14 Celebrities Who Started Out Sweet But Turned Seductive

14 Celebrities Who Started Out Sweet But Turned Seductive (Welcome to the Dark Side!)

Despite how much everyone hates an attention slore, the truth of the matter is that s-e-x sells, and unfortunately it is still one of the few ways to gain mass appeal.  Sad, we know.  Celebrities—usually women—tend to start with a wholesome, girl-next-door public image.  However, whether it’s natural or not, they later opt for a raunchier look as they “grow” into their stardom.

Take a look back at 10 of our favorite sweet celebutantes turned sultry superstars.



Janet Jackson


Before she was “Ms. Jackson if you’re narsty,” Janet let her natural beauty radiate and wore more clothing than her school boy crushes probably liked.  Fortunately for them, Damita Jo took care of that.



Beyonce’s girl next door braids and Southern accent made “Bootylicious” cute and fun.  But Sash Fierce too it to a whole other level of luciousness.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland still has her good girl vibe from Destiny’s Child days, but there’s no denying her hotness gave us “Motivation” last summer.

Katy Perry

Before Katy Perry broke out, Kate Hudson was in pursuit of a Gospel pop career. Yes, we know, we can’t believe it too.  But Katy quickly found pagan music tastes so much better.


Before Rihanna started making it rain in strip clubs, she was just a Caribbean girl trying to make a DJ put her songs “Pon de Replay.”  Now RiRi hard talking hot strutting pop diva.

Mariah Carey

Mariah’s style back in the day was so casual that we wonder, did she vamp it up for sales or was she always a super seductive kitten inside?

Miley Cyrus

Once Miley Cyrus ditched her Hannah Montana tv role on Disney, she let the whole world know that she “Can’t Be Tamed” and that kiddie act was way in her past.

Britney Spears

Pretty much as soon as Britney started to get some fame she steadily let her sultry side show.  But remember when she was just starting out and fresh from the Mickey Mouse Club?

Christina Aguilera

Christina’s voice is one of the best of our generation, but her costumes, overly bearing sexuality and cheeky hair options just became a distraction from her innate talent.

Selena Gomez

The former Wizards of Waverly Place star now burns up red carpets as Justin Bieber‘s favorite girl.


Toni Braxton


Toni Braxton emerged on the scene as a vocal purist, who was known for her slow songs with Babyface. Later she morphed into a sex kitten, complete with a boob job and all. These days, however, Ms. Braxton has toned it back down once again and leaving the swexy factor to her sister Tamar.

Elizabeth Berkley


She played the smart, responsible Jessie on Saved By The Bell in the early 1990s. After going into a latent phase in her career, Elizabeth Berkley re-emerged as someone completely different in the minds of many fans, marked by her featured acting gig in Showgirls – a movie about strippers that got an NC-17 rating in 1995.


Adrienne Bailon



She went from being part of the cute teenage group 3LW, then to being part of Disney Channel’s uber popular Cheeatah Girls to being an artist vying for the spotlight amongst more mature audiences. She may have been a teenage pop star but Bailon is all about using her sex appeal these days. Do you remember this racy outfit (right) that made headlines when it exposed a little too much of her intimacies?




Don’t let that sweet innocent voice fool you, Mya turned up the heat a lot after the debut of her second album. She went from trying to play the cute girl next door to being a seductress. Unfortunately, it seemed like the public appreciated the old Mya better than the new seductive Mya.

Which sweet star turned hot pop tart fizzled when they tried to heat things up?


-Tunisia Z. Wilson


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  • an average jane

    How sad! I’m sure many of these talented performers were pressured and brainwashed into becoming amoral seductresses to attract more attention, and, let’s face it, sell more cds for the company. I liked their wholesome past alter egos SO MUCH better than what they are displaying now, which is considerable. Do we really want our young girls to emulate the likes of these? Going to the dark side never helped anyone. Just look at how many years Darth Vader wasted corrupting and destroying people.

    • nice


    • Dinnyq

      The fans must like the more outgoing confident image. Whatever works.

  • E

    I do love how they used two old pictures of CA. Maybe they should include one of her later pics, you know, where she is no longer seductive, and downright fat!

  • mars37us

    This what happens when you sell your soul.

  • gumby

    Katy Perry was cuter before.

  • Miss Q

    What happened to Ms.LOHAN ???????

    • tonymost

      Lohan shouldn’t count since she was hotter before she did… whatever you call what she did to herself.

  • juggernaut

    where is alyssa milano

    • houx

      had baby to clean up her act.

