Did You Know They Were Related? 15 Stars With Famous Hollywood Relatives

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Some celebrity siblings are quite obvious, like Beyoncé and Solange, or Brandy and Ray J. But there are other pairs that may not be so apparent.

Check out eight stars with famous Hollywood relatives that may shock you. Can you see a resemblance?


-Danielle Gray

  • NYPG1968

    None of these were revelations. Most are old news and well documented siblings/family members. None were secrets. Tia, Tamara, Taj???? Really!!!! Who didn’t know that! This author is either 12 years old or woefully uninformed.

    • Guest

      LMAO…you’re so right!

  • Maradebe2oo4

    Yeah, but Nia and Sommore were a shocker to me. 

    • C J

      I didn’t know, either. They do look related in the pictures in the slideshow, though.

  • Ignorant06

    nia and sommore was a shocker. lisa ray and da brat as well 0.o

  • Palyo2012

    Da Brat and Lisa Ray are not children thats why you never see pictures of them together as children! 

    • Palyo2012

      ***are not related they’re both from Chicago and thats about it!!

      • Sunshine

        sorry sweetie, yes, they are sisters. They have the same father.

        • Dr. Strong

           Lisa Raye went to see her sister….da brat…when she was in prison on an episode of her short-lived reality show

        • Lbstb2003

          No there not. They just grew up together and their families are real close. This was comin from Lisa Raye mouth years ago. So they considered themselves sisters cause the Brat wasnt getting along withher family. So she move in with Lisa family. If you stick them both with a needle they will have completely different DNA

          • Shrugging my shoulders

            Why are you amking stuff up? You know good and darn well Lisa Raye aint never ever said that he and Da Brat “just consider themselves sisters”!! I heard and saw LisaRaye on a television interview many years ago say that her and Da Brat are indeed BLOOD sisters as a result of her father having an affair! Why would she lie on her daddy like that? Gee wiz — speak the truth in these comments or speak nothing at all. Have a nice day.

          • Shrugging my shoulders


      • keyshia

        @ palyo lisa and da brat half sisters

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    Didn’t know about the Lively’s. Don’t know who the Brittos are. And JLo doesn’t look like she cares much for her sister.

    • India

      Don’t you know that JLo only cares about JLo

  • Sookiiee

    def didn’t know about nia and somore, da brat and lisa raye aren’t real sisters they are god sisters I think but who the hell are the last two lol and if you didn’t know taj were tia and tameras little brother where have you been

    • Shrugging my shoulders

      Yes Lisa Raye and Da Brat ARE real blood sisters! They share the same DNA by way of their father. Da Brat was a result of Lisa Raye’s father having a mistress — he then brought Da Brat home at the age of 12 to be raised by him and his wife. Lisa Raye and Da Brat have both talked about this in the past. Google it.

      • LOLOLOOO2

         They are not BLOOD RELATIVES and they have both TALKED ABOUT THE FACT that their FATHERS WERE very close like Brothers and when the BRATS FATHER was killed, LisaRayes Father TOOK HER IN because her home situation was all had her going back and forth from her mother house to her grandmothers house and PLEASE STOP QUOTING LIES.

        They are not BLOOD RELATIVES but LOVE RELATIVES..HOW DO I KNOW…cause I AM A BLOOD RELATIVE WHO KNOW THE TRUTH and a mistress had nothing to do with anything. Now since you know SO MUCH- what was the brats fathers REAL NAME & what was he known by in the Streets?>>>>

  • Kellfromcali

    Cherelle and Pebbles are related too

  • Just Sayin

    I love the Harris Brothers. The Wire and The Practice are two of my all time favorite shows.

  • keqi77

    How old is Blakes Lively sister if she appeared on Doogie Howser and Twin Peaks both of theose shows have been off the air for at eaasst 20 years.

