7 Broken Celebs We Really Want to See Win (Here's to Hoping These Tragedies Triumph!)

7 Broken Celebs We Really Want to See Win (Here’s to Hoping These Tragedies Triumph!)

We all have our downfalls, but when you’re a celebrity every bad step you take is plastered all over the media.  And what’s worse, the criticism sometimes seems to hurt more than the windfall of misfortune.  Whether it’s drug addiction, reckless behavior, or just bad decisions, there are plenty of celebrities who’ve fall down.  But to be honest, there are definitely some we can’t wait to see get up.

Check out seven celebs that are either beaten down by life, or the media, or both, but we still want to see win.


Maia Campbell


In 2009 after stepping out of the limelight, a vid of Maia Campbell—the girl whose beauty secrets you used to want—surfaced of the star strung out on drugs and mental disease.  Thankfully Maia is on track to a better life. Recently she was spotted at a California mall looking vibrant and healthy, telling the media she’s been sober for 2 years and has projects in the making. We’re rooting for you, Maia!

Lindsay Lohan


We loved the raspy-voiced redhead in “The Parent Trap” and “Mean Girls”?  Lindsay Lohan was the fresh-faced teen you didn’t mind your kids watching until her life started spiraling out of control. After a series DUI’s, theft, and drug use, it felt like jail time and rehab did very little to steer Lohan from her wayward path.  This time around, we’re hoping acting offers from programs like Glee and Lifetime (for the Elizabeth Taylor story) will put her back on the right path.


El Debarge

El Debarge—the singer with the face of a god and the voice of an angel—was the breakout star from the DeBarge clan.  But after a constant battle with cocaine and drug-related criminal charges, El was sent to federal prison for two years in 2008.  Fortunately, shortly after his release he came back with 2010’s Second Chance; back and making appearances on television and the charts again.  Sadly, last year he went back into rehab following a drug relapse. We sure hope he pulls through for his family if not his legion of dedicated fans.


Old Nicki


 We get that when you’re an international rap sensation that you have to switch things up to ensure longevity, but we’re definitely rooting for the Old Nicki Minaj.  New Nicki’s bank account is fatter, the quality of her music and persona have definitely thinned out.  There’s nothing wrong with us wanting a female rapper that actually raps, right?




The gorgeous tomboy with hot tracks and killer dance moves grabbed us with “Goodies,” and damn near had us in the emergency room trying to copy the choreography from her “Promise” video.  Ciara had the charts on lock time after time since her 2004 debut, but as of late her album projects keep getting pushed back and when they do debut, they sadly flop. We want a hot new Ciara album…and while we’re at it, a workout DVD so we can get C’s chiseled bod, too.

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes was the KING of the action film back in the day. Now?  He’s serving time on a three-year sentence for willful failure to file federal income tax returns.  Hopefully his time in the slammer (he’s slated to be released in July 2013) will give Snipes the gusto he needs for a film comeback in 2014. We can only hope.


Bobbi Kristina


 Our hearts ached for Bobbi Kristina when her mom tragically died in February, but we’ve been on Bobbi K watch for the past few years as whispers of drug abuse have been circulating about the pop royalty spawn for quite some time now.  The harsh attention and criticism surrounding her relationship with her adopted brother; and photo of her smoking a bong proves things will only get harder as time passes, so we lift her up in our prayers.




-Danielle Gray



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