9 Of The Worst Celebrity Makeup Mishaps (Do They Own Mirrors???)

As much as we drool over celebrities and their perfectly applied makeup, sometimes something goes awfully wrong and we’re left cringing. It’s hard to believe that no one on the following celebs’ glam squads noticed these makeup atrocities before allowing them to step on the red carpet.  But alas, it happened and there’s no doubt the makeup artists behind these looks never worked in this town again after these tragic makeup moments.

Check out seven of the worst celebrity makeup mishaps.

1. Lindsay Lohan

The badly applied extra dark blush, the floating eyebrows, the smudged eye makeup…it all points to Lindsay Lohan being GUILTY…of wearing bad makeup.


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  1. says:

    That Lark Voorhies description made me laugh so hard!  Danielle Gray, you just won yourself a new reader!

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  4. says:

    Come on. I saw this pic of Lindsay Lohan without the doctored shadows on her face!

  5. says:

    Lil Kim is looking like a black woman again. Year plus ago a black plastic surgeon said he would not take her for a black woman. She had blonde hair and skin so white. 

  6. says:

    looks like a doctored photo. If if isn’t , then she is in bad shape!

  7. says:

    Don’t think she had money to have a professional make up artist apply her makeup. Horrible women look when the concealers show under eyes. Pays to save for professionals when you women in Hollywood going to be seen and photographed in public!

  8. says:

    Another fake photo. I saw this pic too. She did not look almost black nor so ugly. Please we are not stupid.

  9. says:

    Horrible makeup job on Toni Braxton. I do a better job myself!!

  10. says:

    This woman does not look like JLO. Almost-cause she is a phony and to look good spends half a day at least having highly skilled professionals doing her face, nails, hair, makeup and more. She may look like this in time!

  11. says:

    Toni Braxton should be off-limits because of her illness.  She needs a lot of concealer because the spots are most likely from a Lupus flare up rash.

    • says:

       The white above Toni’s eyes is a bit different but I think she still looks great. I think they were overreaching when they included Toni.

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  13. says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen Jennifer Lopez look bad with her make-up.

    • says:

      Jennifer Lopez was often seen on American Idol with lipstick that was way too light for her complexion and outfits.

  14. says:

    You guys missed Keri Hilson. She wears so much foundation and it is always too light. 

  15. says:

    lets not forget…DIANA ROSS WENDY WILLIAMS AND PATTI…check it out you well see where i mean,,,

  16. says:

    Lark Voorhies makeup disaster is caused by sun screen in makeup on darker skin. I have had this happen to me as well. It doesn’t look like this to her, just when she is photographed. She needs to find a good makeup without sunscreen. Poor thing!

  17. says:

    paint by numbers, that is too funny

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    Regarding Lindsay Lohan’s atrocious make-up job at one of her court appearances. In all fairness, that happened only one time, and yes, it looks like she did her make-up in the dark, but Lindsay looks much better than that any other time. She had that one bad botched make-up job. Get over it.

  20. says:

    I’ve read that Lark Voorhies has Lupus – which is an auto-immune disorder, and she has to take cortisone medication to deal with the inflammation. This is what causes her puffy, ashen appearance. It’s not her fault that she has to deal with this condition for the rest of her life. That makes articles like this feel cruel.

    • says:

      As far as Lark goes, I have plenty of sympathy for anyone suffering from Lupus. I’m a nurse and work with Lupus patients daily, as well as having a dear friend who is dealing with it. That isn’t Lupus or medication making her skin look like that though. There is no skin condition that makes an even chalky mask all over the face without affecting any of the neck.
      She has clearly applied a foundation makeup that is not working with her coloring and skin type. Sunscreens in foundation can cause that look on darker skin, and so can some mineral makeups if they aren’t a good match.
      It’s easy to correct and the rest of her makeup looks fine so not a big deal.

      • says:

        I have Lupus, and although she may have some steroid puff to her face, My butterfly rash is very red (and feels hot to the touch) with some slight raising. There is no make up that will cover it up. Sometimes the rash spreads down my neck to my chest. I was thinking maybe she and Toni were trying to cover up the redness. Really, there is not much you can do. I just let my cheeks be red and look at it as free blush.

        • says:

          I also have Lupus and the butterfly rash on my face. I have searched for years for something to cover it up. The only thing that works is Mary Kay concealer!

      • says:

        I am a nurse and I have lupus, and I can tell you that due to lupus I suffer from extreme facial dryness. This causes my make-up to be absorbed into my skin better than other areas making it look blotchy!! I have cried many times over this because makeup no longer looks the same on me. What has helped is lots and lots of expensive moisturizing treatments and creamy foundations. And BTW every Lupus patients exhibits different signs. No lupus patient is the same. Do your reading up on that. I’m not mad, just be prudent before you post some things.

    • says:

      The skin on her neck is beautiful. If something in her system were causing her to be “ashen”, it would affect her neck as well.

      It is a makeup mistake, pure and simple.

    • says:

      She has Vitiligo, a condition where the pigment in the skin just kind of disappears over the years due to the melanin negatively reacting to itself because of an immune system disorder (like Lupus or any other kind of autoimmune disorder). If you ever see her without makeup, you’ll see that she has huge white patches all over face and neck. African Americans with Lupus often suffer from Vitiligo in conjunction with myriad other illnesses. I personally know a few people affected by Vitiligo in conjunction with Lupus.

  21. says:

    A pig farm.

  22. says:

    They all look like Ryan Trecartin did their makeup. Google him. You’ll see what I mean.

  23. says:

    did you actually read the description? because the writer clearly mentioned she was included because of her tan and didn’t mention anything about her lipstick.

  24. says:

    I love her, but it would be news if Christina Aguilera had a GOOD makeup day.

  25. says:

    Yeah an she’s ugly too

  26. says:

    With that makeup job, pale hair color, and evil glare Lilo should sign up to be the next Cruella DeVille. Yikes!!

  27. says:

    Toni Braxton looks fine wtf

  28. says:

    oh no, j lo looks whorendous. that’s sad because she’s a great beauty…fire the 12 makeup people and hire 12 new ones. she looks about 60 years old.

  29. says:

    Leave them alone, haters!!! Celebs are people too; they have feelings. What makes a person beautiful is not the amount of makeup they pile on- it’s what’s underneath that matters. I hate all of these disrespectful articles that judge celebs and treat them like they are just toys for the world to play with. Imperfection, I believe, is the new perfection. It’s the flaws that make a person a person.

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  31. says:

    LMAO!!! never heard of someone be so enthusiastic bout something celeb-related
    u kinda got a point tho celebs work so hard + dis is whad they get?!?!? no need to judge, no need to judge evryone peace out
    By da way, please excuse my english, I’ve only lived in america for an yeer- i’m still lerning all da expressions and evrything

    Bisous xx Purrrr

  32. says:

    Lil Kim bleached her skin, that why her skin look discolored

  33. says:

    i actually love toni braxtons makeup here

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