15 Celebs Who Are Aging Badly (Michelle Williams, Lindsay, The Jenner Sisters & More!)

We know celebrities put a lot into their looks, and many of them seem to have successfully stopped the hands of time when it comes to aging.  Others…hmm…not so much.  Some celebs have gone past looking a little more mature than their age to looking down right old.  The following eight celebrities seem to have contracted a serious case of Benjamin Button—in reverse.



1. Lindsay Lohan

Excessive partying and drug abuse have taken a toll on the 25-year-old Lindsay, who looks like she’s pushing 40.  And even that might be a bit generous considering the paparazzi once mistook her for a 60-year-old star.


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  1. says:

    BOBBI CHISTINA…LOOKS 25 and her dad…RHOA KIM LOOKS OLDER THAN 33 more like 43 and a drag queen…that it

  2. says:

    Jada Smith

  3. says:

    And the Willis girls.

  4. says:

    Michelle looks like she’s about 45

  5. says:

    cameron diaz… then she got plastic surgery.

  6. says:

    kim kardashian looks older than 31.

  7. says:

    Michelle Williams always looked 99 years old.  That ain’t nothing new.

  8. says:

    Michelle Williams is a middle-aged woman! 

  9. says:

    Kylie and Kendall arent aging badly they are just too mature for their age.

  10. says:

    Miley looks similar to Rihanna at last years billboard awards here.

  11. says:

    Adele looks older because of the weight but if you look at her face she is definitely 24 or however old she is. 

  12. says:

    Michelle Williams does NOT look this way, you liars!! She was recently at an event in Chicago and obviously you idiots weren’t-SMH

  13. says:

    Here’s the thing, most women in Hollywood are 15-20 lbs under weight, which actually ages them, But they usually add fillers in the face to offset that. With Adele it’s the reverse, her being SO far overweight limits her clothing choices and that ages her.

    Unfortunately, I saw Miley come out on the awards show in that outfit, and it was just a classic case of trying to do waaaayyy too much. I think Hillary Duff is the only Disney star who didn’t run down this path, she seemed to sacrificed her fame to get married and live a more normal life.

    • says:

      Well, to be honest…. Hilary Duff really doesn’t have the skills as an actor or a singer, despite all the opportunities shoved at her. Her older sister had some real talent but didn’t have “the look” that The Mouse and others wanted. Hilary was a bottle-blonde and a poor actor, but kids liked the character she played and aren’t very discerning. I always figured she would get married and have kids and then be really happy as a “stay at home mom”, basically, rather than just leaving the kids to be raised by other people (yes, it’s a full time job!). That would be a way to gracefully exit from the acting/singing scene once she realized she wasn’t very good at it. She seems reasonably nice, just doesn’t have the talent for entertainment jobs. She might have done ok as a model while still a kid, but she was the weakest actor on Lizzie Maguire and actually got worse over time (less directable, probably). Autotuned to death as a “singer”, not enough skills to sell a song on stage or in a music video, unlike Selena Gomez (who has a weak voice also but is such a good actor that her music videos are fun to watch). It’s sad that Hilary missed out on a normal childhood without any real talent to make up for it, hopefully she won’t make the same mistake with her kid(s) if she can keep grandma away from them enough (she was afflicted with a real stage mom).

  14. says:

    I think Adele’s problem is her clothing, they make cute young clothing in “big” sizes too.

    • says:

      I think that, in England, there is a “retro-Soul” “genre” of music…and apparently Adele is a part of that. You dress for your musical image. Can you imagine Mick Jagger dressed like lil Wayne? …or Beyonce dressed like Stevie Nicks? …or Anthony Hamilton dressed in Prince Rogers Nelson fashion??? Adele doesn’t have a problem. She has an image…and it’s working just right, b/c she’s a TT on here. LoL

  15. says:

    Zoe does not look 50+ at all. At 50 she will look just the same. This woman won’t age at all. As for her sense of style it’s fabulous. I want to see the baby too!

    • says:

      Zoe looks fine. Michelle Williams looks OK, she just looks anorexic. Pull in your claws!!

    • says:

      You need to watch her show. They can’t always cover her wrinkles and sagging face. You’re right, she doesn’t look 50. She looks SIXTY.

      • says:

        Yes – if she gained 20 pounds, she would have a shape, and her face would be filled out (not fat) but sufficient to negate the sagging. How she’s made it this far without an intervention is shocking. She is out of control….personally, I was shocked she was able to get pregnant since her body fat is so incredibly low.

  16. says:

    dont tell a 14yr old and a 16 yr old they are”aging badly”
    you are heartless, and should be ashamed

  17. says:

    Horrible listings, especially when it comes to those not even in their 20s. Websites like this criticize women who get surgery, and claim that influences younger females to get it as well, and then you wonder why. Its because people are fickle about a celebrities appearance.

    If a 12 year old looks like a 20 year old, how is that is consider aging badly? Instead of looking mature for her age? Because that is what many of the listings here are. There is aging that destroys ones appearance due to an unhealthy lifestyle, and there is aging when a person just looks older than given age.

  18. says:

    Cannot base aging on one photo. Everyone takes a bad photo one time or another. Do not think this “journalistic” piece is a good read. I think they are all beautiful in their unique way. Sad that being in the limelight brings such criticism. The author of this piece has the right to their opinion, but thankfully the average reader is smart enough to make up their own mind about beauty and aging.

  19. says:

    I think Cameron Diaz should be on the list. I saw recent photos of her and she is starting to look haggared. She’s only 40 but looks 55. I predict some “work” in her near future.
    When I first became aware of Rachel Zoe, I thought she was in her mid-50s but she was 35 at the time. Her makeup has become more youthful in the couple of years but, it looks like she hasn’t had proper nutrition in decades. One pays dearly physically to be super-thin.

    • says:

      Excuse me! I am 56 and I would feel confident saying I do NOT look haggard. Take it easy there, Petunia. I wouldn’t want to have to wilt you with a scathing comment or 2. ;-}~

  20. says:

    The problem with Rachel Zoe looking 50 is – she’s in her early FORTIES. She’s too thin. When you are that thin – it shows up on your face. Period. She looks haggard and disgusting.

  21. says:

    Always thought that about Adele looking older, but I think it’s the hairstyle, makeup and not- so-fab clothes. Michele is too thin and needs to eat a burger; the Jenner girls wear too much makeup. By the way, there are some fabulous looking people in their 50s and 40s out there who’ve never been under the knife or botox.

  22. says:

    Who writes these articles? A bunch of ugly bitter women who are just feeding into Hollywood pressures of excessive plastic surgery to stay looking young. These women look REAL get over it.

  23. says:

    Yes, she is aging fast

  24. says:

    oh my god this is so true, wow

  25. says:

    who cares!

  26. says:

    @Nico The reason men don’t care about this sort of thing (which is a joke, of course, men criticize women constantly for their appearance) is that men aren’t the butt of this kind of criticism themselves. If you were, you’d change your tune very quickly.

    As for a woman writing it, well, she wrote if for the male-stream media, so what does that tell you? It’s systematic. Do try to think it through, please.

  27. says:

    Looking 20 in your teens when you wear makeup is not a big deal. Looknig 40 when you are 20, like Lindsey Lohan, is. There is nothing wrong with those girls, I think that they are cute and better than Kim and Khole

    • says:

      I agree! There’s no substantial physical or intellectual difference between young adults in their teens and young adults in their 20s.

      • says:

        There may be no substantial physical difference between teenagers and 20-somethings, but it’s absurd to say that there is no intellectual one. Teenagers are overgrown children learning how to grow into their adult bodies.

  28. says:

    How is Adele ‘aging’ badly when all you can mention is that you don’t like her style. She’s not American, her style is certainly fashionable in the UK right now, and she looks great (and slimmer than she has in ages). I call nonsense on that one… and I’d laso call it a fashion faux pas.

    • says:

      Adele looks “frumpy”. She looks at least 45 as opposed to 24.

      • says:

        Oh, goodness. How old are you? Only someone 20 or under would judge ANYONE that harshly. What is your opinion of Jennifer Aniston?

    • says:

      ‘…her style is certainly fashionable in the UK right now…’

      My condolences UK…

    • says:

      adele is beautiful. ‘nough said.

      • says:

        I’m in my early-mid 20’s and I much rather prefer Adele’s style than the jacked up skirts, dresses and shorts and bone straight hair that’s trendy in the US now.

        • says:

          Seriously. I’d take her talent over a Kardashian any day. Not to mention, I think she’s prettier (despite being not as thin)

          • says:

            Yeah, in no way is Adele prettier than Kim Kardashian.

          • says:

            Honestly, I see girls prettier than Kim K every day here in NYC. (I’ll grant you that she has nice hair.) But everyone has different standards of beauty.

          • says:

            i am so glad to finally hear someone saying this…the more i see of Kim K, the more i find her having some kind of panther-type face, idk, can’t quite put a name on it. of course she is attractive and as quaffed/groomed/toxed/lazered/made up as any good ol Armenian gal could be with the bucks she has, but something seems to be missing….

          • says:

            the shiny, selfless, caring for others quality.

          • says:

            nice hair? It’s fake hair extensions!

          • says:

            That is a matter of taste. And you are totally entitled to your opinion. But at least Adele is not a complete waste of skin with no talent of any kind. I can only hope, because I don’t know you, that you value more than appearances in people.

          • says:

            maybe in a strange, “I’m not considering anything other than skin and bones ” kind of way, sure. KK might get a double take but as far as continued looking at either, Adele wins.

