8 of The Worst Male Celebrity Plastic Surgeries (These Hollywood Hunks Went from Handsome to Gruesome)

8 of The Worst Male Celebrity Plastic Surgeries (These Hollywood Hunks Went from Handsome to Gruesome)

Think bad plastic surgery is exclusive to the women of Hollywood?  The following eight male stars not only went under the knife, but appear as if they totally got botched while under it.  Although many deny having work done at all, the before and afters are pretty hard to argue with.  Fair warning—you may not want to be eating your lunch while you browse through this gallery.

Feast your eyes on eight of the worst male plastic surgery jobs.

1. Ray Liotta

Though he’s denied it over the years, we kinda think that right after that gruesome scalping scene in the Silence of the Lambs sequel, “Hannibal”, Liotta used the knife for a few personal “touch-ups.”

2. Mickey Rourke

Rourke was a bonafide heart-throb in his hey day, but after the former pro boxer went under the knife to fix injuries sustained in the ring, he has regretted the doctor he chose to perform the surgery.  Mickey’s face kinda looks like chopped barbecue.

3. Bruce Jenner

We guess the family that does plastic surgery together, stays together.  Bruce has admitted to a nose job, but we think that was just the gateway drug.

4. Carrot Top

The “funny” man Carrot Top has repeatedly denied having any work done, but how else do you explain why he looks like Dorothy from “Golden Girls” about the eyes?

5. Sylvester Stallone

Stallone is one of the rare stars who admits to having enhancements.  He had work done to correct a defect on the left side of his face that he received at birth.  Since then it looks like he might have gone a little plastic happy—and it doesn’t look good.

6. Burt Reynolds

The vintage Hollywood hunk has denied having a face lift, but we don’t believe you, Burt. Those cheeks are looking mighty face lift-y like he’s standing behind a 747 taking off.

7. Wayne Newton

Hey, they do say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so if Newton has had plastic surgery (which he denies) his secret is safe with his beloved city.

8. Michael Jackson

Long live the king!  Jackson admitted to having had only two procedures back in 1993, but it was his mother Katherine who outed him in an interview with Oprah following the singer’s death saying her son was addicted to plastic surgery. “He had more than two, he was just embarrassed,” Katherine said. “I hear that people get addicted to plastic surgery, and I think that’s what happened to him. I said, that’s enough.”

Which male star made the worst medical “enhancements”?

-Danielle Gray

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  • kb

    Still love you Michael♥♥

  • Divanerd

    If any of them HAVEN’T had plastic surgery, they sure have aged in a scary way. 


    Wayne Newton looks like Ms Swan..from SNL

    • Naomilove2005

      Ms. Swan is from Madtv

  • Jolie

    Plastic surgery is waaaay too risky. Think about it, these people have the money to get the best surgeons and they turned out looking like……….yikes!

  • Linda D.

    They all ruined their–should have aged gracefully.

    • Actordude

      No doubt, written by a younger person, who is NOT part of the entertainment industry. I totally understand the ageist and punitive nature of the business that prompted these men to undergo these procedures. The only sin that Hollywood will NOT tolerate is aging. There is incredible pressure on actors to stay young “forever.” As an older artist, I know the feeling of becoming “invisible” because of one’s age. It’s unfair, ugly and makes people do crazy things, but it’s the reality of show biz, guys and gals. You “civilians” truly don’t get it.

      • Vulpes

        Start fighting for a saner attitude then, instead of putting up with it – look at Susan Saradon (sic) who manages to get roles even though she’s the “wrong” side of 40. She has aged, aged well and campaigns for intelligent roles. And she is sexier than the 20-somethings behind he!

      • unclesamonmars

        “Civilians” ?You’re so full of sh!t you should have a handle on the side of your head so you can be flushed.

  • Jackieo Perkins


  • Irishdrmz

    You forgot to add Kenny Rogers to the list.

  • Syandsed

    What kills me is that everyone of those men were so handsome BEFORE their procedures….wow!! 

  • lupinefeline

    WHY?? They were all handsome or at least attractive but now they all look awful! Burt Reynolds’ face looks like wood! Although I’m MJ had the most, Carrot Top is the most frightening thing I’ve seen in a long time!

    • Liz

      Burt Reynolds looks like he came out of a wax museum.

      • Jason Bradley

        It is wax

  • Unico

    Sometimes it is the truth, surgery may not be involved and instead it could be thread lifting or botox. I think men can get away with a few wrinkles, so really, males who want plastic surgery should tell the surgeon to be subtle.

