15 White Girls With The Best Butts

white girls

It’s sort of weird how certain parts of a woman’s anatomy can be trendy, but alas, a nice booty seems to take center stage these days. Celebs like Britney Spears and Christina Hendricks are best known for their backsides and curvy figures. And hey, Kim Kardashian’s famous bum is making her a fortune.

The “white girl with junk in the trunk” isn’t a new phenomenon, but here are 15 white girls with booty for days.


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  • Ms.Blue

    Not true. Scarlett’s is real. But yea, all the rest of them are fake.

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

    all of those non black  women like coco  and kim k are fake with injected butts and that one of britney is so photo-shopped.. its ridiculous!

    • http://www.facebook.com/taryn.swain1 Taryn Bryant

      The one with Brittany does look photo-shopped.

    • knows better

      thats not britney spears its christina aguilara

      • j a sassy

        I don’t give a damn who it is.. its photo-shopped and we all know kim k’s booty is fake and so is coco t and the rest of those fake booty white women… stevie from the Parkers seems to have areal booty , but now every white bytch want to have a booty .. so they pay for t.. vida guererro and amazing amy, that iggy broad and many more white chics wh date blk men… why cant they stay how they were born… why do they have to imitate blk women especially when they hate black women.. and we hate them too!

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

    They wont put up tracy ellis ross, free from 106th and park, or shaunie o;neal , or the women on RHOA.. like sheree, phaedra, kandi and toya .. lil  waynes baby mama…  or the best ckae in the world Serena Williams.. always the fake cakes.smdh!

    • NikkitaMichelle

      The article was specific to white sisters.

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

     coco  know that aint none of her real butt.. why do they lie so much just to have a butt like a blk woman… oh i forhot , they trying to attrcat the blk man.. smd! how about your personality !

  • nonofyourbizz

    Remember the “Parkers” Now that white chick, had a real booty, they use to say it all the time,even when she was on the show called “blossom’Her name is Jenna ,can’t remember her last name.


      Actually, her name is Jenna Van Oy…….

    • http://www.facebook.com/taryn.swain1 Taryn Bryant

      Made me think she had some black in her somewhere.

      • Justin_Igger

        Any black in any person, and they’re clearly a full blown n1gger. There’s no such thing as being only “half human”.

        • Alley Oop

          You punk a$$ bytch! Go back in the woods with your daddy the Yeti.

        • Erik Nash

          Ask your girlfriend, sisters and your mom how much n1gga they got last night and I’ll bet you think differently

        • http://debatesthatmatter.blogspot.com/ Tim

          I did not realize the counties where “Wrong turn” and “Children of the Corn” got their idea had internet access.

        • Ocrisia

          so what happens to the white dna? what’s wrong with you? then you could say we have a fully white president, u ignorant racist pos

        • just sayn

          Actually, the White part is half human!~

          • just sayn

            Actually the Black part is human the rest ain’t!

          • EmeraldEyes1

            Now, you are just as guilty of racism as that guy Justin. It’s not OK for white people to say things like that and it’s not OK for black people, either. Racism goes both ways.

          • lol

            black people dont like white people because of what they have done and still do to us,, white people started hating on blk people way back when because of our skin color.. so dont you dare compare the 2 ..you stupid bytch.. we have the right not to like folks who have inflicted pain, hurt, humiliation and even death on my blk people..GTFOH with that blacks are racist sh*t i will never have any type of love for white people.. NEVER!

          • cwilk31

            Hate those who hate us…

            I use to feel something similar but had a change of heart. While in Greece as a service member, I met a so called white man (Greek) who befriended me & showed a group of us americans (no capital letter necessary!) around he town. It was nice to see all the white americans scatter when a group of militants came down the street with AK-47′s, shouting kill the americans.

            It was even nicer when I began to stand up and my Greek friend clamped his arm over the top of my arm, preventing me even the ability to stand up from the table and said “YOU’RE NOT AMERICAN”!

            I’ve always loved track & field and was some what of a speedster in my youth, coming from eugene, or.That day I witnessed many short and long distance records being broken wide open by american white speedsters, they would have made hitler proud.

            My Greek & other European friends, proved to me countless times, the true and factual difference between European whiteness and that of my own countrymen. There is a difference between being white and proud & white and stupid..!
            ………….this justin & others like him can not be reasoned with or change perception, they prefer to remain white and stupid because they have no pride.

            Please don’t be like them in hating all, open your eyes and heart ….remain proud!

          • elvis mahan

            There are other races besides Black and White! As a Native American, I am so tired of the blacks and whites complaining constantly! We are the real victims of racism as well broken treaties and lies. We are facing extinction as we speak. I get tired of Millionaires fighting with Billionaires!

          • Barbara

            Way to come off as just as racist as that other guy.

          • just sayn

            Nope Barb, just speaking the truth and the truth hurts! In addition, ain’t no race on this earth more RACIST than the White RACE! Sure is funny that you didn’t comment on that ignorant racist jerk who spewed a racist term.. and .since you can read, you can see that I did not call anyone a racist term! So go kick rocks!

          • DekanogiUlogilv

            Just sayin” Barb is right, it WAS just as racist!

          • Dee

            I do not believe the white race is more Racist. Do not state facts without statistics

          • cwilk31

            Dee, maybe that was a misquote, American Whites are the most racist, people on the earth. Not every white mind you but if counting numbers American vs European, yea! Dispute the point if you like but I lived in Europe for over 7 years, went many places, cities and small country towns alike. Within less than a 24hr period upon my return to the gud ‘ol usa I was not able to avoid one of gud ‘ol justin’s relatives & referred to as a “N”.

          • DekanogiUlogilv

            maybe in THEI case, in your case, there is neither “human”, nor brain, I would say the “moss” family is likely where we would find YOUR DNA.. “just sayin”
            wow, get a life, you want to DRESS, talk, walk, look,, sound, and mock EVERYTHING the young blacks do, why? BECAUSE its COOL, and YOU, and your “ethnic group” are NOT, you have NO, “racial identity” , what so EVER! So you “steal theirs” then try to act like you are “jus so cool” right, well, “news flash” its a wash, you look like what you are, “wanna be’s”

        • Barbara

          I assume you’re trolling, but just in case you’re not, I really hope you aren’t a white American. See, if you were, you’d be a huge hypocrite. Almost all white Americans actually are not “pure white”, regardless of how they look. Genetics and DNA studies have shown many times that the vast majority of white Americans have some level of mixed racial ancestry (even if just a very small percentage), the most common being black. So if you’re a white American, you’re in all likeliness calling yourself a “full blown n1gger”.

