11 of the Worst Celebrity Hair Moments (These Hair-Raising Looks Are Just Tragic!)

11 of the Worst Celebrity Hair Moments (These Hair-Raising Looks Are Just Tragic!)

We all have bad hair days. It seems like it’s destined in the stars or something. But sometimes it’s hard to believe that celebrities could ever fall victim to a bad hair day, with all their glam squads, hairstylists, and years in the public eye. But it happens. And when it’s bad…baby, it’s BAD.

Check out 11 of the worst celebrity hair moments.


Britney Spears

We’ve been there before, caught with a weave left in a little beyond its expiration date. But how many times have we seen Britney’s extensions hanging on for dear life, or suspiciously missing in random spots?

Mary J. Blige

This auburn and blonde shag ‘do that Mary debuted during her No Drama album days had more flips than Cirque du Soleil.


Though the Queen Bey usually has us gasging with her many hair looks, this droopy Rick James bang look was a definite downer.


Likely the poster child for lace fronts gone wrong, Trina has had quite a number of hairstyle mishaps. This is just one of them.

Kanye West

Thankfully Ye’s afro mullet ode to Karl Lagerfeld didn’t last long. It’s hard to crush on a guy when he looks like a long lost member of Cameo.

James Brown

You know this mugshot hair pained the late great James Brown, who was known to take a lot of care into his coif. His eyes here almost look like they’re saying “Please, please, please…let me get some Dax grease.”

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada, girl, you know you were dead wrong for this achy breaky hair. And to add insult to injury, you were a Carol’s Daughter spokesmodel at the time of this hair indiscretion.

Sanjaya Malakar

This elaborate mohawk surely didn’t win the former American Idol hopeful any extra votes.

Jermaine Jackson

Seriously, WHAT is Jermaine’s hair made out of, and WHO is allowing this to happen?

Rev. Al Sharpton

Rev. Al revealed in the movie Good Hair that James Brown was the inspiration for his bouffant press-and-curl look. But Sharpton should have left the roller sets alone.

  • Jackieo Perkins

    lets not forget WILLOW SMITH…

  • when doves cry

    Number ten and eleven take the cake.  I swear I can’t stop laughing! lmao


    Bey looked like a wet poodle with that hair. Jada Pinket was looking like Joe Dirt..lmao aw man. That’s unfair to James Brown though, that was his mugshot pic. Trina lacefront was too high…made her look like she had a 5 head. The worst one has to be Jermaine! What is that, paint? Hair dye? Hair gel?

  • Uppa

    Is it really a hair mishap if it’s not even your own hair? Britney and Trina, I’m looking at you. How about not being a creep and stitching someone else’s hair into your scalp? It’s one thing if you’re going bald, but neither of these ladies are. What’s the deal?

  • Lol! Latoya Jackson is in a category all by herself!

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