StyleBlazer NYC Street Fashion Shots 05.12.12: The 'What To Wear' Spring Wardrobe Edition

StyleBlazer NYC Street Fashion Shots 05.12.12: The ‘What To Wear’ Spring Wardrobe Edition

Spring can be a tricky season where our wardrobe is concerned.  The weather can go from crisp and cold, to warm and rainy, to temperate and balmy in the blink of an eye.  Transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring, on top of dressing for the day-to-day shifts in weather can be a bit much.  But the most fashion savvy of our StyleBlazers can grab mother nature by the hand for a pleasant stroll through March, April, and May looking their best.  So in this edition of StyleBlazer Street Fashion Shots, we’re featuring a few fashion connoisseurs that can show you what to wear through these last days of temperamental spring conditions.


Editors Notes: With the weather constantly changing, braids are a great hair option for spring; so are sweaters, midi-length skirts, and socks and shoes because they don’t give too much or too little.