Manliner: Yes or No? A Tatted Up Tom Cruise Cover's W Magazine (Katie, Get Your Man Please!)

Manliner: Yes or No? A Tatted Up Tom Cruise Cover’s W Magazine (Katie,Get Your Man Please!)

W Magazine has pulled the ultimate by having Tom Cruise portray his upcoming role of Stacee Jaxx on the cover of their latest issue.  With his long hair, 6-pack, gaudy tattoos, nail polish and manliner, Tom Cruise is everything but the family man we have grown accustomed to. His personification as Stacee Jax, former lead singer of the rock band Arsenal,  have us extremely excited to go see this film, which Mary J. Blige is also starring in. Cruise says, “I knew we had to push the sexuality because of the nature of the character and the songs.” And sexual he is.

StyleBlazers, how do we feel about this risqué cover?






Tunisia Z. Wilson




    Fake. He looks what, like he’s 18? Hmm, PHS, PHS

  • They should have put Mary J on the cover, then it would be worth buying.  I’ll skip any movie with Tom Cruise where he is supposed to be pushing his orientation.  He did a piss poor job of that in Interview with a Vampire.  Let us know when he finally stops overcompensating.

  • The dude is having fun.  How many American men at 50 can say they do not envy this guy….