H&M Summer Swimwear Campaign Stocked With Bikinis, Monokinis & Wetsuits (Affordable Swimsuits Never Looked So Good!)

International fast fashion retailer H&M has rolled out their summer campaign for 2012.Rocking the looks are well tanned and super taut Brazilian models that look as if they were born in a bikini. The collection is fairly diverse, offering tons of prints and bikinis, monokinis and even a surfer-style color-blocked wetsuit. While this mega-store hasn’t rolled out an American e-commerce site as yet, you can see the entire swimwear line up close, in detail and marvel at their too-good to be real prices here. Starting at just $4.95 a piece for bikini tops and tops and $14.95 for a monokini, you may never have to repeat a swimsuit again.

Check out the rest of the campaign below.




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  1. says:

    this is Really Cute!!!

  2. says:

    Lol a long sleeve swim suit? None the less these are very cute. Where are the prices tho

  3. says:

    You know what really makes me mad. I love H&M and I went to take a look at their bikinis and to my dissapointment, they think every woman has the chest of a 12 yr old. I am not HUGE i have D36 cups which is very “average” and every piece there is made for TINY ppl. Not cool. If they clothes range form size 0-14 why cant their bikini tops fit that market too?

  4. says:

    Forget the swim suits….how did they get so perfectly tanned? 

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