7 Stylish Moms From The 70s & 80s: Long Live These Iconic Fashion Divas (Happy Mother’s Day!)

There’s nothing like a woman who can balance being a mother and staying fly, effortlessly. The list could go on forever if we had to name all of the fabulous women who were fairly new moms throughout the 70s and 80s. Here are just seven of the women who wore motherhood as well as they did their personal style. Happy Mother’s Day!


Nina Simone and daughter, Lisa Celeste Stroud



Circa 1970


Diana Ross with family





Roxie Roker with son, Lenny Kravitz



Circa 1970

Bianca Jagger, wife of Mick Jagger



Circa 1970 


A Pregnant Camille Cosby





Phylicia Rashad




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