Usher’s Got His Fight Back & Covers Billboard Magazine with Dukes Up (Get the Deets on His New Album & Sound)

Usher is still as fine as can be and he isn’t hiding it!  The 33-year-old singer put his fists up for the May 2012 cover of Billboard Magazine, rocking a cobalt blue moto jacket and a bold ring.  With the success of his comeback single “Climax,” produced by Diplo, the singer told Billboard “electronic music has given me a new story;” and gave the mag inside details about his new sound and using social media as a vehicle for it.


On his new sound: “Electronic music has given me a new story, a new opportunity to build something I think a mass audience will understand.”

On debuting “Climax” via Twitter: “I really wanted to offer the greatest courtesy to my fans first—they are ultimately who brought me to this point, and I want to make sure they understand my journey. Twitter is kind of like my outboard communication, one of the places I’ve chosen to speak directly to my fans.”

On his new album, Looking for Myself, set to be released on June 12: “The cool thing about Diplo and the thing that made me want to work with him is that you can’t put him in a specific category or a box. He does everything. That represents what this album is. This album doesn’t fit into a specific box. It is an all-world experience that gives you a multitude of genres, a multitude of experiences: electric soul, revolutionary pop, classic, new tradition, dance, tech. And it brings me to more of a relevant place.”


StyleBlazers, are you a fan of Usher’s new electronic sound?


-Neijah Williams

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