          • says:

            No offense, but you cannot take Adele’s talent “over a Kardashian”. Because that presumes that any one of the Kardashian’s actually has a talent outside of self promotion.

          • says:

            Adele is EXTREMELY talented. Had she not been, she would haven’t made it to a local talent show with her style. It shows that REALLY talented people can go anywhere even if there looks are not what you would call, “fashionable”. KK’s only talent is somewhere between her knees and her belly button.

          • says:

            @Goober Why are you arguing a point that Kimberly already made? That Adele has real talent and the Kardashians only talents are self promotion. What about that is different from what you said?

          • says:

            Really? My comment was made a month ago and only now you find that it is redundant of the previous comment?My response was written for a reason. R4ead it again and think about it. And, no. I am not arguing anything.

          • says:

            I’ve never heard it said that way before. Bravo.

        • says:

          There are few american singers who compare to Adele. I saw a video on youtube showing Tina Turner and Beyonce singing together. It was like a pro-am event. Beyonce is a look, Tina is the real deal.

      • says:

        Sure she is,,,,if she were Queen Elizabeth.

    • says:

      That style ain’t fashionable not even in Somalia and let alone other parts of the world.

  29. says:

    Miley is a beautiful young woman and certainly doesn’t look like she is “aging badly”. However…her speaking voice is rather annoying.

  30. says:

    kylie jenner is going to be a very big star, she has lovely curves and she isn’t too tall, like her sister kendoll who looks like a pencil with hindges.

  31. says:

    Maybe is Rachel Zoe would smile more often and not scowl and pout she would look younger. So much to be happy for but with people like her they never know what they have until it is all gone.

  32. says:

    There is nothing wrong with young adults in their teens looking like young adults in their twenties. It’s stage-appropriate.

  33. says:

    Ummm…i think Danielle Gray actually put the article together. Maybe it’s just Tameika’s blog??

  34. says:

    I’m sure all these people are wealthy. If I had a choice of being wealthy or looking a few years older, I’d take the money. With money you can always have work done. If you’re poor, all the stress of being poor, will definately age you.

  35. says:

    I’ve never heard of half of these people. Stars have more money than ever. You’d think they could at least afford the facial and hair care products you see advertised on prime-time TV, but apparently not.

  36. says:

    I SO much appreciate people who age normally compared to those shallow folks who get plastic surgery. Sure, some of them look o.k. in still photos, but when you see them talking it’s creepy!

    The muscle attachments get messed up and they look like weird robots. Give me a naturally aging person any day!

  37. says:

    Wow, what about some celebs who are really aging badly? With the exception of Linsay Lohan I think the rest are aging just fine! What about Tori Amos or some of the famous males who are aging badly? Brad Pitt anyone?

  38. says:

    I think Miley Cyrus is very nicely transitioning from her teens to her early twenties. Her skin is lovely (even sans make-up), great new syle, and easy on the make-up. Ususally it’s the “haters” who have a bunch of negativity to dish out.

  39. says:

    Provocative hyperbole for the purpose of attracting reader attention. These women look fabulous…at a distance, at least.

  40. says:

    you missed tara reid

  41. says:

    I have the best anti-aging product!!!! Low maintenance and breaks the links to illnesses!!!!!!

  42. says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I think that the KarTrashians are completely useless, vapid, totally self-centered lifeforms, interested only in stuffing their pockets and in pulling the wool over the eyes of everyone in the country. However, it’s very irresponsible to assert that Kendall and Kylie Jenner are “aging badly”. Yes, they could certainly pass for being 20-something. Since when is “20-something” old? Besides that, the vast majority of young teenage girls go out of their way to try to dress and look considerably older than their actual age. That’s certainly nothing new. You only have to walk through any mall to see that characteristic in abundance. I don’t approve of it myself, but that hardly makes any kind of case for claiming that these two young girls are “aging badly”.

  43. says:

    She is anorexic or bulimic – you can see her ribs in the photo. If you look at any photo she has out in the marketplace, she is covered from head to toe, regardless of the season because she is severely underweight. Is she a naturally attractive person, yes – is she healthy, absolutely not.

  44. says:

    Different rules. Girls are quite simply NOT ALLOWED to live as free as men.

    Take it!

  45. says:

    amazing how these people with all that money look older. men included.

  46. says:

    Lilo may look older than her years but saying she looks 60 is just ridiculous. I mean come on.

  47. says:

    Kendall and Kylie act like they are older because they are treated like they are older. What teenager doesn’t look older these days?????? I think they are simply gorgeous…but…they are spoiled.

  48. says:

    Miley’s hair makes her look a little older. The jacket that she is wearing as a dress makes her look trashy.

  49. says:

    Adele looks beautiful. You got it totally wrong here.

  50. says:

    Leave Dakota alone. She is one of the good girls in Hollywood. She isn’t in new media and she has gotten her education. Just back off. She is lovely.

  51. says:

    you forgot Chelsea Handler

  52. says:

    And I bet the writer or anyone critical looks far worse than any of these women who are “aging badly.” Everyone ages differently based upon genetics and life stressors, yet those that have a lot of cosmetic surgery are criticised for trying to fight aging.

  53. says:

    “Aging badly” and wearing clothes/makeup that are not age appropriate are two very different things.

    The only ones actually “aging badly” are Lindsay Lohan and Rachel Zoe. Michelle Williams looks ill or like she’s lost too much weight. The others just need better stylists.

    • says:

      Lindsey Lohan in a wheel chair wearing glasses = transformation complete. Bust out the Geritol and Metamucil!

    • says:

      Agreed. And, I don’t know about Rachel Zoe or Michelle Williams, but Lindsay looks bad because she is killing herself. Instead of constantly criticizing the woman. How’s about we try ignoring her entirely. Perhaps left to her own devices, with no one’s opinion to influence her but her, she can save her own life. The “public” is certainly not helping her.

      • says:

        In that particular photo Lindsay Lohan doesn’t look old—just sophisticated. She’s a 27 year old woman with a naturally pale complexion that isn’t suited to light blonde & platinum hair coloring. That photo doesn’t make her look older than most other 27 year olds.

    • says:

      Rachel Zoe needs a sandwich asap

    • says:

      The term “Age Appropriate” is so off. As long as it suits the individual why not wear it. Anyone of any age can look bad in something if it does not suit them. Tina Turner rocks a mini better than any twenty something.

      • says:

        There is only one Tina Turner.

        There will always be an exception or two to anything. However, that doesn’t make the term “off” for the rest of the 6 billion on the planet.

        • says:

          The rest of the 6 million still have a right to wear whatever they want. It is up to them.

          • says:

            You’re absolutely right. Nowhere did I indicate otherwise. Plus, the rest of us 6 BILLION have a right to the opinion that they look age inappropriate doing so.

          • says:

            Your right that they have a right to their opinion … Sad that it is to judge others, however MANY they may be and who is to judge exactly how many there are. It was an opinion that it was LESS

          • says:

            And thinking Tina Turner isn’t a judgment? It is. It’s just a positive one.

            There are approx 6 billion people on planet earth. That’s not a “judgement”. It’s a fact.

  54. says:

    Mick Jaggar looked like he was 60 at age 30. He still looks the same.

  55. says:

    Thanks AlRussell and others. How about Mel Gibson? Once a truly handsome guy, he now looks saggier and baggier than his age. Mickey Rourke a p surgery casualty to be sure, but man, gonna be hard to see him as a leading man again, Tommy Lee Jones? Agaain, his rough looks were part of his charm but he’s looking like one big wrinkle. Joe Pesci( Never a leading man but he looks like a large anmal flattened his head.

  56. says:

    Good fashion sense would include losing the heavy, aging black eyeliner and the teen-age straggly locks.

  57. says:

    And covering the Skeletor chest.

  58. says:

    I dunno, I think they’re flattering and part of her look.

  59. says:

    She does not look 40 or 60. The Media are the biggest, meanest bullies around. They find a young woman struggling and throw everything negative they’ve got at her. They do it to all the famous people. If they can drag them down, they will smile while doing it. Cruel

  60. says:

    UM,,,you need to make a distinction as to WHICH Michelle Williams. This one I have never heard of.

  61. says:

    Yes but men are expected to get ugly as they get older!

    • says:

      I disagree, men are generally said to improve with age, though I do agree that many don’t merit inclusion in the “fine wine” handwave. There is far less pressure on men to stay beautiful; how often do you see an average-to-unattractive or fat actress paired with a good-looking man onscreen, compared to the vice-versa situation?

    • says:

      You got that backwards. In our unforgiving society, women are the ones who become “old hags” while men become “distinguished.”

    • says:

      most women i’ve known say men get better with age.

  62. says:

    Linsey Lohan has looked over 40 for at least 5 years now. Miley Cyrus is catching up FAST

  63. says:

    Lohan looks the worst. Rode hard and put up wet!!!

  64. says:

    The writer says that some of these women look like they’re pushing 40 as if 40 is old. I’m turning 40 this year and look like I’m in my mid 20s. Besides, Lohan looks like she’s older than 40.

  65. says:

    None of them look horrid or particularly aged. Someone clearly doesn’t know what human beings in person actually look like.

  66. says:

    Why is Miley Cyrus on here? She’s so gorgeous!!

  67. says:

    Miley Cyrus WAS a beautiful young woman. Now she looks like 40 year old trash.

  68. says:

    This is one disgusting, woman-hating “article.” Why no mention of the aging men out there? It’s a disgrace that this made it on your webpage.

