8 of the Most Shocking Celebrity Weight Gains (DAMN They Blew Up!)

Weight is a constant struggle for a lot of women.  Even when you’re not trying to get slim, you’re trying to keep that fit figure.  But it’s not easy for everyone to stay slim and trim.  So the next time you beat yourself up for gaining a few pounds, know you’re not the only one.  These next celebs went from skinny to chunky and some (to get us motivated) back to slim.


Check it out eight stars who shocked us the most with their weight gain.



1. Chaka Khan


Although Chaka Khan was a “Sweet Thing” from her stacked days with Rufus and into her heavier days, we’re happy she recently lost 60 pounds. After losing the weight, Khan said her blood pressure issues are now back to normal.


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  1. says:

    christina actually looks better with the weight, she had a child and gained curves while Kelly O, was fat and has a horrible shape even after losing weight. Basically Kelly is shaped like the Tasmanian Devil and the Beef was started by the horrible comments that Kelly made….please do research.

    • says:

      I agree, Christina looks good AND healthy now.

    • says:

      I agree. X-tina looks better with wieght. Her curves look great. She was SUPER SKINNY back in the day. I like the thick, not super big, x-tina.

    • says:

      I have to disagree. Christina needs a happy medium. She’s an effing pudge master right now. But she was definitely too skinny as well. According to my research, Christina started the beef when she was on top and took a jab at Kelly O’s weight back in the day when she (Christina) was eeny weeny teeny. They should both hit the gym together.

    • says:

      No ma’am, there is NO way that porker on the right looks better than X-tina of the early years. She needs to get to the gym ASAP!

  2. says:

    wow mariah put dow the food get a personal trainer

  3. says:

    Janet intentionally gained weight for a movie role. 

  4. says:

    Heeey Jessica’s weight gain shouldn’t be on this list…she was pregnant!

    • says:

      There is no reason to gain as much weight as she did. Women love to use the pregnant excuse to pork up.

      • says:

        Dude or gyal? If your a dude like me smash your face into your kitchen worktop… if your a gyal I’m guessing you’ve had a baby. Yes, thats exactly what I’m saying. Unless you’ve carried another human inside you, then you can’t step on the podium to talk, so yh, bite your tongue on impact too and sleep forever.

      • says:

        even with a good diet and no complications, a woman can put on up to 70 pounds during pregnancy, peaking at, yup, about 2 weeks before childbirth. Considering that less than 8 pounds of that is in the new baby’s body, where do you think the rest of the weight will be? And that’s if the woman is perfectly healthy before and during the pregnancy. It’s harder when there are complications. If they had shown Jessica at this size 6 months AFTER she had given birth, then that might be a different story. But to call her FAT and “porking up” for gaining weight because she was pregnant? That’s really low.

    • says:

      Whatever. That chick went super size!
      But again, she looks better with a SOME weight. I head she has already dropped like 30lbs. I hope she stops there.

    • says:

      Pregnant with a baby that was almost 10 pounds too!

  5. says:

    If Mariah can’t be excused for gaining a few L-B-S’s after carrying twins, there’s no hope for society.

  6. says:

    So basically the article is about how women who age are naturally going to gain weight?

    Wow… that’s so insightful.

  7. says:

    that pic of Lela Rochon in the middle of eating that food is simply hysterical!! she looks serious too..

  8. says:

    Janet is the ONLY celeb who looks better WITH weight AND without makeup!! It makes her look soo much younger

  9. says:

    WOW…it happens get over it…being fat and happy is some times worth it

    • says:

      That is, until you get one of the many life-threatening diseases that science has proven occur when you’re fat (and/or happy) and die at 46. Then, it’s not so much worth it.

  10. says:

    So they really put a pregnant lady on here???…Ok…now u know they are desperate for a story because that’s stupid…LOL

    • says:

      I agree. They should not have put the pregnant Jessica on there. Some women gain a lot of weight during pregnancy, some don’t. Either way, their weight and figures should be off limit when their pregnant.

  11. says:

    Jessica wasn’t fat, she was pregnant, HELLO!

  12. says:

    Articles like this are the reason for eating disorders! Come onnn people DO NOT stay the same weight for the rest of their lives!

    • says:

      Do you purport that an article has more onus for eating disorders than peoples’ choices and behaviors? Wow. (<— not in a good way)

  13. says:

    Wow, I think more boy friends and husbands should see where their fantasy moviestar women look today, real women!

  14. says:

    Christina Aguilera looks better with her curves.

  15. says:

    Yeah well, this is just what happens when women yo-yo diet. The only Yo-yo’s that are good for you are the ones on a string and Yo-Yo Ma.

  16. says:

    i guess women are only worth something when they’re skinny then? SMH

  17. says:

    Why are there no men in this artcle?

  18. says:

    Why is Mariah on this list?She had a damn baby. Two to be exact!!! Messy reporting.

  19. says:

    What total ass-hats you are! Christina, Mariah, and Jessica ALL HAD BABIES!!!!! The weight gain was neither shocking nor unexpected you twits. Pick on women for having babies. Wow. Total winners you are.