  • christielove

    All of these men(except for Carrot Top) were not only handsome but took it too extreme with the plastic surgery. I can understand Sylvester Stallone wanting to correct his birth defect,he really don’t look too bad for to be his age. And as for Michael Jackson; he was soooo handsome with his african american features and blessed just the way that he was born. I wish that he had never had plastic surgery at all; he did not realize that he did not need it. R.I.P King of Pop!

    • muscarellamike

      Only in America could a poor black boy grow up into a rich white woman.

      • Highpachechief

        How many times have I/we heard that one. Originality for once?

        • Donna Lyn Harris

          lol! It was the first time I heard it!

      • virginia nugent

        Sad but true…

    • unclesamonmars

      When you sexually abuse young boys it’s probably not easy to look at yourself in the mirror.

      • Donna Lyn Harris

        You don’t know that happened unless you were there. Wouldn’t you want that same consideration?

        • shipdog7

          I’m sure you say the same about OJ Simpson. You weren’t there….so

  • cake211

    they all looking like joan rivers, especially with the makeup they wear to camouflage their botched jobs. to their defense, some of them had work done before good technologies made plastic surgery look more natural

  • took care of an old lady who had all this stuff done and she gave me the creeps imagin an 85yr old woman with and old body and an 25yr old face thats really not good and she look like plastic .

  • CriticXtreme

    When you go to Jew Plastic Surgeons, no matter the race they actually change you into a cross between a Yid, a burn victim and the Joker. To do this, it really must sux to be you.



  • Bruce Jenner looks terrible. He looks like a old woman.


      Totally !!! He looks soooo fake, and feminine… also, its already out there that he cross-dresses , LOL !!!

      • DJ ARIZONA

        Full disclaimer: I know because I cross dress with Bree when she’s here in AZ !!! We go to ALL the tranny bars like Cruisin’ 7th , LOL !!!

  • Burt Reynolds looks like a mannequin and Wayne Newton with all the makeup looks like a Asian lady,.

    • lol i thought that same thing.

    • streetsmart

      Wayne Newton looks like he should change his name to Wang Nutang

    • Little Idjit

      Burt Reynolds has Godzilla eyes. Is he from K’tank K’tonk or what?

  • pcpowell

    Kenny Rogers..still the worst I’ve seen.

  • ohsnap

    In his young days Burt Reynolds was FINE. Why oh why did he touch his face??!!

    • Mae

      Burt was looking good as he got older. Until he did that to miss face.

  • ohsnap

    All Wayne Newton needs is a red nose. Seriously.

  • ohsnap

    I think Michael Jackson’s virtiglio (skin disease where a person loses his pigmentation) had a lot to do with his plastic surgeries. He had very strong African American features. I think he thought changing his nose, etc to more Caucasian features would fit it better with his skin condition. And it went downhill from there. I really think people should lay off Michael Jackson and his face. Let the man RIP

    • bbcr

      R u joking? Have you ever seen someone with that disease? It looks nothing like michael jackson- that was just his cover story, don’t be so naive

      • Doug

        Many people with Vitiligo choose to have all of their skin bleached to one consistent light color versus keeping the light and dark patches.

        • Coolrain

          Prove it! MANY??? Give us examples…its a very costly procedure because we are talking the entire body.

      • kvn

        I know several people with Vitiligo, and it can progress with age. He was a high profile person who was constantly in the spotlight. He could have used his fame to help remove the stigma many sufferers feel from this disease, but he chose to mess his face up repeatedly because his profession is obsessed with that “perfect” ideal of beauty/attractiveness. A shame, actually.

      • Lese

        It has been CONFIRMED that he indeed had vitiligo. Once he died, there was no privacy for him any longer and definitely no reason to keep up the story of him having vitiligo, if it werent true. The autopsy proved that he did have it and lupus. People with the disease come in many different looks. They don’t have to look a certain particular way, but even still..something that should have been none of the public’s business, was broadcast for the world to see. I really feel sorry for him. Just think if all your personal, medical and financial business was put of for the whole world to see and critique. He had NO privacy. RIP MJ

        • Lupus? VItiligo, maybe a little, otherwise just mess up!~

      • Peaches

        You are absolutely right. That was his cover. I don’t doubt that he had vitiigo.
        I am a dark brown woman, and I have it as well, and I know others with it. That’s why I’m sure that his chemical depigmentation and many nose jobs were about something other than vitiligo.