          • Darlene Cunningham

            You have no clue what you are talking about.

          • Barbara

            Really? You can easily look this up. There have been so many studies done.

          • Maxx

            Barbara – you are a complete 1diot. Do you know the differnce between, say, anglo-saxon and caucasian? bet you think they are the same. How bout the difference between Irish and Celtic. And on and on. The vast majority of most Anglo-americans is some sort of Anglo ancestry. BUT – most of those are mixed with some sort of caucasoid or Irish decent. That is very much NOT african-american. Actually, why am i wasting my time … get educated and not by Univ of Wikipedia or U of phoenix online. You need a complete re-education in a classic american university where facts are taught, not fallacies.

          • Des

            ALL life can be traced back to Africa. Black people lost their skin tone when they went to the caucus mountains, thus the white was formed!

          • cwell510

            Hey Maxx, you may want to look up and read about DNA testing, it’s purely accurate and the results may surprise you. Don’t assume because a person looks white or black that they necessarily are.

          • tomi

            Maxx, you’re wrong. Who cares if they’re Celtics or Irish. All Barbara is saying is they’re all passing to be white. For your info there is no such thing as white or black. This is another way of putting the other people down. Life started with black people how can you say they have no black blood in them? Look, so called white people need us more than we need them. We can give white people blood but they can’t give us theirs because is tinted. They’ll never tell you this in school cuz they want to maintain their superior race

          • http://www.bellasshelf.com/ Bella’s Shelf

            their blood is tinted?! is it tinted purple or blue? i hope its a turquoise blue…thats a purrty color

          • DekanogiUlogilv

            @Maxx, “classic” american university? YOU, are telling HER, she needs to be “educated” , perhaps that IS the problem, all the lies, and “colonialized” “facts” , that are stuffed into children’s heads and “misrepresented” as truth? YOU, apparently do not even realize “America” should be capitalized? Maybe you should take your own advice?

          • BlazeBit

            Max…humans originated in Africa…everyone comes from black people. go back to west virginia and keep up your inbred recessive bloodline…white supremacy lol what a joke. how can something that cant produce a baby its own color with another race be supreme?? cant even sit out in the sun without getting burnt…the sole provider of life and energy to our planet. God bless you bruhhh

          • Define2

            Well…allrighty then, lol

          • ClydeNeal

            the reason whites do not produce white offspring when breeding with monkeys , is because you monks spoil everything you touch…. think of it this way…. You can have 5 gallons of milk , and pour in 1 pound of shhiit… It will be mostly milk, but it will smell and taste like shhiiitt

          • Dekanogi Ulogikv Williams

            That is the BIGGEST joke I have EVER heard, nothing in “American” school history is TRUTH !And your telling someone to go to one to “find some”, try asking an American Indian how much TRUTH or justice, you find ANYWHERE in this country!

          • squiggs

            Actually there is very little pure anything left in this world. There are a lot of white people who based on the racist notion to keep the white race pure would be considered black.

          • cwell510

            Actually Barbara is right. DNA tests are 100% accurate and will tell you exactly what you ethnic makeup is. You would be surprised as to what your may be.

          • Joyce

            True. I had one of those a few years ago. I’m from Puerto Rico, but a DNA test showed that I’m mostly southeastern European with a hint of northern and central European. So much for being a combination of Indigenous, black, and Spaniard!

          • Toni Childs

            All dna strands and some abnormalities can be found in Africa.

          • tomi

            Yes, Barbara truly know what she was talking about. Read my post. White Americans are the minority now. Almost all of them are passing for white because is easier to live like that. They gonna wish one day that they never denying who they really are

          • elvis mahan

            No White Americans are not the minority, Native Americans are facing extinction

          • Nicholas Chupka

            In comes Darlene, part of the “It’s not true because I feel it’s not” crowd. Their emotional investment on topics always trump scientific evidence. Meanwhile, the ability of our citizenry to engage in discussions of real substance continues to diminish because of these “The only proof I need is what I feel” people.

          • Maxx

            Where are you getting your facts from – cracker jack? What studies are you referring to? Your statement is patently false regarding the “vast majority” of white americans having some “mixes racial ancestry” – the “most common being black.” You have got to be a making this up out of thin air.

          • Barbara

            Making it up out of thin air? You wish. There are multiple studies I was referencing. For example, one in 2010 done by George Divine of Henry Ford Biostatistics and Research
            Epidemiology and Rick A. Kittles of the University of Illinois School
            of Public Health revealed that less than half of American people who reported to be Caucasian were 95 percent genetically European. Instead, most Caucasian Americans were genetically more than 5 percent another race, namely Amerindian (Native American) and/or African. In another study done in 2002 by Mark D. Shriver at Penn State University showed that at least 50 million (though the findings suggested a lot more) “white” Americans, not counting white Hispanic Americans, had at least one black ancestor, whether they were aware of it or not.

            Interestingly, a very significant portion of black Americans were shown in both of these studies to have white ancestry– even more so than white Americans have black ancestry. In fact, at least 10 percent of black Americans are more than 50 percent “white”, while the remaining portion tend have are (on average) genetically between 10 and 20 percent white.

            We’re all more alike than we are different.

          • John Reynolds

            I like that … a n1gger calling someone a cracker jack … probably claims to want equality and despise racism too …

          • vax

            John go fook your/sister/mom at the local zoo. that’s rich an inbred trailer park jeckerwood trolling with that racist crap as usual . that’s why you baboons should just stay on stormfront.

          • DekanogiUlogilv

            Wrong, “maxxy”, they are telling you the truth, hows it feel to be a “brotha”, lol, adaddoligi ale nvwadohivnv, as for ME, I am Cherokee!

          • Robert Fyfe

            Like they say we all came from Africa from start :)

          • Tonja

            And you are a classy, intelligent person. No matter your race.