  69. says:

    Now this just mean and SO rude!!!!!

  70. says:

    Saved by the Bell Lisa Turtle doesn’t look old it’s the make-up, which doesn’t do her any justice, especially that lipstick, yuck; get that junk of your face Lisa!!!!

  71. says:

    Well,at least Miley is pretty.She looks younger without makeup,of course,you’re gonna look older with makeup.

  72. says:

    I guess the VooDoo spell is working on the Jenner sisters.

  73. says:


  74. says:

    This is a really mean article. What’s the point of this, besides negativity? I’d rather focus on who looks great instead of who doesn’t. And if Dakota Fanning looks old, then we’re all in trouble.

  75. says:

    Few hippos live to be 23, so Adele is aging well!

    • says:

      I would enjoy the opportunity to critique your photo. Are you game. Anyone else want to join me, the more opinions the merrier.

      Cummon, Pugiron. Post your photo.

  76. says:

    In case this is not obvious to the writer and publisher of this article, you are part of the problem.

  77. says:

    What a waster of an article. Let people be.

  78. says:

    Because the only one that gets targeted for their looks alone and judged on their looks alone and decried as having NO value if their looks are not up to some arbitrary Snark Journalist’s standard are women.

    And “Goober”? Really?

    • says:

      And it has always been that way.

      • says:

        And flies have always eaten crap. Doesn’t mean you have to act like a fly.

      • says:

        That doesn’t make it right and I believe that will change (is changing) due to a little something called “progression.” You should try it, GOOBER..

      • says:

        And that’s the way YOU like it cuz you’re probably some ugly bald nightmare.

      • says:

        no…it has not always been that way…fyi. This is a created bad behavior that has been created to make money… by instilling fear and self loathing it creates unnecessary and often harmful products, procedures and products. I find it loathsome and pathetic that the author is likely a young woman who faces her own self loathing and spews it out inflicting harm on the next generation of girls…instead of be part of developing a healthier environment for our next generation of girls and women. Shame shame… better check into that ol’ “karma” theory dear author. Heard she’s a real B. ;-)

    • says:

      Women’s looks are a bigger commodity than mens looks. Women’s looks are used to sell a plethora of goods, products and services movies & TV shows. Good looking women drive consumerism though advertising campaigns & are a staple of magazine publishing. The beauty & grooming industry is built directly upon the good looks of women to remain viable. Women by far & away collect hefty endorsement checks & can make lucrative careers for their “good” looks. Female beauty sells much, much more than male beauty. “Woman is the glory of man.”

  79. says:

    Those Jenner girls are aging very nice..beautiful girls ! Why would they be considered aging BAD ?

  80. says:

    Michelle looks beautiful. The write & publisher of this article is an idiot!

  81. says:

    this article is really really mean

  82. says:

    exactly, thank-you!

  83. says:

    couldn’t have stated it better myself, and i would love to see the troll who wrote this garbage

  84. says:

    are you crazy? kendall jenner is beautiful. why do you think top model agencies wanted her to work for them. i do think she was dumb to turn down contracts however.

  85. says:

    miley cyrus is just wearing too much make-up in this shot. she looks exactly like her mother, tish cyrus. google image it.

  86. says:

    I have to agree-there are plenty of male celebs who are frightening. Mickey Roarke, for example……

  87. says:

    This was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. 1) There’s no men mentioned when there are plenty that look as if they’re going to keel over any second and they happen to be young. 2) Some of these women look about their age. The author is putting some of the people’s clothing and style into it when that doesn’t mean someone is aging badly it just means they made bad clothing choices. This was a waste of time.

  88. says:

    Being 16 and 14 looking like 20 is “aging badly”? Are you serious? This is ridiculous.

  89. says:

    I can’t take your comment seriously at all since it senseless. It’s disgusting since it sets up unrealistic expectations of having a valid point that relates to the conversation.

  90. says:

    I’m not a keeping up with the Kardashians fan or anything…but the Jenner girls are definitely not aging badly. . .

  91. says:

    It’s not that serious… In fact, they do look a little worn for their age.
    .They really shouldn’t give mental patients internet privileges. Most of you people are nuts.

  92. says:

    Are you kidding me? This list has children on it, actual children.

  93. says:

    Wow! The so-called author of this vapid article is unattractive by any standard, inside and out. -you can find pic on google.

  94. says:

    Charlie Sheen looks almost as old as his dad.

  95. says:

    This is so incorrect. Some photos thought Debbie Harry was LIndsay Lohen, not the only way around. Debbie is 66 and looks great, but seriously, get your facts straight, article writer.

  96. says:

    This article is horrific. Being 16 and looking older doesn’t mean you are “aging badly”. There aren’t even any older people on here!!! Having an “older” hairstyle does not mean you are aging badly either! So does that mean no one can wear a retro style? Moronic! PS Adele is FLAWLESS wtf.

  97. says:

    Are you kidding; men make critical comments about women and other men too.

  98. says:

    they should take the jenner sisters off (who by way are REALLY GOOD LOOKING ) and replace them with the mary-kate and ashley olson who look as bad as linsey lohan

  99. says:

    miley looks banging!

  100. says:

    What about the 60 year old Charlie Sheen?

  101. says:

    I’m really not familiar with the Jennings sisters at all but I wouldn’t say they’re aging badly. It’s not hard for young/teenage women to look a little older with the right makeup. Take a look at the middle- and high-schoolers around you next time you hit the mall or movieplex; I guarantee you’ll see the same effect on everyday girls.

    • says:

      Makeup is probably also partly responsible for Miley and Dakota’s looks, but unlike the Jennings sisters they’ve had the stress of careers from an early age. And as for Adele – I don’t think she’d give a crap about being included in this list.

  102. says:

    Rachel Zoe is the only one I can bring myself to even somewhat agree with (I’ve watched her show and you can see it there too, not just in this pic) and even then she is still gorgeous. I think she just stresses too much.

  103. says:

    how shallow. beauty is the the inside.

  104. says:

    She looks like Heather on General Hospital.

  105. says:

    Hello?? We get older and it shows. We cannot be 20 foreverl. And someone writes an article about that….a stupid one at that. Can’t we celebrate getting older instead of worshipping a very small window of youth?

  106. says:

    Dakota, Miley, Adele, and Rachel all look their ages. Lindsay maybe a mess, but she is starting to look a bit better, so at least she isn’t looking as bad. The kardassian little sisters look older than me, and I’m 25, by the time they are 30 they will look 50.

    • says:

      Wait until you’re 40 and then see if you still think Rachel Zoe looks her age. I’m turning 40 this year and I thought Rachel was 50 (and aging poorly for 50). There is NO WAY she is only 40. I live in LaLa land, look exceptionally young, but have never had any work done of any kind. However, even friends of mine who are aging normally and trying to fight it with botox and the like do NOT look like Rachel. If I looked like Rachel at my age, to quote Rachel, ” I die”. It should always be kept in mind when viewing celebs: many have lied about their age. Especially females in the industry due to the ridiculous double standard. They also have egos and people telling them what they want to hear, so they think they can pass for younger, even when they can’t. Then they end up on some ridiculous article like this one.

  107. says:

    60 years old? Seems a bit exaggerated. But Lindsay seriously needs to start using NeriumAD, since that’s what all the other stars are using.

  108. says:

    Get over it

    • says:

      I hope someday you have a daughter and have to watch her go through the pressures girls experience (actually you’re probably going to be a deadbeat dad who doesn’t watch his daughter(s) do anything, my mistake)

  109. says:

    I think Bruce Jennings kids look better than the Kardasions . I cant stand THose famous for nothing types

  110. says:

    I dont think anybody on Here on the list looks bd , at all. I dont see the sense in this

  111. says:

    Hilarious! Gave me a good morning chuckle:)

  112. says:

    Our culture’s assinine obsession with age and looks equating that with self-worth is one of the most destructive things the media daily perpetuates. Do you feel proud that you presented this slide show? Have you no shame? YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. YOU!

  113. says:

    Nothing too bad to say about the lovely Jenner sisters…. Maybe because they STILL LOOK YOUNG you fkn idiots and will prob keep their mature, yet young looks well beyond their 20’s.

  114. says:

    It’s all women?! And most of them are women under 24? How can you tell an 18-year-old has aged badly?

  115. says:

    looking older doesn’t equal aging badly.

  116. says:

    Wow. I have to admit – I already thought Rachel Zoe *was* in her late 50s. Geez, you have to ask what happened? Sun worshipper? That or someone is lying about someone’s birthdate.

  117. says:

    They ask, “Did we miss anyone?”
    Well, you missed listing people who are acting much younger than they really are, which would be the authors of this article, who are acting like they are 8 years old.

  118. says:

    I would suggest some people get their eyes checked out. Dakota Fanning hardly passes for 12 years old, and Miley Cyrus might dress like a 29 year old, but she looks very young. And the Jenner sisters have hardly hit puberty yet, as usual, this is a pointless write up in an attempt to stir up some crap. I could have gone out back and watched my grass grow.

  119. says:


  120. says:

    That’s a terrible thing to say about anyone, especially publicly. Shame on you for this article!!

  121. says:

    I wonder what it means when they’re mostly white?

  122. says:

    These Kendall /Kylie Jenner girls r beautiful. Bruce & mother should be so proud of them.

  123. says:

    Should talk about the guys. No celeb in history has aged as badly as Jerry Mathers, with the possible exception of Sean Pean, who could pass for a mummy.

  124. says:

    Kardashians/Jenners have no socially redeeming value whatsoever.

