7 Broken Celebs We Really Want to See Win (Here’s to Hoping These Tragedies Triumph!)

We all have our downfalls, but when you’re a celebrity every bad step you take is plastered all over the media.  And what’s worse, the criticism sometimes seems to hurt more than the windfall of misfortune.  Whether it’s drug addiction, reckless behavior, or just bad decisions, there are plenty of celebrities who’ve fall down.  But to be honest, there are definitely some we can’t wait to see get up.

Check out seven celebs that are either beaten down by life, or the media, or both, but we still want to see win.


Maia Campbell


In 2009 after stepping out of the limelight, a vid of Maia Campbell—the girl whose beauty secrets you used to want—surfaced of the star strung out on drugs and mental disease.  Thankfully Maia is on track to a better life. Recently she was spotted at a California mall looking vibrant and healthy, telling the media she’s been sober for 2 years and has projects in the making. We’re rooting for you, Maia!

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  • Jackieo Perkins

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