    • says:

      I get that they had babies but sheesh!! I mean Christina’s child is like 4 or 5 right? Jessica had one 9 months ago and is preggo again. Mariah had 2 kids nearly 2 years ago. Bottom line…some of their costumes and outfits do not help. At all. nonewhatsoever. period. the end.

  20. says:

    Kelly Osbourne started the fight with Christina because she was jealous, going so far as to call her a “cow” at I believe it was the MTV awards! The previous poster was right, DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  21. says:

    Kelly Osbourne started the fight with Christina because she was jealous, going so far as to call her a “cow” at I believe it was the MTV awards! The previous poster was right, DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  22. says:

    Only the middle picture of Janet is unretouched.

  23. says:

    Aguilera looks great with weight. She was sickly looking before. Just shape the legs a bit, but thick women >>>>>>>>>>>>

  24. says:

    you’re ripping on Jessica Simpson for being FAT when she’s pregnant? What a d|ck move.

  25. says:

    All of them actually looked better with a little more weight on them, esp Christina. The only problem I have with any of it is when someone’s health is at risk because with weight gain sometimes diabetes and high blood pressure becomes issues. Otherwise, why are women criticized for bringing new life into this world? Or for adding years (wisdom) to their lives? Women’s bodies should be celebrated and adored for what they are capable of doing and not critiqued or made fun of.

  26. says:

    Why did Lela have to be shown in a photo eating something?

  27. says:

    you forgot char jackson from moesha and kevin federline, brittany’s ex husband. throw brittany spears in the loop just for news.

  28. says:

    Jesus, sitmga against curvy people much? This was stupid

  29. says:

    This are ridiculous. First, you say that being ‘thick’ is in…then, you say in the next breath that these women gained too much weight. Which is it? Please let’s practice some consistency. Also, why aren’t there any men in this article? Foolishness!

  30. says:

    Uh… can we get some men on this list? Or are women the only ones who gain weight as they age…? ijs

  31. says:

    Yep…Kelly LeBrock and Lela Rochon would still “get it” severely! mmm hmm

  32. says:

    Before reading. Val Kilmer and Chris Tucker seemed like shoe ins

  33. says:

    Lela kinda surprised me, but then again she has had to play characters bigger than her original size before. I don’t know what to say bout Kirstie, but Chaka is definitely #1 on the “damn she used to look like dat” list for me. I only even read this article to see if she would some how be left off

  34. says:

    You’re not going to make fun of anyone who gained weight, but you call this “DAMN they blew up?” That’s not making fun? Oh right, that’s just OFFENSIVE and RUDE.

  35. says:

    You people are idiots. Mariah, Chistina, and Jessica ALL had babies. They’ve all taken off the weight too.

  36. says:

    Who cares if they gain weight?? As long as they are happy with themselves, that’s all that really matters. People are entirely to obsessed with appearance and a lot of the time, it’s not even their own. That is beyond ridiculous. I think the world could do without shallow people, seriously, they serve no purpose.

  37. says:

    Lela Rochon was SO beautiful before she gained all that weight. I wonder if she lost the weight ….

  38. says:

    I think lela wears thick well

  39. says:

    Christina may be thick, but she is hotter and has more talent in her belly than Kelly will ever have. She is famous because her father is famous, and Christina is famous because she can sing her arse off and she does not need to be skinny to do it.

  40. says:

    Lela Rochon managed to do something that not many Hollywood women do: stay married. Leave her weight for her husband to scrutinize.

  41. says:

    what about the men?

  42. says:

    half the pic taken of them slim is when they were in their early 20’s and most have popped out a kids… sorry not all women pop back to their original size

  43. says:

    Jessica and Mariah were pregnant. Not everyone gains 5 pounds like Heidi Klum when they are pregnant. This article was rude.

  44. says:

    this is stupid to show her while she was pregnant and this is suppose to be a article about celebrities that just got fat you show me a women that gets pregnant and stays in her size 4

  45. says:

    Studies show that a challenging weight workout increases protein synthesis for up to 48 hours immediately after your exercise session.I’ve often said that if a movement is worth doing, it’s worth doing in every workout. Your muscles are made of protein (except the four-fifths that’s water), so you have to eat protein to make them grow.

  46. says:

    It’s so unfair that the “Before” photos of all of these people are from 20+ ago compared to now. Give me a break. The only reason any of these ladies remain stick figures is because they are still working in Hollywood. Once they leave the limelight, they can be normal people.

  47. says:

    We shouldn’t expect them to always be slim and in-shape because they have money and fame. They’re only people at the end of the day and they too can fall prey to all the things that make us (women especially) gain weight. Many of us tend to eat more when going through something very emotional eg. death of a loved one, a break up. Just about any change in our lives can lead us to eat more while exercising less. Illness too and the meds we take for them can cause weight gain too. We shouldn’t be derisive about weight gain as it’s literally part of life’s ups and downs.

  48. says:

    Carey is now a fat bloated old has been, she should retire from public view so she can eat cakes pies and biscuits to her hearts content.

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