          • secondson2002

            melanin deficiency
            Wanting to add fuel to this fire, in thinking about the White Race on this planet you would see why white supremacy was used on all the races they (White people) came in contact with. Traveling in their boats they discovered every land mass out side of Old Europe of that time, was inhabited by People Of Color. And because of the numbers of people it was, it created fear and frighten them amongst. Europe was the only lands White People had. World population equals 10% White 90% People Of Color. European’s feared becoming extinct in the future. To battle off this fear European’s set out to steal new land outside of Europe in the hopes to start a way to extend the White Race. Once they had the land which they called America, they moved to find the strongest physical biological human of the other races.

            Slavery helped make The New White Race. Why you ask? Black men are the ONLY MALE on this planet who can mate all other races and reproduce genetics strong and not weaken. It becomes how to create for the future. Black hair is the strongest hair, Blown eyes is the strongest of all eye colors, Dark skin protects the best from the Sun and dense mass bones for strength. Mixing genes with this man/woman will insure long life and a future for the White Race. American Blacks look less like African as the decades go by and more, and more like Black’s with European features. This is to say coming soon on this planet we all are going to like alike. PS. unless China close us out. The key to this fight is really about the melanin, which is by Merriam-Webster meaning: “;a dark brown or black substance that is a natural part of people’s skin, hair, and eyes”. I am of LOVE and hates no one. KEEP THE LOVE ALIVE said, secondson2002

          • elvis mahan

            The most common mix in the US is Native American, we have been here the longest here in OUR COUNTRY! And we are not going away anytime soon

        • Taryn Bryant

          You ought to know.

        • TheyRout2getMe

          I challenge you to a DNA test Justin, I bet you would be very surprised to learn that you may not be as “human” as you think.

          • Maxx

            How to tell if someone has african DNA but doesn’t look it – aka is white looking but might have some black DNA. Does the person have a job?

        • John Reynolds

          Wow … a completely BS racist article. Then one guy who is appropriately offended posts a comment and the jungle goes nuts. I’m all for equality if it could exist but this once again proves that the unevolved want everything one way … not equality. Come back when you get civilized.

          • BlazeBit

            Unevolved?…try evolving enough to have a baby outside of your race or stand out in the sun…you’re clearly suffering from a severe melanin deficiency.

        • cwilk31

          It appears justin is one of those in-the-closet-racists!

          I note that he follows in the footsteps of those weak founders of the KKK, whose members could not go out and do their dirt without the shelter of a hood. Put your photo up son, be true to yourself, be a man about your business!!!

          Oh, I forgot your part-timing here because in real life, you make so called attempts to buddy up with us at the workplace, even favoring us for your sports teams, because after all a win is a win, and with a n1gger you can at least get a win or place instead of just showing up..!

          …so, just as in your statements any black in any person & no such thing as being only half…..

          …You must be… FULL BLOWN SISSY; mind you do not misrepresent. I speak not of gender differences because even the gay community chooses not to hide or be hidden away.

          I mean weak, scared & small…the kind that used to get his lunch money taken from him in school! Yea, I’d be an undercover hater too, if they used to get me for mine….

          So, I guess asking you to man-up (show your photo) is out of the question and could never be. A sissy is a sissy, is a sissy ….right?

      • linc

        im sure she did. HAA!

      • Tina

        My Mom was mixed but I sure didn’t get any booty, I take after Dad’s side of the family so much the more I exercise the flatter it gets. Dang it! :(

        • Barbara

          Yeah, me too :/ However, I realized long ago that I’d much rather be physically fit and feeling healthy than to stop working out to keep my “assets”.

      • Wayne Johnson


      • Bill

        50-60 pounds of it.

      • Markets Vegas

        She’s had plenty of black in her over the years, mainly Ice T.

    • http://debatesthatmatter.blogspot.com/ Tim

      I remember she tried to hide it too. I remember later on she lost weight and then tried to do glam shot photo’s.

    • Wayne Johnson


    • sungod64

      The called her SIX!

  • Nadege1986

    Where is Jessica Biel!! She’s got a nice one at my opinion!

    • KimfatinjectionKardashian

      Ditto that, and much better and more real than anything being shown here.

      Why’d they put the Brazilian butt graft empress Kim K in the mix? Like everyone knows her butt is 100% fake. #empresswithnoclothes

    • bitterTruth

      The list is for non-african/latina origin

    • shaun

      MAN I was just saying that….chuck and larry showed that

    • Whitey_Bulging

      Certainly the highest quality in Hollywood.

  • B-Hood

    i agree with JA SASSy they don’t give the real ones credit..and Erykah badu has cakes butt not kandi from RHOA she had work done too but she’s rich…

  • BeatriceW

    Scarlett doesn’t have any backside.

  • anon

    Kim K is Armenian, not white.

    • moma

      armenian is white they are of caucasion descent ,they have a choice few that are a little olive toned but for the most part they are very white.

      • http://www.facebook.com/taryn.swain1 Taryn Bryant

        Armenians are Middle-eastern, not white although they are categorized as Caucasians. The Continent is Asia.

        • svenson

          Armenia is in Eastern Europe..look it up!

          • http://twitter.com/kungfustilleto luvnDRAKEScrewlove


          • Freddley

            The story line was about “white” girls. Chill out!

          • ClydeNeal

            she f**s n166ers ,t hat makes her unwhite ,, same goes for that other whoor on the list

          • She Made

            You just mad cus she dont like small dicks,bitch.

          • Darlene Cunningham

            What you forgot is that ancient India was Aryan ruled. They were white. They is why they have the caste system. India became a multi ethnic country and most of the people there now are mongrelized. However, not so in the past.

          • Julie

            hahahahahahahaha go to school.

          • Maxx

            CORRECT! Finally someone with a brain!

          • She Made

            lol THANKS

          • artist_formally_known_as_cWj

            and Europe is actually a part of Asia…and not all Europeans are “white”.

            Look it up!

          • http://www.facebook.com/PLloydGross Phil Gross

            Europe is a part of Asia? thats new

          • Eh

            well, it used to be called Eurasia… and they are attached. So it’s not really anything new.

          • Promontorium

            Why does everyone who writes look it up post completely idiotic crap? Europe isn’t a “part of Asia”, if you’re talking about the Eurasian plate, sure, but the geology has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ETHNIC HISTORY.

