7 Reasons Why the Whitney Houston Family Reality Show Should Not Be on TV (LawdAMercy!)

7 Reasons Why the Whitney Houston Family Reality Show Should Not Be on TV (LawdAMercy!)

Reality shows are nothing new. Seriously, everyone and their momma has one nowadays. But when rumors started swirling about the late Whitney Houston’s family starring in a new show, we were sure they were just rumors. However, Lifetime has confirmed the show, exactly three months after Whitney’s death. The show is set to debut later this year, and will primarily focus on Whitney’s manager and sister-in-law, Pat Houston, her brother Gary, and the couple’s daughter, Rayah. Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina, and her mom, Cissy, will also make appearances, as the family deals with the aftermath of the icon’s untimely death. If that isn’t enough star power for you, Dionne Warwick and CeCe Winans will also appear on the highly anticipated series. The cast of characters sounds appealing, but something about this show doesn’t sit right with us.

Countless reasons exist, but here are 7 reasons why “The Houston Family Chronicles” is just wrong.

Anyone Remember “Being Bobby Brown”?

In 2005, Bobby and Whitney opened their doors to the cameras, and straight foolishness resulted. Between the couple’s spats and Whitney’s infamous “hell to the no” catchphrase, it was a train wreck we couldn’t turn away from. We don’t want “The Houston Family Chronicles” to have the same fate.

It’s Way Too Soon

Supposedly the family, minus Whitney, was in talks to do a reality show before she passed, but isn’t her death a reason to pump the breaks? This just feels way too soon, as she’s only been gone for three months.

It’s Too Sad

On the flip side, do we really want to watch a grieving family trying to move on, if the show takes on a serious tone?

Who’s the Real Star?

Pat and Gary Houston are reportedly the stars of the show, with Bobbi Kris making some appearances. But do they have enough star power to keep us interested? A famous last name means nothing if there’s no substance.

Bobbi Kristina Needs Love, Not Cameras

Bobbi has said she’ll keep the family name going by singing and acting, but we think the 19 year old should have some time away from the cameras, so she can grieve in private.

Enough with the Family Shows

The reality market is overrun with celebrities and their family-centered shows (Kardashians, Braxtons, Mary Mary, T.I., etc). We get it, families can be interesting, but enough already!

  • nickwoods

    Well TV can change people

  • Bubbah

    Funny….when you mentioned other reality shows, the Kardashians came FIRST.  Why do those people/family feel blacks consider them that relevant????    They only want to use blacks – which we should not allow.

  • Tama

    Oprah had to wring Pat’s mouth to get anything worthwhile out of her. She seems b-o-r-i-n-g.  Only if she talks about her time with Whitney could this be half interesting.

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