StyleBlazer Survey: Tyra Banks's Moth Ball Intense Smoky Eye, Hmm... (Blazin' or Busted?)

StyleBlazer Survey: Tyra Banks’s Moth Ball Intense Smoky Eye, Hmm… (Blazin’ or Busted?)

We’re not often at a loss for words, but this is exactly what happened when we first came across pics of Tyra Banks at the 2012 Moth Ball in New York City. The statuesque beauty looked blazing from the cheeks down, but when you get to that eye makeup… Houston, we have a problem!


The overly smudged black shadow looked like what you would expect a toddler to achieve after 10 minutes in her mom’s makeup bag. Girl, how are you even smiling with this. We cannot approve.


What do you say StyleBlazers? Is Tyra’s look Blazing or just Busted?




Danielle Gray 


  • She scared me… l won’t be able to sleep tonight … :s Big FAIL

  • Epic Fail on a beautiful woman! I commend her for stepping out and trying something new though..

  • Leigh

    No Tyra… JUST NO!

  • JanMarie



    She looks like an oversized TROLL!!! TRY AGAIN!!!!  I seen her look way better without makeup!!!!


    fail!  she look crazy

  • Britt

    Honestly….it looks kinda good AND bad……but more bad tho. :/