  125. says:

    Poor Miley. Following in Lindsay Lohan’s footsteps, I’m afraid. Who is her stylist?

  126. says:


  127. says:

    hmm.. interesting. This is actually what most normal people look like on a daily basis! not bad at all really. But the plastic surgery should be limited — and really needs to stop going to extremes.

  128. says:

    These are just photos of people aging, why must it be called aging badly when it happens to everyone?? I could only hope to be as beautiful as some of these people. The human race is full of mean spirited people consumed with a jealousy that is born from their on insecurities. I have lost all hope in humanity.

  129. says:

    Someone has been “gathering moss.” Yikes Kate.

  130. says:

    Uh the Stones are all in their late 60s, nice try.

  131. says:

    Adele is beautiful! her hair is retro-awesome! you put down the teens for looking 20’s and 20’s for looking 40’s.

  132. says:

    More Kardashians….more ugly sticks bruised by the wack.

  133. says:

    What’s with all the plastic surgery on Bruce Jenner? And now he has a crooked eye!

  134. says:

    Put your picture on here, Punk. Let us analyze you!

  135. says:

    yes, you did, But women are remaking them. You know it, too, that;s why you all sound so freaked out..

  136. says:

    No, they were a fact. Like the earth being round. Lot’s of evidence.

  137. says:

    She’s beautiful inside and out!!!

  138. says:

    Kate Moss. arrrgghh

  139. says:

    this “article” is just mean spirited. I bet the fat, hood rat who wrote it looks 50x worse than anyone on here

  140. says:

    This is a gross display of sexism and celebrity bullying. I’m sure most of the people who wrote this article aren’t much to look at either.
    Grow up.

  141. says:

    Who`s Lindsay Lohan?

  142. says:

    Dakota Fanning? Really? she’s adorable. who wrote this nonsense

  143. says:

    This “article” is abhorrent. If there were ever a superfluous non-story, it’s allegations about how well or how poorly celebrities are aging. And only a tiny fraction of celebrities and non-celebrities alike are incapable of looking “bad” in a photograph. Who cares about this meaningless space filler? Styleblazer has seen the last of me.

    • says:

      And it is fairly ridiculous that the article scores the person on the basis of one photo.

    • says:

      And there’s no distinction between celebs that are truly aging badly (Lohan, Williams) and, who may be making non-age-appropriate fashion decisions (Adele, the Jenner teens), and those who may be perceived to be older than they are (Fanning).

    • says:

      Styleblazer has seen the first and last of me! I didn’t get past Lindsay because I didn’t even choose to open this site… not sure how got here. Decided to scroll down the comments to see if others feel as I do… Fortunately most have the same opinion as I. Are some people really so desperate for entertainment that they fill their minds with this trash?

  144. says:

    Any of the Kardashians could be put on this list. They started aging badly straight out of the womb.

    • says:

      That’s what the Dark Side of the Force does to people. :)

    • says:

      All of the Kardashian/Jenner girls are beautiful creatures. Kim is possible one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Even Khloe is a good looking woman. However, their actions and lifestyle is despicable and I’ll be happy when the fascination with their lives is over.

      • says:

        I agree that the Kardashian girls alonge with Beyonce,are drop dead gorgeous,You don’t have to like them,but stop pretending that they are ordinary looking.They are not.

  145. says:

    Should we all just hide when we no longer look like a youth?

    • says:

      that’s me who should be hiding then, its body facism, insane.

    • says:

      If more people focus on their inner beauty, than we would learn what real beauty is.
      My mother was beautiful at 72, she had few wrinkles and could have passed for a 50 something, before her illness. Why, because she had a inner beauty that made her beautiful on the outside.

  146. says:

    Seriously. I’m reading this and thinking “they’re still all better looking than you.” (“You” being the author and the commenters.)

    • says:

      Well if you make your living “in front” of the camera and not “behind” the camera in such glamor industries as modeling, movies & TV you have to look good. The person writing the article works “behind the camera” isn’t a celebrity, doesn’t get celebrity treatment wherever they go and they aren’t getting paid millions to work or endorse products & services. Celebs are “public” people open to criticisms because they make their living from the public taste.

  147. says:

    they may be famous, but they are people and they will age just like the rest of us, most of the time the camera waits to get a bad picture of famous people, or a picture of them eating a candy bar, we have all been there and who are we to judge them.

  148. says:

    Everyone is commenting about this only being about women. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Bruce Jenner a M. A. N. ???

  149. says:

    Wow. One man in the entire bunch? There are many more celebrity men aging badly than women because it’s still acceptable for men to age in Hollywood and not women. Not as much — but there’s still a radical difference. Did you think it would be more palatable for us if a woman wrote this piece? It’s just sad that someone would waste their time criticizing people for “aging badly”? Seriously? What a sad comment on this magazine.

  150. says:

    Did you miss anyone. If only you were a “celeb” you missed your old ugly face…

  151. says:

    all females? Did you miss Bruce Jenner on the list?

    • says:

      ha ha ha ~ he looks like a scary butch woman with bad plastic surgery. He reminds me of martina navratalova

  152. says:

    We are too caught up in the externals of human beings, look into the souls of these people. Aging isn’t tabu, it’s signs of mistakes that have a tendency to harden the physical features of young women who have made some poor choices. Instead of being themselves they have conformed to what the public expects of them. Be real and you will attract people who will accept for who and what you are.

  153. says:

    This “article” is abhorrent.

  154. says:

    Dudes, Stop tHE mADNESS..

  155. says:

    wash her face and put some clothes on her and she would still look 19. none of these woman look all that old. Goodness we do judge others harshly.

  156. says:

    Who the eff does this “writer” think she is: Mr. Blackwell? Snarky, snide and stupid are no way to go through life, sis.

  157. says:

    I like Adele’s hair!

  158. says:

    This just another attempt to drag people in to look at their page. “To us they look like they are about 3 years old”

  159. says:

    Would put a lot of money on the fact that the person writing this is a 25 year old who actually looks like a hag. Jealousy is a disease, get well soon!

  160. says:

    Whoever did this segment at StyleBlazer clearly has some weird agenda (or is either a complete idiot). The Jenner sisters? Come on. And Adele? Please! Your choices here make NO sense at all. NO FUN !!! I sense some major jealousy!!

  161. says:

    i think kylee jenner is by far and away the most beautiful of the family wow

  162. says:

    I disagree with the Jenner sisters being thrown in this mix. They’re lovely young ladies and if you take off all of the make-up, throw them in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans – they WILL ‘look their age’!

  163. says:

    Gosh some of them don’t look old at all. And pictures with no makeup? Come on. And it’s not the hair that makes Adelle look older, its the extra weight. Hollyweird is so critical.

  164. says:

    Hard to actually pay attention through the absurd amount of ads.

  165. says:

    Whoever wrote this article must have received their journalism degree from a 12 year old.

  166. says:

    This pic of Adele is SOOOOO old,she’s lost like 50 pounds since and The pic of Michelle Williams is not the Michelle Williams they were originally talking about, I don’t even recognize this Michelle Williams as much of a celebrity.

  167. says:

    Where’s Mischa Barton on this list?

  168. says:

    I agree. This is the worst thing since… The Republicans became what they are today.

  169. says:

    this is an awful article that attacks teens that are apparently “aging badly”. they are beautiful and this entire article had a taste of bitterness. literally one of the most tasteless things i’ve ever read.

  170. says:

    Bruce Jenner is 63 years old. Hello!!! He simply looks his age. What a bunch of hogwash this story is. I’m ashamed I wasted the 2 minutes.

  171. says:

    Why would these morons think 69yo Joan Van Ark is “aging badly”? Do they think she looks 70?

  172. says:

    Bruce Jenner’s face looks like a science experiment that failed. He is rich enough to have gotten the best. I cannot imagine looking in the mirror and seeing THAT every morning!!!!!!!!! BLECH!!!!

  173. says:

    Joan Van Ark is one scary looking broad. Why do these lunatics mess with their faces. All they have to do is remember what Michael Jackson’s face looked like and that should be enough to stop anyone from having any plastic surgery done to their face. Craziness!!

  174. says:

    OMG I’m gonna have nightmares with Joan Van Ark in them. SCARY!

  175. says:

    benjamin button in reverse???? he aged normally just backwards. So they’re saying they age normally just forward………

  176. says:

    To the person/people whom did this: You are not safe from aging. You are not safe from discrimination. You are not “cool”. And, you may not even be a decent person at all. You sound so jealous. Much like a misogynist. You really need to check yo-self. Seriously. If someone made you do this, quit. Life isn’t worth ***t without a soul.

  177. says:

    Will someone please explain to me how a 16 and 14 year old can be aging badly?

  178. says:

    Maybe if Styleblazer worried more about their ridiculously bad website than they do about aging celebs, the site would work better. Seriously, it’s the worst site I’ve ever visited. Your Webmaster should be ashamed of him or herself.

  179. says:

    I usually do not care about such things – but Kendall Jenner can come over anytime she wants and play “carnival” with me – as long as she doers not talk. You do know what “carnival” is – right?

  180. says:

    Mom is just a pimp – it’s that simple. I figured out how Bruce does it – a hefty allowance, plenty of golf, and a quart of scotch or bourbon a day.

