9 Celebrities the Paparazzi Should Stop Following (Overexposed and We're SO Over It!)

9 Celebrities the Paparazzi Should Stop Following (Overexposed and We’re SO Over It!)

Star quality is that very rare spark that resides in few people.  Some of them are fortunate to make it big and others aren’t.  But…there are a few that slip into Hollywood.  Though they manage to remain relevant, some talentless reality stars and one-trick-pony artists aren’t nearly as charismatic or captivating as their equally popular celebrity peers.  However, in show business, you either have the “it” factor or you don’t.  And these nine don’t.

Check out 9 known names that are paparazzi popular but don’t do it for us.



Adrienne Bailon

We keep seeing Adrienne Bailon, and we keep not caring.  The former 3LW group member turned Cheetah Girls group member turned Rob Kardashian’s ex is forever on the scene.  But she never seems to own it in her tacky threads, nor are we sure she ever will.


As hard as it is to say, nobody is checking for Mashonda.  No one should have to experience what she dealt with when it came to Swizz & Alicia, but even mainstream media hyped the new union, further proving she wasn’t on anyone’s radar as a singer or Swizz Beatz’s wife.

Christina Milian

As beautiful as she is, Christina Milian has struggled with remaining relevant as a singer, actress, or as a producer’s girlfriend/wife.  Let’s see if her stint as the Social Media Correspondent on NBC’s The Voice will open more doors for her.

Ryan Leslie

Truth be told, Ryan Leslie is a talented songwriter and producer, but as a solo artist he’s lackluster. We think it could be his extreme arrogance for one. Either way, maybe keeping it behind the scenes is the best bet for Ryan.

Eva Marcille

Everyone was a fan of ANTM’s sass mouth model winner from cycle 3.  But since then, Eva Marcille has become less of a top model and more of a C-list socialite.  Don’t look for her on the runways or in the mags, you’re more likely to find her being a total cheese in some Atlanta hotspot.


Ameriie was set to be a bonafide star with her hit debut song, “Why Don’t We Fall In Love,” but the success hasn’t been able to stick.  No matter what color she does her hair or how hot her summer bangers are, Ameriie is just not on anyone’s A-list.

Teairra Mari

You know you’re irrelevant when you join a reality show unofficially, but appear in almost every episode throughout the season.  Tierra Marie has the looks, talent (well…somewhat), and charisma to make it as a singer, but one thing’s for sure: no one seems to care.

Sean Garrett

Sean Garrett was dubbed “the Pen” by Jay-Z himself because of his amazing songwriting skills that we can’t dare discredit him for.  However, for years he has been trying to launch his solo career by being featured alongside popular stars.  It just never works.  Sad.


    Umm yall wish Evelyn wasn’t relevant. she might be catty…but she’s relevant

    • DILLIGAF98

       To who?

      • FabienneDesrameaux

        to the birds

    • 19

      To who to YOU…………LOL

  • Msmika08

    That is just mean! d@mn lol

  • Jajay22



     kim kardashian should have been added to the list.  the only reason she is on the scene is because of the video with ray j, which she probably leaked herself, her mother pimpin her and her own lust for attention.  she will do anything to stay in front of a camera.

    • Status

      Yes, she’s only famous because of her video. But despite that, most people that criticize her are just jealous. There are so many woman who try & duplicate her success by trying to make a video of their own.

      • Nobody is jealous kim k, we are just sick of her, she doesn’t have anything I want, trust, real people know she is just famous for nothing

  • bailedex

    good list, add the kardashians

  • 19

    Wait if ur talking that good about her u must be HER RIGHT……………Lol who ever u are find something to do

  • Geniadaydream

    Amerie looks unrecognizable I thought she was Keyshia Cole for a minute until I saw her name

  • allana

    sooo super harsh indeed add the kardashians and the jenners

  • Biancab

    SHE IS RELEVANT. I think they did stretch this list alittle to far as well.

