Is Brad Pitt The New Face of the Chanel No.5 Fragrance? (Get the Deets on His Rumored Gig)

So rumor has it, the legendary perfume Chanel No.5 will feature Brad Pitt as the new leading lady man in their upcoming ad campaign.  E! online reports that Brad is now in London filming the first installment of the ad and will make a hefty seven-figure paycheck for his hot new gig.  Neither Brad Pitt or Chanel would confirm if it is true or not, but if so Pitt would be the first male in 91 years to represent the iconic perfume.  The sad part about this is of course the ad will be released overseas first, like all the other cool fragrance advertisements.  But we’re sure it’ll be worth the wait.




-Tunisia Z. Wilson



  • Daphne Macklin

    Hmmm. I have fond memories of being complimented on the fragrance I was wearing by a very, very good looking man.  The folks at Chanel are on to something….

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