StyleBlazer Exclusive: Keri Hilson's Walking for AIDS (She Talks Passion for Doing-Good & Her Style While Doing It)

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Keri Hilson’s Walking for AIDS (She Talks Passion for Doing-Good & Her Style While Doing It)


On whether she has picked out her walkathon gear for Sunday…

“I have not.  Because I’m walking 10km, it will be some sort of well-cushioned shoe from Under Armour.  I will be decked out in Under Armour. I’m probably going to be rocking a hat or visor also to protect my eyes and skin.  And I’ll be wearing sunblock.  I think that’s all I’ll be rocking.”

On the one beauty item that she’ll definitely be wearing to the walkathon…

“Because there are going to be cameras, I will be wearing makeup, but I’ll be wearing sunblock under that.  But I will definitely have on lipgloss. I think it’s important.  When I work out, I always put on lipgloss before I begin.  I don’t like to feel dry and crusty. So I will definitely have lipgloss on deck.”


As opposed to the anticipated eyeliner or blush that we were listening out for, Keri emphasized well-moisturized lips, hands, and everything else!  So we had to get some more insight into the songstress’ personal style.  This is what she had to say…

  • Jackie

    Shes ugly

  • AnybodyIWannaBe

    Where is the Lawry’s and umbrella when you need it? 

  • nickwoods

    keri hilson an example of a beautiful black woman

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      I’m still mad at her hair..but overall, you right. She is a beautiful black woman.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Not feeling her hair in this promo, but not mad a the ’cause. Get it Keri!

  • Truth Hurts

    And what are you doing to make a difference?