StyleBlazer Exclusive: Keri Hilson's Walking for AIDS (She Talks Passion for Doing-Good & Her Style While Doing It)

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Keri Hilson’s Walking for AIDS (She Talks Passion for Doing-Good & Her Style While Doing It)


Her name is Keri, and she’s so very, very passionate about good causes!  While Keri Hilson may be most known for her infectious lyrics, sultry dance moves, and unforgettable fashions, the saying “it’s what you do when no one is looking that defines you” rings most true of the singer.  Keri Hilson was recently enlisted to act as the 2012 Ambassador for the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, which has endeavored to “encourage, energise, and empower young leaders around the world who are involved in HIV/AIDS awareness, education and prevention campaigns” for over ten years.  As the SAF’s Ambassador, Keri will lead its team for the AIDS WALK NEW YORK 2012 walkathon set to take place this Sunday, May 20th and we had a chance to talk with Keri about the latest cause to which she’s lending her celebrity.


On how she became involved with MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation…

“MTV asked me a year ago to be one of their Ambassadors for the Staying Alive Foundation, and this is one of the biggest efforts that they are a part of.”

On what she’s done to prepare for the walkathon…

“I’m working out, but it’s not really for the AIDS walk.  But in the back of my mind I’m like, ‘oh man, 10km, that’s about five or six miles.’  So the workouts I normally, naturally do are already preparing me for that.  Otherwise, I’m just signing up new volunteers and actively seeking donations for the foundation.”

On her best advice to young leaders that she learned as a young person…

“Don’t be intimidated by the many, many charities that are out there; and the many, many people that are asking for your time.  Just do something that you’re passionate about, even if it’s one thing.  Whether it’s per year, per month, or per week, lend your time, your efforts, and when it’s appropriate, your hard earned money to a charity that’s close to you.  I happen to be passionate about many things so I lend my celebrity, my platform, my time and efforts to many causes.  I think it’s the easiest way to do good in this world.”

On the other causes and charities she is passionate about…

“Many.  Breast cancer runs in my family, so I do a lot for cancer and breast cancer; children and young girls.  I love to inspire young girls to not shy away from adversity.  I like to strip my persona-the hair, the makeup, the heels, and their preconceived notions of me-and just talk to them as a woman; as a confident girl who followed her dreams.  Other than that, I like to show up where I’m needed and where I can bring joy to those who need it like orphanages and children’s hospitals.  I’m overwhelmed by the difference I can make by sharing my passion and the things that I’ve learned with them.  I feel like I get just as much as they get out of me being there.”

 Because a pop diva never steps out without looking her best, we wanted to find out what Keri would be rocking for athletic Ambassador duties on Sunday.  Turn the page to find out.

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    keri hilson an example of a beautiful black woman

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      I’m still mad at her hair..but overall, you right. She is a beautiful black woman.

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    Not feeling her hair in this promo, but not mad a the ’cause. Get it Keri!

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    And what are you doing to make a difference?