  • tintin

    Nia and the harris brothers are shocking

  • India

    Somore mentioned in one of her comic routines on bet back in the day that Nia was her baby sister, I often wondered if Wood and Steve where brothers, I was watching a movie featuring Wood , and just knew the two where relatied somehow, you can see the famiy recemblence`

  • AutumnRobinson1024

    Thats nothing new i been knew tht Tia and Tamera was related to Tahj i knew tht since i was five years old.



  • JustSaying

    Everyone knows about the Mowry’s. 

  • Guest1

    everyone in hollywood is related, nepotism.

  • Britt

    I didn’t know about Sommore and Nia Long or Steve and “Wood” Harris ; I thought Marvet Britto and Cherelle were cousins,not sisters; I think that they are related to Pebbles , too.

  • Will someone PLEASE tell Steve Harris to stop doing that sickening pucker thing with his lips. It turns my stomach!

    • DILLIGAF98

      YES!!!! Mine too.

  • In Gat43

    Wow, I, also didn’t know about Sommore and Nia!!  Small world.

  • gigglegal215

    Marvette and Cherelle is a surprise. The others have been mentioned in numerous interviews.

  • Susan S

    I didn’t even recognize most of them. The people I did recognize often weren’t paired. I recon JLo–don’t know her sister. Know Tia and Tamara but have no idea who Taj is. The Brittos I haven’t a beginning of a clue who either of them are. Interesting to note most of the families mentioned were Black. I’d like to see the same thing done with the emphasis done on us Whities. I can think of at least one family that goes back to the silent era.

    Hey! They left out a spectacular music/movies father/daughter pair that would have been great in here. The very famous father had a voice like melted chocolate and an appearance that let him “pass”. (that’s what it was called in those days) The daughter only did one single, and that just to please her dad but she had the voice too. …as well as being breathtakingly beautiful and a spectacular actress. Those are all the hints. Anybody know the duo?

  • Shirley Thomas

    This is old news all but Nia and Sommore

  • they are not blood sisters the brat lived with lisa ‘s family

  • Vandalfan

    Other than Shirley and Warren and JLo, none of these folks are “stars”.

    • Wendel

      Not even Tom Hanks?

  • GP

    Who writes this stuff? We’re happy that they’re are too of them! Sorry to be the grammar police but come on…this should have read, “We’re happy there are two of them!”

    • Perplexia

      Agreed…if anyone works as a proof reader on this site they ought to be put on unpaid suspension while being forced to take a remedial course. That goes beyond any mere typographical error.

    • kiiimiko

      They messed up they’re/their on the Olsen page too.

    • Guest

      I co-sign! It’s all over the place these days. Being a typesetter in early years, I’ve worked side-by-side with proofreaders much of that time. Nowadays, we’re in an age where texting shortcuts, and social media lingo has changed the whole course of how we communicate. The English language is slowly being raped of it’s dignity!

      • Guest

        Ironic that you misused “it’s.”

        • JT


        • guest

          No she didn’t…

      • Christian Brooks-lane

        All languages drop words or change their spelling as time goes on nobody raped anything its the natural progression of language and its happened a thousand times you don’t see people speaking in old english you all need to calm down

    • Guest

      Not to mention “your” & “you’re”…that burns me up when it’s used incorrectly.

  • firstblood

    this is the hardest site to navigate and the dumbest article. most of these people are nobodies or who cares ppl.

  • Besides Beatty and McClain who ARE these others! Lopez’s sister is an unknown to 99%.

  • Yep I SAID IT!

    Seems like most blacks are half something!!!


      And non black people don’t have half siblings? Aren’t Tom Cruises’ children by his two different wives half siblings? What’s your point?

      • buggymuffin

        Actually, Tom Cruise adopted his older children so they aren’t related by blood at all, even to each other.

    • tired

      For you, being ignorant is bliss!

  • Zoinks

    They spelled Elle wrong. It’s spelled Elle, not Emma.

  • grammarpolice

    Horrible grammar…”they’re” is used when it should be “their” in at last one case and “there” in at least one other.

  • ok – most if not all of these are commonly known as relatives/siblings and some of them are not exactly A list and some are barely celebs

  • Britt

    Seriously, did anyone on this site go to Journalism school? Heck, did anyone finish high school? These grammar mistakes are elementary.

