Fashion Don’ts That Yeezy’s Twitter Rant Taught Us (Is His Style Advice on Point or Pointless???)

  • LotusJ

    Hmm… I’ve very rarely, if ever, seen these combinations in clothing but I must say I agree with him. I don’t understand why someone would wear a hoodie and a sports jacket at the same time.

  • Misty Jean Moore

    LOL. He’s right though. Especially the jackets/hoodie combo. Why? Cargo pants have got to go too.

  • dddooonnnttt

    i have def seen kanye in these looks. it was years ago, but he can calm down. we cant all have a new fit everyday.

    • According to Fadzi

       Thats exactly what I was thinking as I was going through this list..

  • KamJos

    I hate fashion snobs. 

  • Tanisha Mercedes M

    I agree with the beard, scarf and the trench with tennies and buttonuo.  But the others I think look hot on dudes!  Kanye needs to stick with Kim cause  I dont know any gril who thought yeezy was hot

  • yoshi

    i agree with the hoodie sport coat comment and the khaki trench. cargo khakies are awesome! the scarf is definitely a fan thing, like having a houndstooth scarf, if you’re a roll tide fan. i honestly think the sport coat jeans ensemble is clever and a good twist.

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