New Man, New Body: Kim Kardashian Flaunts Size 2 Frame (Credits Her Gluten-Free Diet. Do You Believe It?)

New Man, New Body: Kim Kardashian Flaunts Size 2 Frame (Credits Her Gluten-Free Diet. Do You Believe It?)

Kim Kardashian’s curves have been her money ticket, no question. And she knows that keeping slim is the key to staying relevant. Men love her body, women envy it, and judging from her Twitter and Instagram, she totally loves it, too.  Kimmy posted a slew of pics from her vacation in a bikini, flaunting her trim body on the beach. But she’s not attributing her size 2 figure to Kanye’s “Workout Plan,” but to her gluten-free diet. Going gluten-free means eating more organic foods and less refined sugars. But tread lightly on this new Hollywood trend. High-calorie foods like pizza, french fries, ice cream, and breads have gluten-free alternatives, but that doesn’t making them any better for you. Kim isn’t one for a strict fitness routine, and she’s the spokesperson for her Quicktrim, a fast fix line of diet pills and cocktails.

Is Kim slimming down the healthy way? Take a look at these pics and be the judge.

  • LotusJ

    As much as I don’t care for her, I have to admit she looks great.

  • Cherylchrtr

    Call me crazy but she is NOT  a size 2!!!!!! Maybe one of her legs!

    • Guest

      Agreed. She is no size 2. I’m 110 5’1 and a size 4. I can’t breathe in a 2 -_-

    • Missnyus

      Yep, that’s how the camera will show you look like if you are a size 2 and only 5’3″. A size 2 looks completely different on a 5’8″ woman. She probably has a 25-inch waist. Most “starlets” her height are a 00, which is three whole dress sizes smaller!

    • xoEASST

       so true ! was thinking the same thing because if im a 2 she clearly does NOT look my size !

  • Zsa

    How can a woman envy another woman that is clearly fake?  Only a total fool would think her butt is real.

  • EMP

    Going gluten free does not mean cutting out refined sugars and eating more organic even if many people do it. It means cutting out gluten, an element in wheat, oat, and barley, that can be found in a surprising number of places from bread to soy sauce to soups.

    • Gemma

      Agreed. Last year I broke out in a rash from neck to toe, and it would itch worse when I ate mac n cheese, or bread or cookies etc. It took myself and Google to diagnose it, and the first 3 doctors were clueless.I had to detox and quit eating any form of wheat, so now I can have some here and there, but I also eat Benadryl DAILY.

  • Hallie

    Miley Cyrus said she uses the gluten free diet too. 

    • Gemma

      Hillary Clinton is on a GLuten Free Diet, but that’s because she has Celiac Disease, and HAS to go Gluten Free. Kim is like those losers who get a feeding tube to lose weight before their weddings. Might as well get Chemo instead of a haircut.

      • Gemma

        Oops not Hillary I meant Chelsea the daughter.

  • Guest

    It’s called photoshop…also she is not really that toned in the picture of her in the beach…I dislike this woman…

  • whatever

    i keep forgetting…..why do we care again?

  • PlatinumVocals

    Kim’s curves have NOT always been her money ticket….getting pee’d on boosted her over the top!

  • juliemango

    Mus say KimLooksFantastic. Better slimmer. Niiice Orange suit2!!!

  • Smacks_hoes

    She’s gorgeous and get body looks amazing. I’m currently a size 5/6 I plan to lose at least 15 pounds!

  • I don’t know wheather her seize is 2 or not….but his dawn hot and looks incredible in this swinsuit.

  • Ania

    Yep, she posts tons of old and new pics to feel better about her plastic surgeon shaped body, and throw in “gluten-free diet” to cover up. Oh please, her “secret” is the same plastic surgeon her mother uses. Fake airhead stays in the “news”.

    • Gemma

      And why is she calling it a “Gluten Free Diet? My dermatologist told me Gluten Free was the same thing as the Atkins Diet.

  • Cairo5

    Kim a size 2?

  • Scbymae

    I believe I know what a size 2 looks like.. That ain’t it, lol.

  • Ok, BEFORE you try and post a report on any subject please check your information. You have a responsibility to KNOW what your talking bout if you are going to share information to the public. Gluten free DOES NOT mean eating less refined sugars or eating more organic foods. Not eating gluten means you are not eating ANY FORM OF WHEAT.  You can NOT eat PIZZA if is made from WHEAT WHICH WHEN BROKEN DOWN IN THE REFINING PROCESS CREATES GLUTEN. Hmm, mis-information. In regards to this twit whose looking for a paycheck… she is NOT a size 2, I’ll give her a 12. She NEEDS to go sit down somewhere.. seriously.

  • seven

    It’s called a fat transfer

  • chaka1

    She is fat.

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

    She is a liar and a fake,, no way is she a size 2.. and her butt stays the same .. come on now.. if she lost weight and was a size 2 and her butt was real she would not have that stuck out butt she  has .. she has a fake butt and she lies about it.. photo-shopped is the word,, bet when you see her again her butt will be enormous.. fake booty!

  • Gemma

    Thank you! Those child bearing hips are NOT a size 2!

  • TbeeZ

    she wish she was a size 2

  • Walkininla

    Sarah Jessica Parker is a size 2.  Kim is a 6, maybe a size 4 on a great day.  I think she also said in an interview that she only weighs 115 lbs…girl please. 

  • Walkininla

    Also, the pic on the right was from last week… 

  • Lisab

     Only thing I envy is her money

  • soexcessive