      • Coolrain

        My cousin has this condition as well as a former neighbor. It’s a real skin disease and difficult to protect their skin from the sun, whether partial to half of their pigment has changed or all (like MJ r.i.p.) of the condition because its more common in people of color, ethnic backgrounds. Lack of knowledge comes in different forms and I am FAR from naive or blissully ignorant..

  • rockyfortune

    Burt Reynolds looks embalmed.

    • eagander

      I thought the same!

      • Lady French Horn Player

        So did I!

        • wtf

          me too

          • Allie

            So does Wayne Newton. Lol

    • Brandy

      It’s a wax figure. If you Google it, you’ll see.

    • Cheryl

      Yes he does!

    • Jane

      I’ve seen better looking wax figures in Madame Toussaud’s, but I must admit, Burt & Wayne do look somewhat lifelike!

    • Be Royaling!

      I agree with Brandy that this is a wax figure and not a true photo of him. Look at the eyes. Those are dead mannequin eyes.

  • nevikk

    I agree. Rarely does plastic surgery do any good. It’s almost a masochistic ritual of going under the knife. Especially with people like CarrotTop and Bruce Jenner; those are two that come to mind immediately.

  • You forgot Kenny Rogers!

  • Lizzy10

    Michael Jackson was a very good looking young man. Why he started with plastic surgery, I will never understand.

    • Sharonacles

      Well someone once told me that it was because of his father being abusive towards him and Michael wanted to look as little like his father as possible. That kind of makes sense. While everyone around him saw a handsome man, he saw an abusive monster in the mirror….must have been traumatic.

  • DrakeGay

    they got waxed version Burt reynolds they are playin you i seen that before

  • Chrystine

    I used to think Ray Liotta was so handsome. Even though he had some acne scarring, it didn’t matter. Now he is just scary-looking. Still a great actor though, I’m sure though I haven’t seen him in anything recently. Loved him in Corinna, Corrina and Good Fellas.

    • Dunbar

      Check out his Emmy award winning performance in ER (S 11 Ep 6). The episode was called “Time of Death” and he was brilliant in it.

      • Mae

        He was fabulous in the episode. I have an alcoholic husband & it made me cry. I still have it on VHS. But I can’t watch it. I still think he is cute.

      • Terry May

        I saw that episode and it really stuck with me. He was fantastic.

  • Lucky502

    These plastic surgeons should be exposed, especially Mickey Rourke’s. His name should be all over cyberspace and the mass media. Don’t protect them, EXPOSE THEM!!

  • Kathleen

    What about Kenny Rogers? Maybe they didn’t know it was him (which proves my point). I thought Burt Reynolds was a Madame Tussot (sp?) wax figuerine.

  • Sharon Walthew

    Robert Redford waited too long and then went too far with his facelift. Awful.

  • Rosie

    Hands down, it’s Bruce Jenner who looks the worst, and there was nothing wrong with his face. Also add to the List: Michael Douglas and Frank Gifford. I think when celebrity men marry younger women they feel the need for plastic surgery; it never ends well.

  • lidya

    Michael did lots of thing in this world he helped people but lots of people do not notice but only notice the plastic surgery… “don’t judge a book by its cover” because that’s surely what their doing here RIP Michael God bless you

  • Suzi

    Burt Reynolds does not look real. I thought it was a bad mannequin or wax figure.

  • Fred

    Most of Michael’s surgery was on his nose. He kept messing with it. The cream he used for his skin was supposed to even out his color but it ended up making him too white. He did have vitiligo and he was the most photographed celeb so it makes sense he wouldn’t want to look like a spotted dalmation but it was his makeup (choice of wigs) and repeated nose butchery which made his apperance look so drastically altered.

  • Dyionne

    it’s odd how a lot of them look embalmed… Not just Burt, but also Wayne, and Mike speaks for himself. It’s sad that they don’t realize that part of being beautiful is aging gracefully & not holding on to the past.

  • TPSWorker

    You missed a biggie…Kenny Rodgers…and even he admits it was overdone!

  • terrell0021

    adding MJ was unnecessary,he’s dead now let it go.

  • Wayne Newton looks like a woman.

  • How could he feel that he didn’t look good? It’s ironic how the best looking go under the knife and the ugly don’t.

