Rihanna Unfollows Chris Brown on Twitter After “Theraflu” Freestyle (Do You Think It’s Really Over for These Two?)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LPWWRRHN34PQ2GCP7H25L5YUSE Krilly

    One can only hope…

  • No Ma’am

    More importantly WHY DOES ANYONE CARE????

  • Blushy_face

    I can dig it cuz hes bn on a spew about industry men wifing up heauxs & tho rhianna was cool whn the were 2gthr…shes turned a pro @ flipping dudes like pancakes so shes the same. I sont feel sorry for her cuz she rapped about karruche in bday cake rmx saying shes sweeter than a rice cake…whn shes bn sendn subtweet pix of rice cakes w/earrings & karruche’s asian.

  • Kirksey

    people are ridiculous, the verse was about his ex Draya Michelle…who is also on twitter and has essentially been connected to almost every rapper, sports player and male r&b artist thats popular right now.on the flipside though, rihanna has openly linked herself to how many men since they broke up? And has been involved in extremely questionable behavior, especially over the past year since her breakup with Matt Kemp.its easy to see why she would think it was about her, but the way i see it if she didnt want her private life to be judged she shouldnt have air herself out in every interview and on twitter.You cant be mad at him for her life at this point. she’s grown and makes her own decisions.

  • Lady Belle

    I’m not sure but.. It’s kinda funny.

  • Saiko006

    god help this rap listening to generation. NOOOOOOO CLASSSSSS anyone who would listen to this caca could not  even know what the word means, much less hope to have any!

  • Darlene Talley

    I lost all respect for her after He whipped her behind and she went back to him! So whatever!

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