  • anne

    it’s ELLE fanning not emma fanning

  • how about alexa vega and her family?

  • blech

    Who writes this? I want his, her, or THEIR job. I’ll do it well! Pay meee!!!!

  • mikki

    Everyone knows the Olsen twins, but they’re younger sister is a rising star. Wow. Nice one.

  • The problem with this feature is that most of these people aren’t actually famous.

  • Colin Hanks…ugh

  • Adam J. Doe

    OMG I never made the connection of the Mastersons. It’s easier to see the resemblance when Danny doesn’t have shades on, and they’ve got different hair textures I think, one curly and one straight.

    The Hemsworth brothers are so stunningly BEAUTIFUL, I’m practically drooling OMFG! No homo.

  • FluffChop

    Can we have a filter for all the black people. I’m just not interested in any of them since Jimi Hendrix died.

  • rocklesson86

    I think most people are knew about most this along time ago.

  • rocklesson86

    Wikipedia isn’t always right.

  • ace_maddie

    Albert Brooks and Super Dave Osborne is more surprising to me.

  • Valanyr

    So is it Emma, or Ella Fanning? Is it really THAT hard to proofread your own articles before posting? Jesus christ.

  • Valanyr

    Honestly – You can look at ALL of the Hemsworth men and tell they’re all related. They have the same eyes, same beautifully symmetrical facial features. They all smile the same way too.

  • Of course I knew that Tahj, and Tia and Tamera were related. They have the same last name, plus Tahj looks just like Tia and Tamera.

  • Zooey and Emily? Chris and Liam? Seriously, who did not know that they were siblings??

  • Schweck Plint

    “We’re happy that they’re are too of them”? Really? So, in other words, “we are happy that they are are also of them”? Come on! It’s annoying when someone does this in a facebook post, but this is a professional article! Is 2nd grade grammar REALLY that difficult? It certainly lowered the level of this website in my eyes Or should I say “websight in mai ayes”? Geez.

  • Emerson

    I’m surprised people with the same last name would be related.

  • jasonwheeler97

    I have to admit, I didn’t know who 80% of those people were, so it came as no surprise that I also didn’t know who they were related to as well.

  • rojo

    Nia and Simone was the SHOCKER HERE….everything else was old news, obvious, or people I never even heard of…..

  • jpppo98

    Biggest surprise was Danny and Chris Masterson, watched them both for years didn’t know they were Bros.

  • Doesn’t Matter

    Frankly I don’t give a Damn!

  • you guys have to be kidding me.Just read the damn story 4 Christ sake ! And I’m a college graduate, i don’t want to hear it !Smh.. I can’t believe (you all ) yall are dissecting every single word ! plz

  • JT

    This s&*t is WEAK. I’ve never even heard of half these people.

  • i had absolute no idea about sommore and mia…and yes they do favor each other..

  • Sara

    Dakota Fannings sister’s name is Elle.

  • Nene

    Sommore and Nia said years ago that they are sisters. They look a lot alike. Lisa and Da brat already said they were fam. They both hail from Chicago.

  • Nene

    Shirley MacLaine & Warren Beatty now that is a good one.

  • Nene

    Steve and Sherwin “Wood” Harris was another good one. I should have known they were brothers, they look just a like.

  • Nene

    Where are the the culkin brothers.

  • Nene

    Tom and Colin Hanks that is another good one.

  • topcommenter

    Only certain people are “half siblings” all the rest are just siblings?

  • Hello86

    I didn’t know that about Nia and Sommore.

  • Kim Denise

    please tell me which parent dabrat and lisaraye share? im from 60644 and my dad was good friends with dabrats’ dad before he died!

  • ES

    This is the most poorly edited article I have ever read…

  • They look like twins

  • louise_1

    One thing nia and sommore have in common. They think they are sooo fine. Wrong.

  • Mr.Kenny

    Never would have dreamed or guested in a million years that Lisa Raye and Da Brat are sisters