  • reggie

    I came across this site by accident. Let me reassure you that I won’t be back. Bsides your preferred role to openly insult folks, even many of your comments reflect essentially what is wrong with this country…….which hasn’t always been in a “let’s debase everybody” mode….this is pure, unadulterated, with no makeup, crap. Good luck in whatever it is you are doing.

  • mrs. volumptious

    boooooo thats so old and lame.

  • RN369

    It always amazes me..how HANDSOME Mickey Rourke was back in the day.

  • RN369

    It always amazes me..how HANDSOME Mickey Rourke was back in the day.

  • Gee Gee

    You left off Kenny Rogers

  • How did Kenny Rogers escape this list?

  • pianojan

    Why in the WORLD would Bruce Jenner have ever needed a NOSE JOB? Give me a break! His nose was perfect. That saddest thing is that he ended up looking like a woman.

  • Lola

    Thought Kenny Rodgers Would be on this list for sure!!!

  • Realmakeupartist

    Oh hun, NEVER go to store counters to receive your makeup! They aren’t true artists, they are just entry level positions for girls who think they are good at makeup and can sell the product.

  • lookatme

    uh, burt renoylds looks that wa, BECAUSE IT’S A WAX STATUES IDIOTS!

  • Joe

    Michael Jackson’s messed up facial structure is the result of plastic surgery, but his whiteness wasn’t. He had a skin condition which, in addition to the treatments, bleached his skin in the mid-late 80’s.

  • Duh


  • This is simply aging for most of these guys. How could you think Sly had a lift?? Okay, yes, of course Michael, bless his heart – though he never needed it.

  • flawed

    Eh, none of these guys look all that bad. Yeah, they’re older now, with a few enhancements, so what.

    We all get old. Look in the mirror.

  • L

    What about Al Pacino? Did you forget him?

  • DiVa

    I actually gasped out loud when I saw Burt Reynolds. That was definitely not an improvement. Bruce Jenner looks like he’s made of plastic or was a burn victim. Michael Jackson reminds me of a zombie. I hate to say that but he used to be a very good looking guy.

  • autrostic

    carrot top is a celebrity? who knew…

  • Beckster14

    Looks like Bruce Jenner has had everything but a nose job

  • Alicia Clark

    Why is he 2 different colors?

  • Brandy

    Carrot Top looks like a tranny…

  • Brandy

    That is not actually Burt Reynolds, that is his WAX FIGURE… Google it. Yeesh…

  • Brandy

    I know a lot of people love MJ with a rabid passion but DAY-UM! That face will haunt me in my nightmares… right along with Carrot(WTFuuu?)Top.

  • jeepwonder

    What about John Travolta?

  • billbo_66

    OMG Burt Reynolds looks god-awful.

  • Mr Miles

    Barry Manilow and Kenny Rogers belong here too

  • robert

    Bruce Jenner was a good looking. Now he looks like a woman. More than a nose job there.

  • ThisIsNot4U2

    These faces are what NIGHTMARES are made of…*chills*…

  • Judy Pennington

    Carrot Top now looks like “Chuckie’s” sister!!

  • Latoya Jackson

    #8 —–> This Article is supposed to be about people who received too much Plastic Surgery…NOT “People who were replaced by Androids”

  • tannerose5

    What about Kenny Rogers? He was quite handsome, and now. . . .not so much.

  • Cheryl

    What the hell, Carrot Top?

  • Sally Dawn

    Yuck take the doctors medical license away.

  • unclesamonmars

    Liotta appears to have gotten a shovel jammed into his mouth per the Jeff Bridges character in that lousy kidnapping movie with Keifer Sutherland. Lousy Sutherland movie! Department of redundancy department.

  • unclesamonmars

    If Carrot Top had ever been more than slightly funny, we might give him a pass.

  • heilbama

    Carrot Top looks perpetually like he just spotted a bug in his salad.

  • tim

    How could you leave Kenny Rogers off this list??!! He doesn’t even look like the same person anymore.

  • Janine Marie

    They all share that stunned look. Their eyebrows are pulled back so tightly they could make ponytails!

  • Janine Marie

    You missed an obvious candidate: Kenny Rogers!

  • big user

    Ray: I thought that was a composite of Simon Cowell and Elvis.

  • Jen Page

    Mickey Rourke was a real Hollywood hearthrob, it’s such a shame what he’s had done to his face ruined those gorgeous looks.

  • Mae

    I have vitiligo & it can happen very slowly over time. Sometimes it’s noticeable & sometimes it’s not. I am white & my skin gets lighter in small patches that the Dr. said would eventually all join together. I will be a pale person.