          • Maxx

            Hey fucktard – Armenia is NOT ANYWHERE NEAR EUROPE… Caucasian is a reference to the Caucasus area of SOUTH ASIA .. …NOT WHITE

          • Promontorium

            Armenia is in the Middle East region of Asia you moron. It’s all the more idiotic of you to say “look it up” when you dead f-ing wrong.

          • http://www.facebook.com/laika.jones Laika Jones

            no it isnt .. they are closer to middle easterm=n and it is a continet of asia you look it up the right way. I already have. They are dark people,. white.

          • Heidi

            Armenians are pale skinned and usually golden haired or light brown. You obviously don’t do much traveling.

          • Maxx

            You are an idiot and have not travelled yourself. Shut up and stop posting anything on this subject.

          • kek

            Armenia is not in eastern Europe it’s in Eurasia- west of Turkey, north of Iran, south of Georgia, and east of Azerbaijan to be exact

        • EmeraldEyes1

          Sigh…..Armenia is in Eastern Europe.

        • Jenna

          Armenia is on the Caucasus Mountains — aka the origin of ALL CAUCASIANS/WHITES.

          read more.

          • Taryn Bryant

            South Caucasus Mountain of Eurasia. Still Asia…get a map.

      • jadasin

        thank u …. only a few of us smart people in the world… that know the difference between race/ethnicity and nationality because if i was born in Armenia, i could say I’m Armenian (by nationality) but i would be black/African by Ethnicity…

        • Eh

          hmm but Armenia isn’t in Africa, so why would you be African? Hahahaha!

          • rachel

            if she is a black women who was born in armenia her nationality would be armenian but her ethnicity is black/african. People so uneducated.

      • sheena lawson

        Sorry, Armenian isn’t white; research….

        • Stephan

          yeah, you need to do research to not sound as ignorant next time. I live in Europe and do business in Armenia.

          Armenians are white, fool.

    • chaka1

      Doesn’t matter. Her azs is sloppy.

      • http://www.facebook.com/nails2323 Steven Sanders


    • jadasin

      Armenian is a Nationality not ethnicity….. so ethnic wise she is Caucasian

      • http://www.facebook.com/laika.jones Laika Jones

        no she isnt white nor black she is armenian and thats not white.

        • just sayn

          She’s white armenian!

          • Maxx

            There’s not such a thing as white armenian. Where did you learn this? Did you make it up?

        • C S

          OMG. Don’t you get what everyone is saying?
          Armenian is not an ethnicity, like black, white or Asian.
          Armenian is a nationality, like American, Canadian,German etc

          • HarmanDS

            and “Asian” is an ethnicity? last time I checked it was a continent with several ethnicities like Han = Chinese, Dravidians/Indo-Aryans = India, etc. ;)

      • Maxx

        True. Caucasian is from the Caucasus area of the world – meant to be separate and distiinct from WHITE Anglo-Saxons – but the terms have become conflated (intentionally..?) in contemporary times. So for example, Armenians ARE Caucasian but are NOT “White” – and Irish are not Anglo NOR Caucasian, technically, but are unfairly rolled up often times in both descriptions. So get your sh*t straight. Kim K is not white. The president is, however.

    • Alley.Oop

      She’s white.

    • Alley Oop

      She is white already! Don’ let the fake orange dayglo color fool you!

    • Gene

      And her boootye.. is fake as ..ell. Butt injections does not a fine A$$ make you, accept she paid good $ for hers. Didn’t Humphries expose this ish.

    • EmeraldEyes1

      Armenians are caucasions. Look it up.

    • Jenna

      It’s like saying, “X is Swedish, not white.”

      Armenians are white. School and maybe even some travel will do great things for you.

      Don’t let the fake tan fool you. Look at the people in Kim’s family that are full Armenian: Kim’s dad, his mother (blue eyes, pale skin)… that is Armenian. Even with Rob Kardashian,only a blind person would argue he is not White.

      • jim wood

        No, he’s Armenian. You can tell because his name ends with

    • artemis

      Armenian are white..damn this comment site is full of idiots. White people can have nice asses just like any other people…they just have traditionally been embarrassed of it.. Now it’s popular you will notice more showing off…just like black girls can have flat asses…happens all the time because we are all HUMANS..

    • Heather

      Armenian is Caucasian. Look up the definition.

    • Archangel

      You’re wrong, but who cares? She doesn’t belong on the list because she doesn’t have a nice a$$, she just has a fat a$$

  • Lucky502

    This is what gets me;there was a time when having a bubble butt (not to mention full shapely lips) was seen as unattractive. Flatter booties were “it”. What happened? Why the shift? Can anyone answer?

    • Older Than Most

      Fashion itself changes. Remember the flapper dresses? The highly-teased beehive flips? Tightly-fitted jeans gave way to bell bottoms. Everything tends to come back, fade then return in cycles. When this does as well, as it will because most women are neither blessed by nature or able to drop by plastic surgeons for a booty installation at whim, it’ll cycle back down again. However, don’t worry. The natural ladies will still be there to relish in all their glory, and the surgical wannabees will eventually return.

      • http://www.facebook.com/taryn.swain1 Taryn Bryant

        So true. No one wants to wear a tight outfit with nothing for it to cling to.

    • SHER

      J LO in that dress some years ago, and her music videos, started this trend. Now women are even putting themselves at risk to develop this “super booty” just to please men SMH

      • Guest

        Wasn’t JLo..
        Sir Mix a lot and the Hip Hop / Rap Era ushered in a new aesthetic on the feminine mystique..from their POV.
        The videos all had a formula of curvy video vixens to go with all that bling and the sweet rides..

        • http://twitter.com/ChamomileGlee Chamo Mile

          This. The rise in popularity of hip hop culture and style contributed a lot to the shift towards the trendiness of curvier backsides and more “ethnic” features in general. Celebrities more and more embracing these features helps as well (see; Angelina Jolie’s lips).

        • Freddley

          Please, spare me from the attempt to make cRap and hip who cares something that matters at all.

        • j a sassy

          True,, sir mix a lot brought I to the front. telling blk wmen to be proud of their ample butts.. bt hite women want to put JLO on the front nd saying they want her booty.. anything to kep from saying they are envous of the blk womens ample booty.. because we all know it came from the black wman..the African heritage. showme a whe heritage iwith big booty.. im waiting………………….. ,loo up sarah backman the big booty black woman from decades ago!

