Wait, Dwyane Wade is Designing Loafers? Would You Rock Them?

Wait, Dwyane Wade is Designing Loafers? Would You Rock Them?

Flabbergasted? Yep, so are we. DWade, shooting guard for the Miami Heat, is lending his oversized hands to shoe design. Hold on a minute! Before you cast away Gabby U.’s hunk of a boo as a failed designer, take a closer look at these high-end loafers he created alongside, luxury shoe brand, Del Toro. Not bad right?

Well don’t get too excited, apparently Dwyane’s patent-cowskin-wingtips and suede-berry-slipper-sneakers are custom pairs, unavailable for the masses to enjoy. However, we did do some snooping and discovered that Del Toro’s fully stocked website, has endless options for both the ladies and gents. The pickings are StyleBlazer Approved of course.

Del Toro designer, Matthew Chevallard, initially made a few shoes for Wade, who in turn was so moved by the innovative designs that the company encouraged him to whip up a few pairs of his own. No further word on a complete collection but when the news breaks, you’ll be the first to know. Until then, take a close look at two pairs we were able to get hold of…


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