  181. says:

    It was almost impossible to make it through the list because the excessive advertising on this site made pages load so slowly. That said. I agree with every ngative comment below about this article. Who are you self-appointed “Experts” anyway? Most of these folks looked just fine until you got to Bruce Jenner and La Toya Jackson (Just bad surgery,) and Joan van Ark (A really bad photo and a need for makeup and lipstick). Reallly only one person (Joan) fit with the theme of this trash article, which I believe was just self-important cheap shots by unimportant “Stylists.” Why don’t they comment on the horror figures that kept popping-up on the screen in the full page ad for L.A.Hair? They were a lot more scary than the beautiful Michele Williams.

  182. says:

    Would it have hurt to say WHICH Michelle Williams in the headline? Most of us will think of Heath Ledger’s babymama when we hear the name Michelle Williams (a/k/a the Dawson’s Creek star or dare I say the white Michelle Williams). What can you expect of this lame article when even the headline is lazy?

    • says:

      Exactly. This is the one I didn’t google at all because there are probably a million or more Michelle Williams just on google alone. So who is she?

  183. says:

    Miley Cyrus is drop dead Gorgeous,,,,,I ‘m thinking Mickey Rourke would have been a better pick.

  184. says:

    Y’all hold a double standard, don’t you? You bash these celebs for looking too old on the one hand and on the other hand you criticize them for submitting to cosmetic surgery.

  185. says:

    Wow. What a horribly rude article, first of all. Second of all, it’s written by someone who apparently doesn’t even know how to use spell-check but still gets published. Gross.

  186. says:

    Um, isn’t Bruce Jenner in his 60s? I’m not sure why he’s on the list, he’s going to look old because he is old, and he really doesn’t look that bad for an old white guy…

  187. says:

    Um, Bruce Jenner and Sammy Sosa are on the list too… So while it is predominately female, there are some males, although these are not the worst offending males. Steven Tyler comes to mind.

  188. says:

    okay. this is just mean. be nice.

  189. says:

    I agree with beekman, this article is filled with nonsense and serves no use except to belittle those pictured. Shame on me and the other readers for promoting this type of attacks.

  190. says:

    really bad page layout. one should be able to advance the photo in the same screen as the “next” button. I shouldn’t have to page down to find it.

  191. says:

    It’s her own fault.

  192. says:

    Joan is the saddest of all because she did this to herself. Sometimes just letting yourself age while staying stylish is the best way to go……she looks so bad that she really looks almost dead. :-(

  193. says:

    This article is just cruel and tasteless-and I dissagree; imagine how hurtful this must be to them and thier significan others, they may be looking at their loved ones in a different light thanks to you people

  194. says:

    Don’t be too hard on the author. Their job was to write an article that would get hundreds of comments. Mission accomplished.

  195. says:

    Oh well. I’m getting older too. It happens.

  196. says:

    You people are mean.

  197. says:

    Seriously? This is one of the stupidest articles I ever read. First, it should have been called “Stars who look older than they are”. Being 16 and looking 20 does not mean you are aging badly. 20 is not old and if I looked 20 when I was 16 I would have been very happy.

  198. says:

    This article was dumb. The last handful of photos didn’t even reveal how old the celebrities actually are. The ‘author’ just used each slot as an excuse to insult the people.

  199. says:

    No one simply looks at just ONE photo! The editors of this post must have looked at HUNDREDS of photos to find the single ones they posted. Keep that in mind!

  200. says:

    I’ve noticed many men in fashion are sexist. One of them is Karl Lagerfeld. Freaking old coot.

  201. says:

    Unbelievable! I got to Kendall Jenner, who is absolutely stunning and yes, can pass for older than she is. How awful are you to say she is aging badly. What a god awful story and then you wonder why so many girls and women struggle with eating disorders. Now I know why I don’t I never have looked at your website before today.

    • says:

      Totally agree. I have never been to this website either and I will never be back again. There is NOTHING wrong with more than half of these people up here. Bashing a 16 year old because she looks like she’s 20-something? Our society is getting mentally sicker by the minute.

    • says:

      Definitely. What a stupid story.. which we all should have expected before clicking, of course ;)

      But seriously. Why do these women look “old”? Because you look gaunt if you only weigh 100 lbs, that’s why. I’ve been there. You can’t expect these ladies to weigh nothing yet have curvy legs, full busts, or any hint of baby fat in their faces.

    • says:

      agree! A 16 year old and a 15 year old on this list is preposterous. Every super model started in their mid-teens looking 20-30 years old. Also, the website itself is really no fun to read with all the ads and having to click next 15 times while the buttons jump around on you.

    • says:

      Joan Rivers when she wanted minor plastic surgery and her daughter said no -Joan replied how important it was to keep your self up especially in show business. (May not have gotten it as emphatic as she was) I just hope that all follow their OWN dreams not someone else’s.

    • says:

      I totally agree with ‘blown away” ! I also am new to this website and won’t be here again. What a ridiculous story! Lindsey Lohan is the only one who truly fits. Adele is smashingly beautiful and her bouffant hairstyles simply lend to her already interesting looks. And the Jenner sisters? They’re probably rolling around in their rooms, cell phones in hand, calling everyone they know because there is no BETTER compliment when you’re 16 to be told you look like you’re 20 something. Just ask my 16 year old daughter. This site is the equivalent of the National Enquirer–made up crap for an audience that didn’t make it pass the 8th grade. :(

      • says:

        adele is beautiful, that doesn’t change the fact that she looked middle aged at 21

      • says:

        And if they are going to bash people they should have equal numbers of men and women…… this is particularly skewed toward insulting women.
        I can only imagine this article may have been penned by a man…. probably a gay man…..

        • says:

          Nope!! Most gay men, I know have way more respect for women than that!! Just saying!! You can’t fight fire with fire Ms. Williams!!

    • says:

      Thank you for writing what you did… I somehow got to this site by looking up an unrelated article. How shallow and silly all of this is! And we wonder why the world is rapidly descending into hell! People are starving, nations are in upheaval, our own nation is about to collapse financially and has already collapsed morally, yet the sicko news people put this kind of garbage out as news? Who even cares what Lindsay or anyother “star” looks like? I have better things to focus my mind on… Like how to give my children, and others I reach out to, a half way decent life these days!

      • says:

        good for you. These are not “dumb” sites they are sites that apparantly people want or they wouldn’t exist. It’s a fact. Period. People are interested in celebrities, real or perceived. Can’t blame the reader and blame never helps. Perhaps as a society, we should just stop demanding by inference “bad and negative” news. Historically, look at the highest selling magzine covers and there ya have it. SO, there are ways to make this stop and even one voice
        is better than none at all bu if all voices ring th same maybe we can make the change we really need and “women”…we need to stand by one another and that is not up for debate.

    • says:

      Agree. You people writing this are horrible criticizing people’s looks. How ridiculous and stupid this is.

    • says:

      So true what is wrong these people?

    • says:

      Agreed; it’s completely ridiculous. Also, teenagers that are often mistaken for more mature adults usually age BETTER than their peers later on in life. What rubbish.

    • says:

      I couldn’t agree more…Kendall Jenner looks gorgeous and its AWESOME in my opinion that she looks a little bit older. The writer of this article is absolutely shallow…What heinous things this website endorses (I’ve never been before) — I mean, seriously, you wonder why girls keep struggling with their body image. I’ll bet Style Blazer will publicly say “We support girl’s image! Be prideful with who you are!” And then in order to get hits, they write shallow, bs like “look at this aging 16 year old. She passes for a 20 year old” Like that’s a BAD thing. Take this crap off, Style Blazer, or you may find yourself in a heap of publicity troubles soon.

    • says:

      I Second that… Why would you discourage the natural beauty when it’s seen or expressed, even via makeup. The Jenner girls are absolute role models and always seem at ease with themselves, as every young woman should be. Ease up on the harsh criticism… I hope this works in the future because I won’t be tapping onto this site again myself, either. What a bummer?!!!

    • says:

      Both of the Jenner girls are gorgeous. Yes they look older than they are, but aging badly…hardly!

    • says:

      This whole damn article is crap. Aside from the youngsters, people just age, you can’t expect them to look 20 at 40. Now to the young ones, they’re in those ages where it gets extremely difficult to gauge their youth and it’ll stay that way until they’re in their mid-20s at least. This is why I absolutely HATE tabloid journalism. Lowest form of a low form.

  202. says:

    The Jenner girls look more mature then their yrs, but “aging badly”? Give me a break, they’re both stunning!

  203. says:

    Lindsey who?

  204. says:

    so i just stumbled across this list randomly… and the fact that youve spent time on something like this…. is astounding pathetic. youll sit hear and talk about em, but really?? all this is so very ….. wait… it won’t change anything if i called it out.. keep talking away about people in a fashion so they can not criticize you. enjoy the fulfilling life.

  205. says:

    so i just stumbled across this list randomly… and the fact that youve spent time on something like this…. is astounding pathetic. youll sit hear and talk about em, but really?? all this is so very ….. wait… it won’t change anything if i called it out.. keep talking away about people in a fashion so they can not criticize you. enjoy the fulfiling life.

  206. says:

    Hey Mr. Styleblazer! or whoever wrote this article.::: You must be the make-up artist…..cause you had to make up everything you just said about these celebrities AGING badly! Better see an optometrist for your ‘AGING’ eyes. You ain’t right!!!!

  207. says:

    these bs pictures were doctered it says the totaly lack of morals of writer and pictures showed

  208. says:

    Awesome article, I think ugly people should just disappear from our life, especially a TV.
    When kids see ugly people they get scared, one day they can die from ugliness shock

    Think about the Children!

  209. says:

    Please fire the person who wrote this piece of junk. I promise you…the public is smarter than this. We will read interesting intelligent articles if given a chance.