  • bogo

    wah! i am …….
    my mouth is watering. I think….

  • White pride

    Kim ain’t white

    • Los Nubia(Love of a White Man)

      Who cares,shes a talentless hack..

      • Sweetlady238

        She’s making cash money tho, so don’t hate.

        • SinfullySweet313

          No doubt, Most pornstars w/fake a**/boobs are! Strippers too even! Not hating tho just recognize her for her talentless insecure ways. Money made shrug respect it tho her Mother is the REAL go getter lmao Paris Hilton WISHES she had that Connect…Kris is the Ultimate Pimp! too bad nobody told ray-j lol

    • Alley Oop

      Yeah, she is!

  • jay

    kim is not white

  • http://www.facebook.com/fakedodge.viperguy FakeDodge ViperGuy

    how about sunny leone?

  • Lord Colostomus Baggington III

    great list, but Jessica Biel is seriously missing.

  • Socrates_1

    Jessica Biel has the FINEST assets in Hollywood, white, black or latina, period! She should be first on this list :)

  • nadje

    Kim Kardashian isnt white neither is Jessica Biel. They are mixed and they do not even look white.

    • buckey

      Your an idiot Jessica is German, French, English, Irish with a little native american. How much whiter do you want?

    • Priscila _Brasilian_Prinsesa

      WTF? Jessica is white lol.

      • Guest

        Is she wrong to call out nonsense ish?

  • svenson

    Jealous much?

  • http://www.facebook.com/arlyndabriones.garcia Minista Amanda

    Kim K is hardly white…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/arlyndabriones.garcia Minista Amanda

    Worst examples ever…..

  • http://twitter.com/missfenty23 sabene fenty


    • jadasin

      the only fake ones are Kim and KoKo the others just aren’t big enough to be called ”Big”

      • j a sassy

        but they are still injected,, you can get not so big injections!

    • j a sassy

      RIGHT, but they wont put up real black women like serena w , free from 106 and park.. delicious from falvor flav ad 99% if blk women,, even everyday blk women .. bootys will out shine these fake butt injected white women!

      • kingj0n

        of course they will not put a black looking woman in the list when it’s not for a black, talking about white

  • Skippy

    Check out Rachel McAdams. She has a really nice bubble butt.

  • whatever

    Coco is Brazilian. If you believe all the modeling pics, Brazilian women are known for being bottom heavy and a bit lighter on the topside.

  • whatever

    But wait a minute – you’re saying that being non-African or non-Latina means you get lumped in being white? WTF?

    • iHeartMarijuana

      Thank you. People are so stupid.

      • just sayn

        No they are not! Matter of fact their are “WHITE Cubans, White Porta Ricans, and others, that call them selves White Porta Ricans, cubans and so on and so forth. But Kim, wants to be black or wishes she was!


      Huh? Latina? That’s a caucasoid/semitic mix with other things mixed in. So, yeah Latina/o is white, yeah? Sort of?

  • Ashley Brady

    funny how black women cant stand white women with a shape!!! LMAO jealous HATERS!

    • j a sassy

      sorry bytch .. we just dnt like fake.. we could care less about flat butt white women.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Libby-Ratle/100000944620547 Libby Ratle

    I don’t know any woman who would like Kim’s big butt except her and her black lovers. Anything unproportionate is ugly, breast or butt.

    • Guest

      Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder..
      To each their own..you just can’t tell

    • http://twitter.com/ChamomileGlee Chamo Mile

      I’m with you on not finding it attractive when someone’s body is way out of proportion but to each his own. I wouldn’t say it’s ugly, just not my thing.

    • Sweetlady238

      You sound stupid.

      • jim wood

        No way for a sweet lady to talk.

    • jim wood

      But it’s true. All those Kardashian women are big butted and ugly. I’m not talking about all Armenians, just those Kardashians


  • Abe Linkun

    With this thread titled “7 White Girls With the Best Bums” and we see these women with their butts proves to me that this site is run by black guys because only black guys like @$$5$ this big. :)

    • Guest

      Can’t be black guys complaining..
      They want natural and apple bottoms in them jeans..

  • statingtruth

    These people are getting implants. They are getting their butts literately shaped. A surgeon is going inside and shaping the muscle which is different from an implant. Black people are so foolish to believe that these people bodies are natural.

    Go and take a look at the average white woman body 20 or 30 years ago before plastic surgery evloved and you will see their bodies looked nothing like the way they do today and it is because they didn’t have these surgeries.

    • Heather

      That’s just idiotic and nowhere near true.

  • QMD

    This list should be non Black and non Latina chics that have booties. Kim K is not nor never has been White. She’s Armenian. Basically Middle Eastern. To the one guy arguing about it being Eastern Europe no it borders Eastern Europe namely Turkey. It also borders Asia tho. Yea Jenna from “Parkers” has a donk. I like Rose but I wouldnt have her on this list

    • truthurts

      How uneducated! Armenia is in eatern Europe dummy and you can’t get whiter than that!!!!

      • kim

        No…Armenians are considered Indo-Europeans, kind of like people from Turkey. Not necessarily eastern European in the Russian sense. But because of their mixed heritage due to ethnic cleansing, they have a diaspora just like Africans, Caribbeans, and Black Americans. A lot of them have Arabic heritage, and some don’t, depending on where their ancestors fled. The best example I can give, is black people lol. It’s like..you wouldn’t call Black Americans-Africans, right? Because a majority have Native American, French (esp if from Louisiana), and white (British) ancestry. In the same way, Armenians aren’t strictly white. Just wiki it or read their history. It’s interesting.

  • Pita000

    Brit is by FAR the best.

    • Guest

      Fake Cakes..

  • http://twitter.com/char009twit Char

    Uhhh excuse me. When did Kim Kardashian become “white” Last I heard she was Armenian?

  • Chili

    Kardashian is all a$$….. and she has a nice bu## too

  • subbie_333


    How upset would people be if there was an article on a “white” web site titled “7 Black Girls With the Best Bums”?

