Blazin’ or Blaze: Katy Perry’s New 3D Floral Manicure (How Does She Type with Those Things?)

We adore Katy Perry…I mean, how harmful can a girl who has cotton candy hair and sings about California be? Right. Earlier this week the pop star who seems to be in a “how weird can these singers get?” silent competition with Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, tweeted a pic of her new 3D nail design saying “my fingers are in FULL bloom today.” They sure are, Katy. They sure are.

No word yet on who the celeb manicurist is behind this design though it could possibly be nail artist du jour Kimmy Kyees’s work.

What do you think of Katy’s nails, StyleBlazers? Would you rock the style?





Danielle Gray

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