  210. says:

    Stupid article. But I have to keep asking … What? No Brad Pitt?

  211. says:

    This publication is such a waste of time and space. The writing subsequently is horrible, and it doesn’t stay on topic (age versus plastic surgery etc). Sickening how trite and hyper-critical we have become. Why do publications like this exist (well obviously because people want them – the heart of the problem). Disgusted.

  212. says:

    knifed up bimbo? 16 pass for 20’s? you people are petty and self righteous. I suggest you take a look in the mirror before you judge others. This whole article is pathetic.

  213. says:

    Lohan looks DEAD in that photo! the “blush”(if that is what it is) on her cheeks looks like bruises

  214. says:

    I think the writer of this article got up on the wrong side of the bed. A few of these people simply looked older than their actual years. Kate Moss – well I’d have to agree with that one. Most of these people look the way they do because of too much cosmetic surgery. There’s quite a difference between that and not aging well.

  215. says:

    It’s not what’s on the outside it’s the inside that counts, life is short, get a life.

  216. says:

    Thank you for contributing to self hate among women.As a man I cannot believe how unbelievably inappropriate this article is.Style Blazer? How about Self Image destroyer…You should be ashamed of yourselves…

  217. says:

    Drugs age a person fast. Living in the fast lane has its downside! Pure stupidity to use after so many busts! Stupid definition=doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. That is also the definition for insanity!

  218. says:

    We don’t need Lindsay Lohen any more, we’ve got Emma Stone now. She’s a younger version of the same look and even more talented. So, go away Lindsay, your presence is no longer needed nor required.

  219. says:

    not sure how this is a lot of aging badly when you have 14 and 16 year olds on the site. when I think of aging, I think of the older actors. they haven’t even finish the awkward stage of puberty yet. Lil kim aging badly, is hardly the thing, it is lil Kim and horrible plastic surgery and the same with Sammy Sosa. Joan Ark looks as if she has some type of medical condition not just aging poorly.

  220. says:

    Did you miss anyone? YES! Jennifer Aniston! She’s aged at least 20 YEARS in the last FIVE!
    I think she’ still–and increasingly!–regretting botching up, and tossing asunder, a life and family with Brad, in favour of the party life she thought was so much more important–BIG mistake, Jennifer–BIGG! HUGE!!!

  221. says:

    StyleBlazer, Your must be toasted!

  222. says:

    This article sounds like it was written by a fat chick who’s just jealous of celebs that are really thin.

  223. says:

    I’ve never been to this site and won’t be back. The Jenner sisters are stunning and Kate Moss was in a car accident. Insensitive losers.

  224. says:

    Bruce Jenner looks like the Joker from Batman.

  225. says:

    joan van ark looks like a zombie!!!!!

  226. says:

    Stupid sadistic site. MSM is all about fostering insecurity in the population so they will buy more products. That is why stars need to be excessively thin, to make everyone else feel fat and turn to diet products. Apparently now we are all supposed to buy anti aging products too! Whoever thought of this is human garbage!

  227. says:

    yea Dakota looks really bad…on her day off, probably going to the grocery store…WTF is wrong with these people, I would hate to say what they would say about me on my lazy days :::shudder:::

  228. says:

    Looking mature for your age doesn’t mean you’re aging badly or are ugly. again, there IS a difference.

  229. says:

    OMG, Knifed up bimbo?? Lets take a look at you. I’m really curious now. She’s beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with her.. YOU are what’s wrong with this world today. YOU are the contributory factor in negative body images for young girls and even older women. You’re just a sicko trying to bang a buck outta the company that hired you. But then again, with the way you type think, any publicity is good publicity.

  230. says:

    I have to say that the author of this piece is right on!! The Jenner girls do look alot older then they are and Bruce Jenner looks like some kind of plastic surgery freakshow…And most of the other ones are hideous as well. the truth hurts but especially Heidi Montag.. My GOD is that the biggest argument against plastic surgery??? I mean really.

  231. says:

    We all age in time and there is no way around it. But why worry until it’s your time. Way to go!! Let’s tell an already unstable Lindsey she looks 40 or even 60. R U Crazy??!!

  232. says:

    ppl pls stop commenting on these pages, lists are a way for sites to run traffic, come here go to 15 pages they get credit for 15 pages of ads views, they dont care the stupider the list the morem traffic, you and me (in this instance) are mere pawns.

  233. says:

    Heidi Montag looks like she has balloons in there for boobs! You can see the silicone implant outlines. She’s just plain ugly – an odd charioteerof a female – a joke.

  234. says:

    Bruce Jenner looks like a girly boy loosing his hair.

  235. says:

    Michele needs to drop a few hundred pounds.

  236. says:

    Bruce Jenner looks like an 90 year old man, worn face, poor dye job on his hair with unclean dentures. He used to be fresh faced and handsome.

  237. says:

    Latoya Jackson looks like an off mickey mouse faced freak. She appears to be following in her brother’s footsteps. It’s no wonder she has to use “wardrobe malfunctions” to get attention. She is UGLY!

  238. says:

    Joan Van Ark looks like she is trying to change into a man. Notice the 5 o/clock shadow around her mouth and under her nose. She looks like an old used up junkie.

  239. says:

    The Jenner sisters? Are you kidding me? The underage Jenner sisters? They are teenaged girls who are flawlessly beautiful. How dare you.

  240. says:

    Joan Van Ark is so blue around the mouth that it’s likely she has a heart condition. Go to the doctor and check it out now!

  241. says:

    Many of these women and girls look sad, and tired. Not a real smile on any of them. Could it be that money, fame, and “looks” don’t equate happiness or bring real joy?

  242. says:

    indeed a stupid story – but with rampant plastic surgery among public figures, go figure. Duh. These people are aging as gracefully as one can age. Also factor in “true” age. Publicists have long made people younger than their birth dates. With all that’s going on in the world, THIS? I won’t be back, either.

  243. says:

    Oh puhleeze people…..they are in the public eye…..its the price you pay…..INTENSE SCRUTINY! The article is right about the Jenner sisters…..when I was 14 I looked like a little kid playing dress-up. Those girls look much older!

  244. says:

    Whoever created this should find a new line of work, and get laid to relieve all the anger from within….

  245. says:

    Yeah, that Kendall Jenner better get some plastic surgery real soon. She looks so OLD. Come on. A 16 year-old looking like she’s 20 is really not even in the ballpark of shocking these days. She looks like a lovely young lady, reminiscent of the gorgeous Angie Harmon. I am sure there are other celebrities who could have been in this slot. BTW, I have not been all the way through the list, but are there any men on it or is it all tsk-tsks about female celebrities? If it is the latter, we have so much farther to go before we realize that not every female celebrity needs to look like perfection itself.

  246. says:

    I clicked on this stupid story only to say shame on whoever wrote it! Don’t you have something more constructive to do than criticize high profile people for their appearance?! What a useless unproductive life you lead. I feel sorry for you.

  247. says:

    This started with comparing someones look to how old they appear then degenerated into just bashing ugly people. Terrible. Stay on target, please.

  248. says:

    what a coincidence that all of these “badly aging” celebrities are female! why don’t you turds take a look at all the repellent male “celebrities” who all look like danny devito? wake up or else the entire world will know who you “celebrity writers” really are–a bunch of misogynistic gay men with too much time on their hands.

  249. says:

    those ARE dentures.

  250. says:

    Its clear that this website absolutely hates women, no matter what their age. Shame on them.

  251. says:

    So I’m done commenting here. The story is 2 months old and I’ve got other better things to move on to.

  252. says:

    Obviously Style Blazer had decided to reach down to the very bottom of the barrel for a story line. It appears to me that they think that the average reading audience is infantile and incapable of responding intelligently to a newsworthy story. I stopped reading this article after the first few words, when I realized the banality of it all. This was my first time on this website, and it will be my last as well. I would like to see who wrote this story to discover how well they are aging. I believe that editor’s approve stories to be reported. There are much more important things going on in the world to address. This is trivial, abhorrent and not worth the “paper” it is written on,. This website appears to have ‘stooped to a new low.’

  253. says:

    Gross. Whoever decided this was a good concept for a slideshow should help women out and find a different career. Plastic surgeon, perhaps?

  254. says:

    she needs to stop plastic surgery, fullers fillers, watever she’s doing to herself. all u need is proper nutrition. all the celebrity advisors, stylist, helpers need to get evaluated or evn fired. i don’t think they have the actor/ singers best interest.

  255. says:

    This website is one of the most aggravating I have visited. I have a high-end PC with tons of memory and graphics suitable for a hard-core gamer. Are you using a laptop for your web server? This on top of the competing audio. At one point, it sounded as if I was listening to the babble of a crowd at a large, busy airport. I only had one window open. This is my first and last time to this web site. Really poor design.

    As for the celebs, I don’t know some of them, but Zoe Rachel (??) simply looked her age. Before reading the blurb for the ones I didn’t recognise, I mentally guessed age. I guessed her at 40 thinking she must be in her 20s to be on this list. Surprisingly, her age is 40.

  256. says:

    Couldn’t get through all the pictures as my anti-virus was overloaded with blocking all the spam from this site. Waste of time.

  257. says:

    Your thinking is exactly whats wrong with society. Pains me to say, you are telling the truth but you and others that think like you are complete d-bags.

  258. says:

    Correction: no one takes a nutcase like you (Stephen) seriously.

  259. says:

    Your username suits you well…

  260. says:

    I do think Rachel Zoe is anorexic. She is way too thin and she is always covered from head to toe. This is a case book anorexic!