  • jenny


  • Boyco Ttgooogle

    Mickey Rourke had ~reconstructive surgery~ following a horrific car accident which left his face mangled. He ~did not~ have elective plastic surgery to do anything with injuries from the ring. Why don’t you go find a nice, gruesome looking burns victim to poke fun at, too? Get your facts straight before you pass judgement and write a moronic ‘article’ about it.

  • Cheryl

    OMG Burt Reynolds! He looks like he’s been embalmed!

  • Dean Tasvil

    LOL Ray Liota looks as if Hannibal Lecter has been eating his face.

  • Dean Tasvil

    Carrot Top looks like he has been surprised or shocked and has never recovered from it LOL.

  • Dean Tasvil

    Michael Jackson, lol, just goes to show that inside every black man is a white man itching to come out.

    • Gavin jones

      He described himself as a coconut, brown on the outside but white on the inside.

      Now I loved MJ’s music I grew up that era and I absolutely loved his music and he gave away so much money to a lot of charities as well and done so much good.

      It is such a shame how his life went, I think it mainly started when he got burned when doing the advert, was it for pepsi ? It was so long ago I have forgot so forgive me if I am wrong but it was a brand name commercial and he did get serious scars as a result so that was the start of it all, then with the skin disorder which is real, I can understand why he bleached his skin, it was so that his skin could all look uniform and not blotchy, again if any of us had it we would want to look as normal as we could wouldn’t we ? Plus he had the money to do it.

      But his addiction to opiates and other pain meds again started with the accident and I believe he was so tortured by his father that he took all these drugs to try and chill out and forget but the more he took them the more he needed them and then it was too late and he couldn’t stop even if he wanted to slowly killing himself and mainly because of his father and the fact the industry and the public expected so much from him so he had to keep doing the drugs to try and stay normal or people would notice and that would be the next massive headlines to try and ruin him. This man was such a star he couldn’t even get a newspaper without being surrounded, he literally couldn’t do anything on his own without having minders and people surrounding him, that in itself must be awful not being able to do anything, or go anywhere.

      Even if he wanted to go to the cinema (I doubt he did) he would have to arrange all his staff, security to be ready, he couldn’t just get dressed and leave his house like us normal working class folk so just try and imagine all the little things you take for granted being such a chore and so much hard work, that is why he built all them things in his own house so he didn’t have to go anywhere unless it was work related etc.

      And as for the surgery it kind of became an addiction and the problem was once it started looking odd he would have more to try and correct it and it just keeps going and going so he was already stuck with no point of return, so why not keep trying a little more and a little more as that might finally work and because of all the depression the stress and the drugs I don’t think he saw the same thing as we did when he looked in the mirror, just like some people with eating disorders and skinny people who think they are fat in the mirror.

      MJ was so depressed and addicted to drugs that what he really needed was professional help to advise him and help him get off this stuff and feel better but instead the doctors he paid to look after him just gave him anything he asked for as all they wanted was their massive wage packet and Michael knew that he could get any drug he wanted through these guys so paid them anything they wanted basically to turn the other way and effectively help kill him, make him more depressed, more alone and more isolated from the world and that massive tour was the end of him there was no way he could of ever handled the schedule they listed for that, he knew it, they knew it and that is what killed him.

      Sorry about the essay it wasn’t intended but just kept flowing there and there was more but I need to stop LOL.

  • rob

    Micheal Jackson turned himself into a freak – so very very sad

  • rob

    Jackson turned into a freak – looked like the child snatcher in chitty chitty bang bang – how sad

  • rob

    Wacko jacko

  • Anonymous

    Wow… y’all couldn’t even be bothered to use a real picture of Burt Reynolds to prove your point? The “after” photo is a picture of a WAX FIGURE of him.

    Shockingly, fake Burt Reynolds looks fake.

  • Mary Hemmings

    They all look like the living dead – scary!

  • FlopsyButton

    F**KING HELL! I almost had a heart attack when I saw Burt Reynolds, then I thought it was just, like a, I don’t know, barbie, then I realised it was him…. Boy do I feel sorry for that guy (and the plastic surgeon, I wonder how much he was sued…. hahaha)

  • Cleareye

    These are all sad case of failed people unable be honest with themselves and making horrendous choices. The medical people involved should go to jail.

  • dapperdog

    Wayne Newton looks like a freak

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