From Tokyo With Love: Lady Gaga Rocks the Far East (Do We Miss Her Weirdo Ways?)


It’s been a few months since we’ve heard the hard scratching of Lady Gaga’s claws against fashion and pop culture’s conventionalism.   Frankly…we’ve missed it.  When paparazzi favorites like Gaga take a hiatus from the public eye, it leaves us curious and craving to know what they’ve been up to.  Gaga reemerged recently in Hong Kong to the flash of countless cameras.  However, we’ve heard little of her since, so we decided to do some investigating.  What we can tell you in that Gaga is still touring the Asian countries, and currently in Tokyo being herself: wearing lots of hair; photo opting with notorious rake and photographer Terry Richardson; and climbing on top of dinner tables.

Catch up with the fashion monster of mayhem in this Tokyo photo flip book.


“Oh, Hello”

Arriving at Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan sporting rainbow bright hair.

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