Weird or Wonderful?: Facebook Likes May Be Coming to A Hanger Near You (Get the Deets!)

You may not have liked that floral print grandma sweater your friend picked up, anonymous shopper, but now she and thousands of other faceless strangers can tell you how wrong and stupid your taste is.  How?  Facebook likes are coming to a hanger you!  And depending on how much time you spend online spying on the lives of your coworkers and friends from high school, this may or may not come as good news.

Brazilian retailer C&A has debuted hangers with embedded digital readouts—aka, counters—that track the amount of likes each hanging item is garnering on their Facebook page.  Of course, the system would potentially become a little problematic when mischievous consumers switch the last pair of those great looking jeans onto a hanger displaying a few hundred likes.  Regardless, C&A plans to move forward with the visionary marketing strategy.

Naturally, the store’s staff will still be at your beck-and-call for grabbing a size or ignoring you, whichever you prefer.  As for when the FacebookLike hangers will come stateside, if ever, is unknown.  But we’re eager to see where it goes next.  Get more on these hangers here.

StyleBlazers, what are your thoughts on FacebookLike hangers? Weird or Wonderful?



-Tameika Lawrence



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