  • nicey cahill

    Ryan Leslie is very much relevant, most of these so-called artist today go to him for a hit record. I don’t know about him being cocky or arrogant but the dude is bad and I have all his CD’s. I think maybe you’re way too hard on him just because you feel like he’s arrogrant which is no reason to say bad things about him. Ryan Rocks!

    • Goober

      Yeah,he’s bad….as in TERRIBLE!!

  • Grace

    Couldn’t have said it better. This list, is, well….PERFECT.

  • add beyonce & jayz to this list……………..sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o over them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guest

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  • Tracy

    Where are some of the white and/or hispanic people? Kim Kardashian should have made the list for sure. Snooki, JWow, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, etc. all should be added also. There are others that can be added as well. Like everybody from the Real Housewives franchises.

    • Anonymous

      I know I saw Kate Moss and Miley Cyrus in there…whatever

  • IZZN

    I usually dont care about this, but why is this mostly (all?) black folks? What about the 2 octo moms, Nadya and Gosselin? So many of those Housewife women too.

  • doziex

    Most on the list, just have bad management. Which leads to improper, or not enough exposure.
    This is america, and their is a market for just about any product. Provided one has a good marketing strategy.
    Kim K has a great marketing machine behind her and is worth $40 million. The Jersey shore kids hate ’em or love ’em. Would be paid $2.5 million for their 6th season.

    Great marketing, beauty and some luck has turned JLO into $250 million enterprise.

    So, why should things be different for the likes of Melyssa Ford, Tea marie, Mashonda, Draya, K michelle and so on ??
    Why reinvent the wheel ?

    These folks should honestly figure out what the public likes about them, then market that aspect to the public.
    And lose the stank attitude, stuck up personality, and all the other crap that gets in their way. Melyssa you listening ??

  • Josh

    Well I am proud to say that I have never even heard of a single person on this list.

  • Flash-er

    I don’t even know who most of these people are…

    • LetsBeRealpeople


  • locust

    of course you do care if you didnt you wouldnt take the time to write and post pictures about these people thus making other people read about it and continue to keep them on the radar … blah blah blah

  • matreiya

    Rihanna, Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan should be on this list and Kim Kardashian

  • animosity68iou1

    Adrienne Bailon hands look very small……how tall is she

  • lorinicknack

    HA, I’ve never heard of any of these people.

  • Goober

    “Mashonda”???? Where do they come up with these names???

  • tiff

    cant believe there is not one white perso on this list ike people commented kim k should deff b on this list and a lot more. your right about these people but jus feels wrong that there all black an 2 spanish on this list…j
    us sayin

  • dhill2020

    Oh Pleasssseeee put NeNe Leaks on your next list!!!

  • chanela


  • R X

    The entire Kartrashian family should be on this list…..WTF?

  • JayMoonz23

    Kim K is the queen of this topic although I don’t mind seeing her at the beach, same goes for Evelyn. Most guys will agree I think.

    Can’t forget about all these reality tv peeps that have had about 15,000 minutes of fame that just need to go away. I hate seeing them on talk shows or tv in general getting interviewed. Really, no one cares.

  • teriquajones

    I don’t know who these people are?

  • Pru

    It’s such a shame for Ameriie. She is such a great singer but people aren’t interested in her anymore

  • Chelsea

    Why was everyone on this list black?

  • Peter Kay

    Curious; why are all the individuals targeted in this “piece”, Black or Latino?

  • darkcherrybaby

    eva the untalented attention seeker

  • Maureen St. Pierre

    What utter garbage. Most of these names we have never heard of before – most of these faces have had surgery- most of these people are heavily made up. In other words nobody on this list is shown in their “natural” state. I am 83 and have some wrinkles and some blotches. I am not going to cover them with makeup or have surgery. Why don’ t you show us people who are worth looking at. No make up or surgery at all. In case you do not realize it, we ALL get old, we ALL get wrinkles and we ALL lose some hair. Getting older is wonderful, IF one doe not listen to garbage like this.

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