    • kingj0n

      not upset at all as white people love anyone.
      Doesn’t matter.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NU7FI4J7OBEF6VC5C6CGQDA2NY Paul Lewis

    Kim Kardashian is Persian. Not White

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-Bakker/1224350020 Justin Bakker

    Really? REALLY? Wtf is this crap? Could you objectify a person any more than this?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-Bakker/1224350020 Justin Bakker

    Not all men are like you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kvcratch Karen V Cratch


    • Justin_Igger

      Nobody is attracted to the n1gger apes.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kvcratch Karen V Cratch

        you must be, why are you on this site. go to another site. nobody want you. get off this site!!!!!!!

      • lol

        we don’t want other race of men attracted to us.just our blk me… so gtoh with that and you mama is a bk D swalower

      • elvis mahan

        Aren’t you late for a Clan meeting?

    • j a sassy

      Because they are jealous of what we have naturally and they have to pay for plastic injections to look like us , to attract our men.. blk men wake up !!

  • VoudeauxChild

    The Kardashians aren’t white.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marny.f.1 Marny F

    It will be interesting to see what they look like in their 40s and 50s and on.
    They will be on the No-List soon enough — once they get all the money from their fans.
    Fans will move on, too, to younger, for sure.

  • Keeping it real

    Kim K ain’t white, there’s definitely a variety of ethnic contributors to her DNA it doesn’t take a genious to recognize the mix is in … and it’s a damn fine mix !

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Tanner/100000264638049 Mark Tanner

    Well Britney Spears, had the best butt pic.

  • eh

    Kim Kardashn isn’t white…

  • weldergoddess

    And she flaunts it every chance she gets, otherwise there’d be no reason to deal with her. lol

  • Dakota

    No Marilyn Monroe?

  • dorzo

    kim kardashian is NOT white… what is she doing in this list!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/la.jacks.1 La Jacks

    That is just GROSS!

    • http://twitter.com/TGiovani Tony Giovani

      I’m sure you say that about anything with a vagina.

  • Ivo


  • MsGenX

    Gorgeous! Although I agree that Minka and Rose didn’t really have a place here; they’re still beautiful. I was particularly impressed with Britney’s — it’s not so much big, but very round and firm-looking. She must work hard to keep it.

  • Promontorium

    Kim Kardashian isn’t “white”. She’s Armenian. As are all people with “ian” at the end of their surname. Armenians are Middle Eastern-Asian.

    • MustBeSaid

      “Middle Eastern-Asian” isn’t a race.

  • Freddly

    Ummm, Kim Kardouchian ain’t exactly white in case you didn’t notice.

  • Freddley

    What the f*ck did you say? Try english for a change.

  • Alley Oop

    She’s white all day and all night.

  • Alley Oop

    Britney’s butt comes to a point and Rose McGowan’s is flat. Coco is another over inflated fake a$$. White girls don’t have all that a$$ naturally.

  • Inachu Ikimasho

    KK is not white. Hebrews are not white either. Used to be in the 80′s if you called a Hebrew a white person they would be insulted!

  • magicfair

    Iggy Azalea should be here….

  • DavidthePlasticSurgeon

    Um, all of them are most are probably “real” except Kim Kardashian and Coco who’s fat graft injections aka Brazilian Butt LIft don’t show up in X-rays ;-).

  • DavidthePlasticSurgeon

    Um, all of them are probably “real” except Kim Kardashian and Coco, whose fat graft injections( aka Brazilian Butt LIft) would never show up in X-rays ;-).

  • trythinking

    Kim Kardashian is half Armenian (dark skinned gypsies, not unlike Middle Easterners) and half Sicilian (Italians whose land once bordered Africa, and whose descendants are dark-olive skinned), which means, therefore, that she is NOT completely white. Women from both of those cultures have notoriously big butts.

    • j a sassy

      But theres a difference in a round muscular stuck out big butt and a big wide flat butt.. notice the difference black women..stuck out bootyr.. white women and other non black women.. big wide flat bootys!

    • 1st Amendment User

      But if you look at her pix from years before.. Her butt is no where near being big and the size it is now.. Her but is fake, her boobs are fake, she’s had her faced chopped up so she looks nothing like she did before which was Armenian..

  • destined

    Was hoping to see Jennifer Love Hewitt and Rachel McAdams on here

    • ilovethe90sdreamer

      yeah and what happened to jessica biel?

  • deerla

    Extremely subjective and a lack of cultural knowledge!

  • mickey

    NO! Eric Holder should not be given the chance to resign, he doesn’t deserve any favors, He needs to be fired, and JAILED for his treasonous actions against the U.S.

  • http://debatesthatmatter.blogspot.com/ Tim

    These are some bad examples, which tells me people still are not sure of what a donk or booty is. All I have to do is look out my door.

  • http://debatesthatmatter.blogspot.com/ Tim

    I have viewed the full list and I am 100% sure what white people see as A zzz and what black people see as A zzz are two very different things. Sad thing is there are a few out there that could have made this post interesting. But Hey!

  • j a sassy

    fake butt injected, lip njected, sun tanning, botox faced, hair etensionnd weaved white women .. dyed blonde hair.. that’s what we mean as fake

  • j a sassy

    Oh please Badonkadonk.. my a$$,, kim k’s butt is fake as ever.. just google kim butt before and after,, and that Christina endricks chick is poking her butt out, Britney is phto-shopped and that rose chick has a flat butt,,just because a butt is toward the camera doesn’t make it a big butt,, scarlett and Jessica obviously have butt pads on just like khloe kardashian wear… now she flaunting a butt injection r fat transfer.. whatevever you want to call it.. IT IS ALL FAKE..every last woman on this poll is fake, padded or Injected!

  • Erik

    As far as I’m concerned, Christina Hendricks is the only one on here with any real curves.

  • KyaWhite

    Kim K is not White. She is Armenian.

  • RafaelDaLaGetoe

    wheres Jenna Van Oy

  • http://www.freebieiphone.com/ Free Iphone Now!

    ONly an uneducated idiot would consider Kim Kardashian ans “White”.
    SHe’s Armenian you dumb ghetto dolt.
    That would be like calling you Egyptian, when you are clearly Compton bred….

  • dadiva70 .

