StyleBlazer Survey: Is Jill Scott's Casual After Party Look a Bit Too Casual? (You Can Do Better, Jilly From Philly!!)

StyleBlazer Survey: Is Jill Scott’s Casual After Party Look a Bit Too Casual? (You Can Do Better, Jilly From Philly!!)

Last week in NYC, Jill Scott filmed an intimate performance for VH1’s “Storytellers.” During each song, Jill got in to character by changing outfits according to the songs she performed. The looks ranged from bamboo earrings for “Getting in the Way” to a sultry gown for “He Loves Me.” But it was her getup for the after party that really turned heads.

From head to toe, the look just made us go hmmm. Like many celebs, she’s jumped on the ombre hair bandwagon and her attire was extremely casual, from the ripped jeans to comfy Chucks. Casual chic is never a bad thing, but it was shirt that seemed a bit out of place. A 40-year old woman wearing a ripped shirt emblazoned with “$exy” on the front? We can’t cosign that! Maybe Jilly from Philly was still in character?


Tell us StyleBlazers, are you feeling Jill’s dressed down look?



Patrice J. Williams 


  • Her jewelry is str8.  But the outfit as a whole is a mess.  Honestly, I think it’s just the shoes for me personally (the shoes throw it all the way off).  If she replaced them “whatevadafawks” with some heels, I think she could have pulled it off.  Eventhough I’m not really the biggest fan of what’s going on with the shoulders on that shirt.  All that said, Jill is my girl.  And I’m gonna rock with her regardless.

  • mike

    whooo weee. jill scott can do no wrong. so fine. please dont get a breast reduction, please.

    • Dabluzzz

      She could just wear a T-shirt and be fine with me!

  • Pleasure9000

    I don’t see a problem. It’s an AFTER PARTY!!!! Not the Red Carpet. I don’t like the ring for any event. But she looks great!!!

  • kobiedixon

    I remember helping Jill find her engagement ring in a hotel room in Amsterdam. Sound suspect, right? Na, it was all innocent. She’s a real woman. Better still, a lady. She’s down to earth and looks good no matter what’s she’s wearing. Beat it Bossip. Jill does no wrong 😉 PS I’m not a breast man but NO BREAST REDUCTION PLEASE. Latifah was never the same. Peace, peace

  • not feeling this outfit, but i live jill no matter what. i’ve seen her looking great too many times to be turned off by one bad choice.

  • The Truth

    What is wrong with her outfit? She looks comfortable and cool! Why because she dont have her breasts hanging out or her crotch exposed, makes her not look the part?!

  • There is nothing wrong with what Jill had on, nothing at all. What is wrong with a 40+ year old woman wearing a shirt that says that? She’s attractive. I don’t get it. Stereotyping age still in 2012 when 40 is the new 30 and some. Let’s face it, most women don’t start to embrace their “se*y until then. How disappointing your point of view was.

    • TBeez

      40 is 40 and 30 is 30! I hate that cliche! She looks a mess! Esp that ghetto weave

  • Mee

    She’s bammin’ out with this getup (that’s DC slang for she looks AWFUL)! I LOVE Jill, but girl, you look like you have on a Halloween costume! LOL!

  • Darkfather504

    Jill keep doing you …. casual does not mean GG LV etc

  • The outfit gets a thumbs down from me, but I love Ms. Scott. She’s like that favorite sweet Auntie that has an interesting taste in fashion. lol.

  • Kvochick

    She looks great!  Straight chillin….I can dig it! Only “you people” (“bloggers, so called fashionista’s”) feel that you can’t dress down and be relaxed.
    Time and place for everything!!!
    Shout out to the women who walk blocks in 5 inch stilettos and it looks like you about to fall over.

  • HoustonlovesBeyonceCarter

    I love Jill Scott….She’s awesome…….it doesn’t matter what she has on…that voice is GOLDEN!!!!!

  • And she’s putting back on the weight. I loved her when was on Ebony’s magazine. Exercise is a pain in the butt, but you got to stick with it.

  • Ninaneens412

    She is trying too hard I know everybody seems too love Jill Scott but I can’t stand her she is super wack to me she can sing and that’s about it she reminds me of a lighter skinned Angie Stone and that is not poppin she is tho old to be wearing a shirt like that especially some cheap crap from Rainbow’s nit poppin Girl

  • nico

    She looks good.

  • TBeez

    The fit is cool if my TEEN daughter rocked it! She is 42 lady go back to the natural look.

  • TBeez

    If my teenager rocked it yea! She too old for this look! Not a good look on her! IMO

  • mscpa2u

    Sadly this is what happens when you try to follow the crowd.  Im just glad she wasnt caught in leggings!!!!



  • Sapphire

    Jill’s cute anyway. As some have noted, the outfit is a bit young looking but I think she looks casually cute and comfy (personally, I would have rocked something other than sneaks but that’s just me).

  • Jen

    Not saying that she has to wear a blouse or shirt buttoned up to her throat, but there are some really nice clothes out there and she looks great but not really rockin the ‘fit but I just can’t get ready for that ombre hair thing!



    • TBeez

      Thank you! Everyone can’t rock this look! She isn’t one of them! She is a natural beauty! Must be going thru a mid life crisis smh

  • MsRandall

    Gooooo Jill

  • Calikush

    Go Jilly! I think she looks fab! Nothing is wrong with the shirt, it just says “S-e-x-y”, I mean big deal! I can see if it was a Dereon shirt with Dereon plastered all over the shirt with silver designs! Lol! And the age 40 is not old, please! But she is gorgeous, she always dresses cute!

  • Srutherford2007

    Can anyone tell me what is the name of those red iced out elton john lasses from? A MUST HAVE!!!

  • Srutherford2007

    GLASSES (im sorry)