  261. says:

    OMG!!! Joan Van Ark is really SCAREY!!!!

  262. says:

    kendall jenner passing for 20..aging badly? The author of this piece should be flossing with Charmin.

  263. says:

    Zoes’s assistant said her diet is ‘lattes and mineral water” her GD ribs are showing, her eyes are hollowed out! Close to skeletal….is that to die for fashion??

  264. says:

    how do these women wear those itchy GD wigs 24/7…even Whitney had one tight on her head when she died in the tub!!

  265. says:

    bleached skin, too many nose jobs, bad weave…tacky as hell clothes…and her lyrics…talk about filthy gutter talk…

  266. says:

    *cough* on the OPPOSITE, more “sunny” side of the spectrum – jane fonda; michelle pfeiffer; helen mirren; diane lane; courteney cox …. THOSE are some beautiful women for their age (or any age)

  267. says:

    This article was too hard to read – over 30 links? I quit after three.

  268. says:

    Some female stars are aging quickly. SO WHAT? How is that going to make an impact on my life?

  269. says:

    “Aging badly” – what kind of moron are you? Both Jenner girls are beautiful. If you are looking for people aging badly look at their father, or Joan Rivers, or all of those other “plastic people” out there. Leave the natural beauties alone!

  270. says:

    What? now 14 year olds are aging ? Give me a break , we all age! Is it to your liking, is the question.

  271. says:

    Only if he has money. Let’s be real about it!

  272. says:

    When she was little, she already looked like an OLD LADY…

  273. says:

    Whoever wrote this must be butt ugly. While a few of these folks are not at their best in these pictures, to sit in judgment is just plain mean and without any merit of any kind. In pre-internet days these types of comments would not see the light of day.

  274. says:

    The Jenner girls are absolutely gorgeous! I am amazed anyone would say/think such ridiculous things! I am far too old to say they are stunning,but they are!

  275. says:

    There are so many invasive and poorly contained ADS jumping out and disabling your site that it is not worth the struggle to read a few articles and TRY to scroll through the photos while getting bumped from one sale to the other. very frustrating since it is a royal pain.

  276. says:

    The comments were write on point. The Jenners who are little girls are dressed up, made up, and styled up like they are adults. They do look like they are in their twenties..I don’t think it is insulting, it’s the truth. They may want to check their styles. There is lots of time to be grown up when you grow up. There is no need to push it.

  277. says:

    I disagree with the writer of this article who says that “24 year old Adele looks 15 years older than her age”. Adele is a beauty who doesn’t dress like a sl*t like so many American actress/singers do. I hope she doesn’t give into pressure from ‘Hollywood” and change her style.

  278. says:

    Lindsey Lohan looks depressed, withdrawn, ghostly pale white and sickly compared to the others who look healthy and vibrant with nice facial color. The lack of healthy color in Lindsey’s face and her aging looks is not natural if caused by drug abuse and excessive partying. A healthy 25-year old taking proper care of herself does not normally look like 40 or 60 at age 25.
    I pray she gets a grip on the situation before she dies young. But what shocks me the most is the people who wrote this article have no clue of the difference between normal aging due to one’s years and abnormal aging brought on by a damaging and self-destructive existence of drug abuse and excessive partying. Lohan is the only one of bunch who looks genuinely unwell and unnaturally aged.

  279. says:


  280. says:

    Bruce Jenner is the WORST – – his once great looks have turned into a plastic monster!

  281. says:

    Okay, so she went to the Pamela Anderson School of Enhancements. What eligible male wouldn’t hit on Heidi, if she were on the market? I guessed 25, and I was right. And I’ll bet a nickel that she looks hotter than anyone at StyleBlazer.

    And the Jenners? SRSLY? I didn’t know who they were, but teenage girls try their best to look older than they are.

    Yeah, LaToya belongs, but my CAT isn’t as catty as the ladies of BS– er, I mean, SB.

  282. says:

    What is really stunning to me about these photos is “:Who are these people?”. Oh, I recognize a few names, can’t tell you what they do except get their pix taken. Who cares what Lohan is doing? Such a loser; she’ll be dead in 10 years. Too bad, but so what. Sorry, I got to this site through another news story. But, what a world we live in. No wonder USA is going to hell in a hand basket.

  283. says:

    they look like cartoons!

  284. says:

    lol look at all the people with rage faces! umadbruhs?

  285. says:

    I believe that I saw Joan Van Ark when I paid Noah a visit on his Ark

  286. says:

    “…This knifed up bimbo”?! This is a ridiculous article. Shame on you. Stop passing judgement and focus on the beauty in others. How do we expect our teenage girls to grow up as confident young women when they are bombarded by negativity? This is just appalling.

  287. says:

    Hell, most 16 year olds would think it’s great to pass for being in their 20s

  288. says:

    Blown Away is right. A 14 and a 16 year old passing for gorgeous 20-year-olds is not aging badly. What a moronic article. Yea, I’ll never be back to this site either.

  289. says:

    I wonder what the person who wrote this looks like?

  290. says:

    Last time I come to StyleBlazer……. they are a pathetic website.

  291. says:

    I would have looked at these… but the same advertisement video popped up EACH TIME I changed pictures. Way to discourage me guys. I’m on to something else…

  292. says:

    if you want to talk about plastic surgery, then talk about that….leave everyone else out. Leave the teenagers alone!!!!

  293. says:

    I will ensure that this web site does not appear in my Google news feed again.

  294. says:

    This website is a MESS! Pop-ups, jerky navigantion, scrolling to hit the “next” button. Ugh.

  295. says:

    What a lame comment on the Jenner sisters. So what if they look older than 16 and 14, they look fine. I’m a high school coach and a lot of my female students look older but in no way are they aging badly. Shameless attempt y you.

  296. says:

    Clearly this article is written by hateful gay misogynist queens and bitter old women who hate other women (and a few men). Last time I look at this even by accident. Written and conceived by total scum. Fashionistas and the whole industry are pure BS anyway.

  297. says:

    I’m glad this article is written! Maybe it’ll make some teenage girls realize that their favorite stars don’t always look so “GLAMOROUS!” Maybe they’ll see that it’s “OK” to have flaws and look “different.”

  298. says:

    Chelsea Handler needs to be on here. Supposedly 36 but looks at least 15 years older.

  299. says:

    I know that now-adays you only need about 72 fans to be considered “famous”. However, would appreciate someone telling me who the hell is Michelle Williams?

  300. says:

    Aging badly doesn’t mean these people are ugly, it just means that these people look much older than they really are, which is a sign of aging badly. It has nothing to do with their physical appearance below their neck. It’s all about the face.They got old faces. LOL.

  301. says:

    In Lindsay’s case, it’s a matter of using the wrong color selections for make-up and hair. She’s clearly a warm complexion and is trying to go with cool colors.

  302. says:

    Kate Moss may have been cast as Granny in the upcoming remake of The Beverly Hillbillies, but no one can replace Irene Ryan.

  303. says:

    How is looking 20 a bad thing? What a dense article…

  304. says:

    This might be the most repulsive, dimwitted and worthless article yet written on Hollywood celebrities. Go back into your hole, Style Blazer.

  305. says:

    Bruce Jenner looks great for 62! What’s wrong with your people? Lets’ see how you all look!

  306. says:

    No Matt Damon? No Leo DiCaprio?

  307. says:

    For pete’s sake Joan Van Ark is 70! what do you expect??

  308. says:

    Glad you included Bruce Jenner. Once he was SOOOO handsome but now he’s just kind of scary!

  309. says:

    OMG!! I thought that he was around 20…

  310. says:

    on Dakota Fanning and some others like the Jenners – SB’s observations are absurd!

  311. says:

    I thought you meant the Michelle Williams from DAWSON’S CREEK. The one from DESTINY’S CHILD is ugly as sin!

  312. says:

    Kendall looks great! Very sophisticated!

  313. says:

    Honorable mentions…Katie Price, Mick Jagger, Robert Plant & Keith Richards!

  314. says:

    I saw her 6 weeks ago. She looked young and beautiful (she was brunette). TMZ ls a Lindsay bully.

  315. says:

    This is absolutely insane to say that the Jenner sisters are “Aging Badly” isn’t every teenagers goal to look older than they are? They are gorgeous! Somebody needs to get a life, or maybe get over their own aging problems!

  316. says:

    i stopped reading this because every god d@mn pic is on a separate page. sorry webmasters ill never be back.

  317. says:

    you people need to relax. you have your panties all in a bunch over nothing….
    i happen to agree, that everyone they have talked about is much older looking then they
    really are.. umm so what?? whats the big deal… you sound like a bunch of left wing
    wack jobs take a vacation, and relax people….

  318. says:

    If 14 and 16 years old put heavy make up and dress all this way, they are bound to look around 20. Big deal?

  319. says:

    when I was 14, I would have cried if someone told me i looked like a 20 something year old. That is not a compliment. If your 30 it is………………………. I’m 18 right now, and sitll would not appreciate looking older than my age. I’d rather look the age I am right now.

  320. says:

    people who play baseball in the SUN all day and stop when they retire GET LIGHTER. it’s common sense

  321. says:

    who is michelle williams>

  322. says:

    kathleen turner

  323. says:

    I reluctantly checked out this article….to my surprise I totally agree with 99% of these choices. Most of these celebrities brought their aged looks upon themselves with “plastic” surgery or fillers, or their “old” fashion sense or the wear & tear of living hard! Oh well some got some just don’t get it.:)

  324. says:

    In home country of Frugalistan we put females to work in fields, factories and mines and they are taught from birth to obey their man.