    Chhhhhhild Please, If they think that’s dragging a wagon or junk in the trunk, then they needs to take pictures of my female family a$$. Then we will have a damn story here. Stop broadcasting fake a$$es on here.

  • amir bey

    First of all Kim is not white; need to read up on different cultures/races, and Coco has serious butt implants!!

  • Red

    Stupid f**king writer! Kim Kuntdashian IS NOT WHITE! SHE IS ARMENIAN!

    • cubanachope

      so if KK were to check a box on race…hmmm would she pick black..or asian..or hispanic..hmm her ethnicity is armenian..but shes white…like polish people..white, like german people..white, like bosnian..white ETC

  • Alexus

    Last time I checked, Kim Khardashian is not white. Nor black or latina. She is not the Queen Bee of Big Booties.

  • RealTalk202

    Coco dont count she purchased hers….Nobody beats KIM K in my opinion…

    • John Claude di Ronaldi

      Kim bought hers too. Look at her hips and legs- they don’t match the butt

  • non-attached

    Kim is not white.

  • 1222455

    kim k is armenian not white

  • phreakincool

    Christina Hendricks gets my vote.

  • Paula Freeza, Miss Processo 20


  • Alyson

    F A T A S S E S . . . no thanks.

  • Lux Aeterna

    Kim is not caucasian…

    • http://starswired.com/ ☮ Freethinker ☥

      then what is she?

  • http://twitter.com/mufasuh ask.fm/mufasuh

    kim kardashian isnt white

    • http://starswired.com/ ☮ Freethinker ☥

      says who?

  • Wayne Johnson

    trashy tabloid garbage..based on racial stereo types and celebration of african ghetto thug lifestyles.

  • Ra Santos

    Kim K isn’t white she’s of Armenian descent and that’s from the middle east

  • blueink

    7 white girls with fat injected booties. Congrats to them.

  • SMDH


  • http://starswired.com/ ☮ Freethinker ☥

    WTF is this? Coco is bad though

  • Sienna

    Kim has the best

  • Skegeeaces

    There are white and black middle easterners just like there are black and white Europeans and Indians…so Kim K. is white middle eastern.

    I absolutely LOVE Christina Hendricks! She’s classy/sexy/cool!

  • Daniel Munoz-Connolly

    I find it hilarious that a pic of Britney Spears A$$ sparked a coversation about rascism…. WTF is wrong with you people….. LMAO

  • Daniel Munoz-Connolly

    Nice A$$ by thw way…. ;)

  • the she

    ummmm excuse me….injections and implants shouldn’t get props of ANY kind

    • the she

      and Kim isn’t WHITE either

  • alyssa


  • Jessica Marr

    they are all gorgeous but kim isnt white so she should not be on this list

    • idgafaboutyouropinion

      kim is half white and half armenian. do ur research.

  • Angela

    “white girls with big butts”? Really? There are some curves there, but none of them are actually BIG. And Coco and Kim K obviously artificially modified their bodies.

  • Syphian

    What the hell? Kim Kardashian is NOT white! FAIL!

    • Crazy_Jake

      Non-African , Non-latino.. How do you take that as being NOT white? She is a POS though..

  • http://www.ebuy24hours.com/ Selina

    Yes,everyone of them had a full figure.
    men are crazy about plump hips?

  • Markets Vegas

    Excellent choice T to get her that aftermarket rack. It balances her out so well. Nothing’s worse than a nice round derriere and a flat chest!

  • patricia

    haha! Kimmy K is not white- she is middle eastern fools.

  • John Doeman

    Kim K is not white.

  • porichkid

    all asses

  • Get an education

    Real intelligent. Good Job.

  • me

    Kim kardashian should not be on the list with her fake,deformed booty.Just go to
    kim exposed tumblr someone actually took the time to get many known and unknown pictures of Kim in her teen years and time before she got famous and hung around with Paris Hilton.These pictures will blow your mind because she had a flat, small butt .Kim wasn’t noticed back then till she started getting booty injections.With or without booty injections being on this list next to natural,beautiful butts doesn’t include her deformed booty.

  • me

    Why is Rose M in here?.Jessica Biel has a way better booty and Rose is o.k.

  • KimKardashianisNotWhite

    Kim Kardashian is not white.

  • Nitebug

    Scarlet and Minka’s are so-so. I do remember Jenna Van Oy having that “sista booty”. Another white Woman that had booty is Elizabeth Daily. She was in the 1981 show THE RIGHTEOUS APPLES.

  • Jessie

    Kardashinan isn’t white, horrible rump anyway, look well on a heifer though

  • Shaleese Sabb Mua

    Ummm, the only people that had booties were Ice Coco, Kim & Scarlett had a little bit of booty. Other than that, what the heck are yaw looking at?? Lol LOL P.S. Kim is not even white. She’s Italian. So its kind of dumb to put her in this category.

  • Sidney C

    Kim Kardashian has black in her…every other night and all weekend long.

  • Sidney C

    I love a big booty in any color, a work of art is a work of art.

  • hazel

    It’s disgusting that some of you are arguing over race, We all bleed the same color, That’s all that matters. Spread love not hate.

  • jeanie

    Kim is Arrmenian.

  • cwell510

    They should have included Sophie Turner…now she has an A$$!

  • james robinson

    White Latinas have huge butts sometimes (If you’re willing to call them white)

  • Where’s Waldo

    Mmm I loves me some racial stereotyping, keep it up kniggers.

  • Nicole

    Britney Spears has got the BEST Butt EVER!!!! Hands Down! the end :)

  • Allen Watkins

    kardashian isn’t white.

  • tomi

    No, not 7 white girls but 7 black girls that have booties. What white girls have that kind of booties. They’re all passing and using bleaching to lighten up. There you have it!

  • hlmatthewjr

    Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Biel, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brittany Spears, Coco T, Kaley Cuoco……..these ladies come to mind when I think of the finest, sexiest white women I’ve ever seen!!!!! Oh yeah Kim and Coco are dead even to me!!!!

  • sashajack

    digusting fat arses…guys really like that?

  • Joyce

    Kaley Cuoco is not on the list, and she has an awesome behind.

  • M.Belikov

    Britney Spears doesn’t even have a butt.Why is she even on this list?Compared to the other women Ms.Spears is flat.