  • Heavenly_King

    Rihanna, Katy Perry and Mariah Carey are the only ones who look better in their seductive style. ;D

    That photo of Rihanna!! mmmfff…. I got to go XD

  • janette

    No matter what anybody does or says not everybody is going to like it. People always have something to say about everything. So my advice is. . . If you like it, sit back & enjoy it!! If you don’t like it turn it off. If you haven’t walked in their shoes shut up.

    • SoTrue!

      So True!

  • Ali

    Where are the men?

    • abetey

      we are here

  • Cabrito_Goat

    Rihanna’s fall from grace was by far the worst plummet. Why can’t young black girls have ANY sane or moral role models who don’t announce their sexual exploits on stage, to be repeated to millions of anonymous ears?

    • Dinnyq

      Always has to be a race thing, huh?

  • DramaticBlu

    Ummmm…is bootylicious spelled wrong? lmao yeah Bey…go back to school

    • MenDiscontinued

      It’s spelled correctly….. actually.

      • iReezy

        It actually is wrong…on her belt, the “u” is before the “o” lol. Oopsie! In Bey’s defense, I’m sure she didn’t make it or have time to spell check it at that point. *Kanye shrug*

  • look at that second photo of beyonce… it looks like it is straight out of an escort ad. shes just a disgusting wh0re, no two ways about it.

  • I think we’re all better off since Katy Perry went to the Dark Side. (Scorcher!)

  • …and who cares?

  • heterosexual

    do one with guys now

  • Melissa

    Don’t care that they undress really. Just that when you see a beautiful body, you look. In these pictures they all look the same…….can’t really say WOW.

    I was looking a all the plastic surgery.

  • 14 Celebrities that turned photoshopped.

  • Matty

    No Nelly Furtado in this list?

  • Phillip Gray

    The 1st part of ur comment is a copout. These “entertainers” are by definition, role models because that is the society we live in now. Young ppl look more to what they see on tv & hear on the radio as a way to act, dress & talk than they do their own parents & its nothing new. They know ppl look up to them & on a certain level even worship them, that’s how they make money. They made a choice to be the way they are because they don’t care & say they didn’t ask to be a rolemodel to make themselves feel better better about it. As for ur last question, if u really have to ask it, u probably wouldn’t understand the answer

    • VueiyV

      “Spoken” like a boss.

    • Dinnyq

      Anyone who worships a celebrity needs to reevaluate. They’re like anyone else just rich end famous! They’re just living their lives and making their money.

  • Phillip Gray

    I think bein wit justin bieber is reason enough… well actually it just makes me wanna laugh at her lol

  • Does the person who posts this pay attention to any editing? Because I’m only on the second page and I’ve already found two fairly major word choice/spelling errors.

  • When I see a link to a story I`m looking for the story. When I don`t go there I am not encouraged to waste my time further.

  • SoTrue!

    Of course she is! Just what qualifies a person to be black these days? Does she have to be intiated?

  • So what’s the problem here? At least they’re not feminazis and twice as smart.

  • brawny71

    I love it how everyone pretended to be offended (including Cyrus herself) when Annie Leibowitz took “provocative” photos of her with a come hither look. Look at her now. Yeah, must have started with the photos. [eyerollingemoticon]

  • 1uncle

    Parents, don’t let your children become ‘stars’.

  • rocklesson86

    Christina herself said that she felt more herself during the Dirty phase.

  • houx

    they where whroes to start with who are you kidding. Boycott all of Hollywood. The whole place is sewer.

  • houx

    she sure acts like it.

  • John Pitt-Rivers

    Ugly sluts…

  • These ladies were CHILDREN and now they are grown up. I don’t know what this is all about but I’ll go to the end, just to be sure.

  • Priscilla

    Where is Shakira?

  • Goldie Locks

    for miley, THERE WASNT A KIDDIE ACT. SHE WAS 12.

  • I.B. Jamen

    “we can’t believe it too” ??? Can they not get an editor who actually knows grammar?

  • Narrative Knight

    HOW could Alyssa Milano be left off this list??? Really???

  • love&happiness

    Yes she is

  • Aliyah

    This is why I never want to become famous . I was told I should be a model and even got letters from pagents and had modeling agencies come up to me but I don’t know .

  • Another one of Beiber’s MILF’s

    Yeah, tell that to any 12 year old girl who constantly has Kendall Jenner pushed in her face and just wants to be like “all the other girls”. Wishful thinking that young girls don’t have to emulate anyone, but no matter how much you try and tell them this, they have their own minds and will do what they want. They’re going to follow the trend of the clique of girls they hang with. It’s no different than when I was a kid 1 million years ago, except today they have this stuff shoved in their faces. Hey, my role models were Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Ann and Nancy Wilson, etc. They were still role models. It’s unfortunate that the role models of today are the Kartrashians, Miley Cyrus, etc.

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