The Spiciest Met Gala 2012 Looks from Alicia, M.I.A & More (Who Needs A Gown?!)

When it comes down to it, the Met Gala is about fashion. Yesterday we gave you the prettiest of the most polished, elegant evening wear celebs sauntered in down the red carpet.  However, we know too well that fashion can also be wild and spontaneous.  Some of our favorite starlets decided to keep that spirit alive in stylish, but more untraditional Met Gala ensembles for 2012; from leather, to short hems, and even pink hair!

Check out our favorite unconventional Met Gala 2012 red carpet looks!


Azealia Banks in Alexander Wang

  • kay

    i wasn’t feeling the casual looks for this event.  waaayy too many short skirts– will they be wearing ripped tee’s next year??     even if its short where was the drama? the fashion? the extravaganzaaaaaa???  i think this year’s event had too many off the rack/department store looks.

     and i believe the dress M.I.A is wearing was an alexander mcqueen but from an earlier collection. 

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