  • Tiffany Mel

    you mean FAKE asses for days…

  • susanjlamia

    what is so good about k ims buns.i think they are to big and not attractive.

  • DekanogiUlogilv

    Kim Kardashian is NOT “white”, her “mamma” white, but her daddy is Armenian.

  • steve

    Every single human on this planet has African descendancy!……..i’m white (ginger beard, brown hair, skin very white)……….but come on!, unless you are into pure denial (or religious etc), we all came from somewhere!………and it’s central Africa!, it’s been proven!………this is why racism is so ironic! :-(

  • The Truth

    Britney Spears has a pointy butt. Rose McGowan has a flatbutt. CoCo and Kim have fake butts. The others pose with their backs arched to the point of almost breaking to “appear” to have a butt. White women have naturally flat butts. Now they’re getting implants or injections to get some butt. It is very sad and pathetic.

    • SachaBee25

      “White women” don’t have “naturally” anything in particular…all people are different and you can’t generalise anything.

  • jaidsmommy

    Kim K is white?

  • Tim Wasson

    Coco and Kim do not have nice buns….they just have fat a$$’s !

  • sayno2wmma

    All see when I look at that is FAT.

  • Angel

    Kim is Armenian.

  • machud

    I wanna see white chicks with real bootys, not them fake fat-injected booty cheeks.

  • Grazed

    Kim Kardashian isn’t white.

  • susanjlamia


  • James Austin

    Maybe if you are a black man, most white guys don’t care for women of any color with a big butt..

  • aribella

    um Kim is only half white her dad was Armenian…

  • Tush

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? MOST of them are fake! Coco, Kim K? Really? You’re gonna sit there and with a straight face say they have natural butts? COME ON NOW!!!

  • Bruce

    Britney has herpes though, but nice back-end!!

  • JoeBidensShotgun

    Kim K white?

    Since when Middle Eastern known as white?

  • angel bowden

    Kim and Khloe are not white

  • James Mason

    This is the world’s worst website.

  • Danica Mikan

    Sad how many racist comments on here. I don’t care what race you are. First of all the only white people on earth are albinos. Secondly I know my roots and they are definitely not black. Who gives two shits of who is black or white any way. One day the world will be one color. Very boring…. PS According to the Apostolic church and Catholic bible, man did not come from Africa… They were sent there… READ and believe…
    Don’t ask me to quote the bible. Just read and find out for yourself. That is if you believe in God.

  • Kendra

    Also Jennifer Love Hewitt. Kim K is not white.

  • Define2

    Charlotte, Britney and Justin Timberlake’s wife. The rest are enhanced or mixed with other ethnicities…i.e. Kim K…if she wasn’ t part Armenian she would not have that shape.

  • teriquajones

    Lady Gaga is not entirely a woman. By her own admission, she is not 100% female. She even wrote a song about it called, “Born this Way”.

  • secondson2002

    Wanting to add fuel to this fire, in thinking about the White Race on this planet you would see why white supremacy was used on all the races they (White people) came in contact with. Traveling in their boats they discovered every land mass out side of Old Europe of that time, was inhabited by People Of Color. And because of the numbers of people it was, it created fear and frighten them amongst. Europe was the only lands White People had. World population equals 10% White 90% People Of Color. European’s feared becoming extinct in the future. To battle off this fear European’s set out to steal new land outside of Europe in the hopes to start a way to extend the White Race. Once they had the land which they called America, they moved to find the strongest physical biological human of the other races.

    Slavery helped make The New White Race. Why you ask? Black men are the ONLY MALE on this planet who can mate all other races and reproduce genetics strong and not weaken. It becomes how to create for the future. Black hair is the strongest hair, Blown eyes is the strongest of all eye colors, Dark skin protects the best from the Sun and dense mass bones for strength. Mixing genes with this man/woman will insure long life and a future for the White Race. American Blacks look less like African as the decades go by and more, and more like Black’s with European features. This is to say coming soon on this planet we all are going to like alike. PS. unless China close us out. The key to this fight is really about the melanin, which is by Merriam-Webster meaning: “;a dark brown or black substance that is a natural part of people’s skin, hair, and eyes”. I am of LOVE and hates no one. KEEP THE LOVE ALIVE said, secondson2002

  • NDeeB33

    Ummm…Kim Kardashian is not White.

    • Aquarius_Girl

      She is half white…her mom. I guess they are on here if they are part white or are not black or latin.

      • NDeeB33

        Thank you.

  • NDeeB33

    Niether is Khloe Kardashian

  • Aquarius_Girl

    These women have small butts and if they don’t then their butts are knowingly (by the public) fake. This was a bad list.

  • common sense

    Three kinds of race in our world; caucasion, mongoloid, & black!!!

  • common sense

    Idiots!!! Ever heard of pear shape bodies. Any of the three races I mentioned can have pear shape bodies….blk plp, not all of them need to read more. Blk girls with fake asses; Tiny, Trina, Nikki manaj, ect…

  • nunya

    Christina Hendricks has a horribly shaped body with the exception of her boobs.

  • nunya

    Worst list ever by the way. Is it intentionally bad?

  • Jorge Paixao


  • Vera Evans

    They’re right about Scarlet Johansen. What she’s got happening below the waist in The Avengers is smokin’ white hot in that black leather catsuit.

  • BiggDaddy

    I started with “the 15 worst actors,” and ended with “15 white girls with the best butts,” which, by the way, was disappointing and flat!

  • Scratch D Twiggs

    All of them sucked!!

  • Tracy banks

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  • Oggi

    Kim K? Really? She can’t walk far enough or run fast enough to get away from that huge thing. Where is Pippa? Hell the world went gaga over her at the wedding.

  • luke

    urmm hello?? Iggy? Should easily be number 1, sort your list out!

  • WTF

    I think you all are sad for finding celebrities interesting, It’s also sad that the title is about white butts……….. only found this website on the off chance…… shame on all of you for feeding this filth.
    Get a real life,

  • Tonja

    Take Rose McGowan out of the 16 women (white) with rearends….She looks awful.

  • Craig D. Casimir

    meh… apart from Iggy, Christina Hendricks and the Kardashians, this list isn’t anything special

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  • Ronz

    almost vomited from seeing all those implants! disgusting!

  • Chris

    The majority of these booties were wack.