7 Celebrities Who Show Other Stars Love On Their T-Shirts (Find Out Who’s A Fan of Whom!)

One of the easiest ways to show homage is to wear a t-shirt with someone’s face plastered on it.  Whether it’s a vintage snap or just words, there’s nothing like love shown through fashion.  Maybe for promotional uses or maybe just to make statement, these celebrities gave the utmost respect to their fellow stars.

See seven celebrities who gave fashion shout outs to their favorite famous faces.



Willow Smith

Willow whipped her hair back and forth with the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, aka her daddy Will Smith, right on her tiny tee.


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  1. says:

    Did you guys really say “repped Jesus”? Wow

  2. says:

    i know for a fact this summer im ready to rep wiz khalifa a.k.a taylor gang

  3. says:

    You Go Willow, what other star should you, appreciate other than your famous dad.

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