10 of the Best Blue-Eyed Soul Singers (Good Music Knows No Color!)

10 of the Best Blue-Eyed Soul Singers (Good Music Knows No Color!)

One lesson music lovers learn early on, is to never judge a book by its cover. And since musicians pull inspiration from so many genres and influences, their content has little to do with the color of their skin, and everything to do with their talents. Yesterday, the music industry lost legendary musician Robin Gibb, of the Bee Gees. We think this is the best time to revisit the blue eyed soul singers who have touched our hearts, making us fall in love, soothing our heartbreaks, and soundtracking our daydreams.

Check out songs from 10 of our favorite blue eyed soul singers.

The Bee Gees- “Stayin’ Alive”

The Bee Gees provided the soundtrack to disco, when a young John Travolta had the nation dancing in their boogie shoes. Robin Gibb performed the anthemic dance hit during a live concert in Frankfurt. Rest in peace, Robin.

Robin Thicke- “Love After War”

With his sultry songs about his beautiful wife, Paula Patton, Robin is dominating soul music. This one makes us want to start a fight with our honey just so we can make up.

Jon B.- “They Don’t Know”

Before Robin stole our hearts, Jon B. was the one who could make us melt. Don’t listen to what people say… Sigh, we knew we had our own thing.

Justin Timberlake feat. T.I.- “My Love”

JT has been my boo thing since I was 8 and he sang Jodeci’s “Cry For You” on MMC. But when he hooked up with Timbaland and T.I., he crossed over into the hip-hop soul lane, and that’s exactly where we love him most.

Frank Sinatra- “The Song Is You”

Long before our parents were a twinkle in the sky, our grandmas skipped school to catch a glimpse of Old Blue Eyes. Frank Sinatra is the reigning master crooner, and master of style. Check out a gorgeous Sinatra in his youth. What a beautiful man!

Michael McDonald and Patti Labelle- “On My Own”

Michael McDonald is one of the only male singers who can hold a candle to Patti Labelle. When they get together to perform this classic, there’s never a dry eye in the house.

George Michael and Aretha Franklin- “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me”

George Michael tore it up with the Queen of Soul, and showed major vocal chops in the presence of music royalty. He was quite the hottie back in the day, wasn’t he?

Phil Collins- “In The Air Tonight”

Sorry Kanye, but Phil Collins was the greatest of all time when it comes to 808s and heartbreak. This kissoff is one of the best in music, you almost can’t help but bang on some imaginary air drums.

Hall & Oates- “I Can’t Go For That”

Growing up, I always wanted to know what Hall & Oates couldn’t go for. Years later, I still don’t know, but can’t help but two-step when this song plays.

  • EarthIsASac

    most of these people dont have blue eyes-im confused-do U mean white singers

    • Nina DaShotta

      It’s been termed “blue eyed soul” because back in the 70’s (when the term was invented) they equated blue eyes to white people, kinda like “brown sugar” for black people despite their skin tone being dark or light. Just a term thats all. Politically correct term now used is “white soul”



  • Johnwindee

    I was just listening to Hall & Oates on my iPod today! Classic music. Love them and Michael McDonald.

  • sepia830

    Jon B….his concert was one of the best I’ve ever been to…and I’ve been to quite a few.

  • Cseed

    No Teena Marie? Really?

    • Goddess8281

      Right! I was thinking that as well.

  • JustSaying_IMFO

     Someone really needs to look up the term “Blue eyed soul.” Sinatra? Really? Sinatra was a crooner but he would never be mistaken for “blue eyed soul.” And Barry Gibb is the soul singer, not Robin or Maurice. Phil Collins and Timberlake? Good, but not among the best. There are far better ones.

    • Goddess8281

      I DIDN’T AGREE with Sinatra either. He could sing, but not blue eye soul.

  • Yep!

    Jon B ….Still amazing to me, and I have all his goodies in my IPod. I ll never forget the first time I heard the song with him and Babyface, I thought the whole song was Babyface, and I was dumbfounded to see him singing a duet with him. He’s the absolute best to me. Another guy to check out is Allen Stone, he’s new and by the looks of him, you’ll be like, ” GTFOH”, but listen to his song, ” unaware”, and be blown completely away. He is also super talented, and his voice is so beautiful.

    • Goddess8281


  • Marco Panache.Com

    David Pack with the group Ambrosia, Bobby Caldwell, Boz Scaggs, Steely Dan, Tom Jones, Jason Mraz, Andy Gibbs, Boy George, Duffy, dude from Simply Red, Lisa Stansfield, Amy Winehouse, Taylor Dane, Joss Stone, Adele, Annie Lennox, Christina Aquilara, Jamiroquai, Billy Vera, dude from Wild Cherry, Micheal Bolton, Anastacia, Gavin DeGraw and Mariah Carey…I’m sure i forgot someone!   

