8 Stars And The Jobs They Had Before Fame (It's Hard to Believe These Celebs Flipped Burgers & Worked Retail!)

8 Stars And The Jobs They Had Before Fame (It’s Hard to Believe These Celebs Flipped Burgers & Worked Retail!)

Everyone knows, you gotta start from the bottom so you can appreciate it when you make it big. These celebrities had everyday jobs like you and me before they became solidified stars.  Traveling the world, wearing the finest clothes and enjoying a disposable income doesn’t come easy.

Despite it being hard to imagine some of these diva’s (and divo’s) working at a restaurant or in retail, we understand those experiences shaped them to be phenomenal icons in their own right. Without further ado, here are what some of your favorite celebrities did to make a little cash before they made it big.




Lil’Kim, Sales Associate at Bloomingdale’s


Imagine a young Kimberly offering you the chance to open up a Bloomingdale’s credit card while shopping at the famed department store. Yeah, right.

Halle Berry, Sales Associate at Higbee’s Department Store



Halle Berry must have always liked children because before she even started in her pageants and became a mom to Nahla,  she worked in the children’s department store at Higbee’s Department store.

Jennifer Hudson, cashier at Burger King



Jennifer Hudson was not only awarded an Oscar in 2007, but she also can receive free Burger King for life because she mentioned the food chain during one of her acceptance speeches.

Nicki Minaj, waitress at Red Lobster



If the stars didn’t align, Onika could have been serving us all some hot cheddar bay biscuits at our next Red Lobster visit.


Eva Mendes, Hot Dog seller at Glendale Galleria Mall



Believe it or not, the sweet, angelic face of Eva Mendes used to sell hot dogs at the mall in Glendale, California, before being discovered.


Kanye West, Sales Associate at The Gap



Between making beats and writing raps, Kanye made sure the denim wall at the Gap was always presentable.


Jennifer Aniston, waitress and telemarketer



America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston waited tables and did cold calling before hitting it big on Friends. We just know she was the employee of the month as a waitress.

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