From Her Gowns To Skinny Jeans, We Love This Stylish Royal!)

Oh, to be princess for a day. Kate Middleton is well on her way to becoming one of the most fashionable and beloved royals in history. Not only does the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William dress flawlessly, she is still quite normal despite her new title. She is often spotted doing her own grocery shopping in yoga pants and flats like the rest of us, she often repeats her favorite dresses, and wears affordable designs. And women all over the globe love her, too. Everything she wears is sold out immediately online. Kate feels like the every day girl who gets to live out a fairy tale dream.  For all the single ladies, Prince Harry is still available!

It’s been a year since her famous wedding, and we want to say cheers by celebrating some of her best looks as royalty.

Kate wore a regal Issa dress when the couple announced their engagement to the world.


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  1. says:

    Her wedding dress was very beautiful. The rest of her dressed look like something an old lady would wear.

    • says:

      Maybe because class went out of fashion 25 years ago…

      The only thing wrong with her in these 8 photos is that hat, and even it was *almost* attractive.

    • says:

      Up your nose with a rubber hose……JEALOUS MUCH?

  2. says:

    Kate is so beautiful and natural, but WAY too skinny!  Bad message being sent out to young girls out there…

  3. says:

    why don’t ya’ll shut up not all royals like to dress over the top and Kate is one that doesn’t. by the way she’s not a princess she’s a duchess like her step mother in law Camilla Parker Bowles is or Sarah Furgeuson used to be the Duchess of york

    • says:

      Yes….when prince charles becomes king….if he ever does…cuz his mom dont look like she goin nowhere let alone dyin…she will become a princess and when prince william becomes king she will be queen…

  4. says:

     Michelle Obama over Kate Middleton.  Although her Janet Jackson get-up on page 6, I think, was cute.

  5. says:

     Michelle Obama over Kate Middleton.  Although her Janet Jackson get-up on page 6, I think, was hot.

  6. says:

     Michelle Obama over Kate Middleton.

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