  • Shondahall

    Did y’all forget about Michael Bolton??? None of these dudes hold a candle of light to that man NOT even a flicker! That white man can blow!

  • Caroltmoore

    NNo Justin Timberlake?!? What kind of top 10 is this

  • Goddess8281

    This list needs to be redone or a pt. 2 Gavin DeGraw can blow! Listen to his rendition of Sam Cooke’s A change is gon come. Allen Stone is new on the scene and he is nuts. His vocals show he was raised in the church. Remy Shand album is awesome, how did you forgt him, he’s like the white version of Prince. Jamiroquai? Adam Levine of Maroon 5? Michael Bolton? Not to mention the females who can sing: Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Lisa Stansfield, Natasha Bedingfield, Adele, Sinead O’Connor, Christina Aguilera, MAKE A PART 2 TO THIS LIST!

    • peterforpats

      going old school- the best ever- van morrison

  • Lese

    THIS LIST IS BULLCRAP W/O BOBBY CALDWELL….who doesn’t remember the song, “What You Wont Do For Love?” Most people didn’t even know he was white and some still don’t to this day!! AHHH!! Bobby Caldwell should have been on this list!!!

  • Ladypink5228

    Teena Marie, Amy winehouse, Duffy?

  • Juckfunior247

    And y’all still asleep!! James Morrison is FOR REAL!!! Gavin degraw! Both of their first two albums are classics! Daniel Beddingfield. Where’s David Pack? Listen to Ambrosia’s “How much I feel” man woooo! Adam Levine. This list needs some help.

  • NVAdamzz

    Ummmm Mayer Hawthorne’s song makes you think of Motown because that was a Motown song. He switched some of the lyrics up but that’s definitely a Temptations song.

  • DAL

    Umm,… Lady T ? Where’s Teena Marie?? The reigning Ivory Queen of Soul herself- Something not right here

  • Soulpower

    Any one of the Gibb brothers are NOT soul singers. You seriously need to learn what the term means. And Frank Sinatra, major voice that he was, was not a soul singer (although he was blue-eyed).

  • Bailey Jane

    The greatest of all time “blue eyed soul” singers are the Righteous Brothers. They were the first ones ever to be called “blue eyed soul” singers. Bobby Hatfield and Bill Medley. Check it out.

  • Charles Ellis

    WHERE ARE THE LADIES??? Let’s start with the first- Dusty Springfield, followed by Teena Marie, Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera, and Adele!

  • Wayne

    No David Bowie either?

    • maack

      Exactly, he was the first white person to appear on Soul Train with his “Young Americans”, not to mention his above par cover of Nina Simones “Wild is the wind”…

  • margaret jones

    If you’re going old school, you should include Felix Cavaliere, lead singer of The Rascals (Groovin’, It’s a Beautiful Morning, etc). Also Benny Mardones, who sang Into the Night, which has over 4 million hits on You Tube even though it last charted over 20 years ago. Also the Soul Survivors, Average White Band, and Player. Definitely Teena Marie, Joss Stone, and Edyta Gorniak.

  • Just Sayin’

    How on Earth could you forget The Righteous Brothers ??? They were the first singer(s) that I heard called “Blue-Eyed Soul”. What tone-deaf reject made up this list?

  • aarg

    mcdonald ruined the doobies.

    • Shawty

      Oh no, he didn’t mess up The Doobies. They messed up themselves.

  • TryThinking1956

    Ummm…sorry, but as much as I loved the Bee Gees, they most definitely NOT categorized as “soul singers”! Who put this list together, anyway?

  • ValdaDeDieu

    I don’t get this list. Are you sure you know music? Righteous Brothers, Elvis Presley, Van Morrison…When you talk…’ “The Best” of Blue-Eyed Soul…’ a little research would be helpful.

  • musicdiva

    Agree with Margaret Jones and Marco Panache. My absolute favorite AWB songs are tied “Cloudy” and “Stay”.

  • musicdiva

    Oh and I forgot Rare Earth who were with Motown and lead singers/founders of the group Chicago, Terry Kath and Robert Lamm- best LP’s were in the ’70’s before Peter Cetera.Check the music out youngun’s.

  • MoWaSteph

    Where is Hall & Oates?! This list is crap.

  • Mr_Scorpio

    Dusty Springfield, Joss Stone, Alice Russell, Lisa Stansfield, Adele, Five British song birds who are missing from your list.

  • Jacob

    Good music knows no color….but apperently this list thinks good music knows gender…you would think that this would be based off of musical talent, but no its a heartthrob contest. seriously amy winehouse, adele and christina aguilera should be on here….and all of them deserve to be above justin timberlake at the very least

  • Talis

    Gregg Allman. Steve Marriott (The Small Faces and Humble Pie). Boz Scaggs.

  • FOR realz

    how can you honestly have no women? there are so many incredibly blue-eyed, soul singing women!

  • Donna

    Marc Broussard, anyone?

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