    Our women are productive and happy and too busy to cluck and squawk as biddies in other countries typically do.

  325. says:

    Well, this article DOES point out how important looks are to the talentless like those K sisters, Heidi Montag, those who live on their looks… looks are fleeting, what will these “famous” people do when their looks are gone?
    Missing from the list? Mickey Rourke!

  326. says:

    Lohan looks like she’s *pushing* 40?? My wife is 45 and looks far younger than Lohan.

  327. says:

    Beyonce AND the Kardashians are beautiful,NOT just attractive,and are smart enough to make the most of what God gave them.The jealousy towards these women is pathetic.They make their money honestly and are past “Attractive”.Their looks don’t make them better than others and don’t guarantee their happiness.

  328. says:

    I find it bizarre that anyone would find something negative to say about the appearance of someone this aesthetically flawless.

  329. says:

    You forgot Melanie Griffith

  330. says:

    It’s mean to put the Jenner sisters on here. Of course their caked on makeup can make them look much older. C’mon.

  331. says:

    You’re exact;y correct about the ghastly-looking Joan Van Ark and Bruce Jenner, both of whom have had too much plastic surgery and show it. Also, Miley Cyrus and Lindsey Lohan both look much too old for their age, sadly. However, Adele is a classic beauty who brings back the elegant, well-groomed beauty of earlier years – maybe the Jackie Kennedy era of the 60’s through the elegant eighties. With her style, she will look gorgeous well into her elderly years. She has a natural sophistication and the classic taste that is ageless and timeless. It’s a delight to see Adele and I hope she brings back the style that many of of love.

  332. says:

    obviously it impresses you if you remembered what type of card it was. i don’t think your average guy would know what type of credit card was used if he was taken out :x

  333. says:

    the jenner girls? are you serious? they’re young, healthy, beautiful, and practically glowing! aging badly? you need a new job. try flipping burgers

  334. says:

    I stopped reading when you cut down two young teenagers. Bully someone your own size and age.

  335. says:

    they’re all trash, all celebs except Jim Carrey and Roseanne!!!!!!!

  336. says:

    She is scary! PLEASE

  337. says:

    I think Bruce Jenner looks good for his age. He looks much younger than Betty White! ;p

  338. says:

    Okay, a lot of these are reaching but I have to say Miley Cyrus looks really bad.

  339. says:

    I suppose most of these people do look older than they actually are .. to the immature and envious 12 year olds who obviously write this tripe.

  340. says:

    LOL “knifed up bimbo”

  341. says:

    Good lord Joan Van Ark looks like a zombie Apocalypse victim.

  342. says:

    Geesh, lighten up you guys – it’s just all in fun!!! They’re KIDDING! (I hope)!

  343. says:

    redeemed themselves and got up and picked up the broken pieces. Some continue
    to drown themselves to their bad habits and doings. No matter what happened and
    will happen to them. As what quoted in showbiz industry, “bad or good,
    it’s still publicity!”


  344. says:

    these girls are beautiful. i agree, this is absurd.

  345. says:

    adele is gorgeous, and a nice break from cookie cutter plastic surgery types. do all women want to look like barbie?? it’s nice to see someone who looks like a real woman. and her pipes are amazing. what a voice!

  346. says:

    Let’s see, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts, that at least 3/4s of the tards writing this catty sort of nonsense talk with a lisp.

    Their focus is negative and superficial. A segment of society that is loud, obnoxious and has completely substituted good looks and celebrity for great works, bravery and nobility.

  347. says:


  348. says:

    Truly the most insulting and vacuous article I’ve ever read. I can’t imagine a more petty, mean or irritating article. It’s essentially bullying, except that because you’re a fashion magazine you think you’re being ‘catty’ and cute. You should be ashamed. This isn’t about fashion, it’s just cold-hearted, bitter,sniping.

  349. says:

    what are you talking about? I guess you are one of those dumb people who gobble up anything CNN or fox throw out there. You should know true journalism have stopped some time ago. What is being reported is mostly tabloid news. That is why the American population is dumber than your average variety. Travel around the world to understand my point.

  350. says:

    I dunno: I think Joan of Arc looks stunning and not a day over 100. You people can be so cruel!

  351. says:

    Wow, Miley looks awful.

  352. says:

    Yeah, I’ll say. Michelle Williams looks like she was never even born to white Australians!

  353. says:

    i’d love to hit it with Lindsay anytime.

  354. says:

    No, I’m sorry to tell you that Joan Van Ark so resembles a corpse its creepy.

  355. says:

    Seriously you guys? It’s a shallow site, with shallow stories. It’s like skimming through the Enquirer. Read it or don’t. I’d like to know how they missed Melanie Griffith.

  356. says:

    I find it funny that all the older stars that are aging badly have had really bad plastic surgery. But to say that a young adult under 20 is aging badly is in bad taste. Just because someone looks older than their age doesn’t mean they are aging badly. When I was 12
    I could pass for 16 and when I was 18 I was constantly carded when i bought cigarettes. I finally stopped being carded at bars 5 years ago and now at 39 people tell me I look like I am 26. One day it will catch up to me I am sure as everyone eventually look their age or worse.

  357. says:

    Latoya looks like Alvin the Chipmunk – just sayin.

  358. says:

    Judge not others, lest ye be judged and found lacking.

  359. says:

    Aging badly? Kendall Jenner? are you kidding me? So she looks older than her age. That does not mean she is aging badly. Give us a break!

  360. says:

    Not surprising you’ve missed the point of the article. Compared and contrast the older celebs w/ the younger ones. It’s a vicious cycle that the young ones will relive. Does anyone pay attention and learn from other’s pasts?

  361. says:

    They all look awful and older than they are, so much for aging gracefully.

  362. says:

    Sammy Sosa needs to be pitied! Such self hatred, sad, very sad….

  363. says:

    no. 8 adele, there SOOOOOO right. I thought she was 40!!!

  364. says:

    The title of this article was “Stars Who Are Aging Badly”, are you kidding me? Kendall Jenner may look older than her age but that does not mean she is aging badly. She is stunningly beautiful.

  365. says:

    Are you kidding me? Is this the best you can come up with?The people who did this page how old looking are you? that’s life It is a subtle transformation, we all age.have you had your face lift yet?give me a doggone brake. at least they are among the living

  366. says:

    if kendall, kylie and miley took off all their makeup and were in everyday chlothes, they would look so much younger. also it’s not that these stars are aging badly. some are just aging better.not most 40 year olds can look like jlo

  367. says:

    just because someone looks older than they actually are doesnt mean that they are aging badly. Everyone is ages differently but just because a 16 t0 18 years old looks like she is 20 something doesnt mean they are aging badly that is the way their body is progressing is all about how you take care of yourself, that is the only thing that matters

  368. says:

    Ooooo Ya. Yakity, yak. Judge the other fella like a good journalista. Lets tear and criticize anyone we can cause we can’t stand to look @ the mirror.

  369. says:

    Maybe people should just leave well enough alone, but they make their own ddcisions

    Some folks should just leave well enough alone, but, they make their own decisions about how they think they look.

  370. says:

    Sammy Sosa looks like Jimmy Kimmel

  371. says:

    If aging is looking 25, sign me up!

  372. says:

    We always wanted to look 21 when we were 16. Unbelievable, I wont be back here either.

  373. says:

    This is the work of gay men. Jealous , Gay men All us women know these women are still beautiful

  374. says:

    I would bone either one of the Jenner sisters!

  375. says:

    Kendall Jenner is smokin’. Can’t wait til she’s legal.

  376. says:

    why are these ALL FEMALES???

  377. says:

    You guys are missing Nikki Cox. Really, check her out.

  378. says:

    I dunno….they all look like a bunch of old bags to me and glad this site had the cajones
    to show them for what they really are.

  379. says:

    Hatred has become fashionable as we see by this and many other programs where nothing valuable is said and people are trashed for entertainment value. We’ve become like ancient Rome, classless, heartless, greedy and narcissistic, it reminds me of the horrible movie – Hunger Games – where young people are forced to kill each other to survive. All of these beautiful people are simply aging, period, nothing more or less, and there is nothing wrong with that. Ignore this article, these writers, and this hate-filled trend and turn your hearts and minds to the Divine Mother who loves us all whether we are perfect, flawed, missing parts or simply beaten down by life. And to you writers here….get a life, grow a soul and open your hearts. I’ll be praying for you…

  380. says:

    Thanks for this really important article! It never would have occurred to me that celebrities are just regular folks once you get past the botox, fame and fortunes.

  381. says:

    Only got on here because i was bored, but quickly realized Styleblazer site sucks and is nothing more than hollow gossip and opinions about people i have no connection with. BTW, the Jenner sisters are absolutely beautiful young ladies and far more beautiful than their half slsters, the Kardashians… who are nothing more than shallow mindless ho’s.

  382. says:

    You wish….

  383. says:

    Now wait a minute…I agree with the sentiments expressed here. Most of these pics were just fine and to call these women badly aging was ludicrous. HOWEVER….Joan Van Ark was ghastly!! Who did her makeup and hair! Her lips have disappeared! Those hideous drawn-on eyebrows! She looks like Nora Desmond in ‘Sunset Boulevard’! And the hair! Did she look in the mirror before leaving the house?? Atrocious!!!

  384. says:

    Julia Roberts says she will NEVER have plastic surgery…she should rethink that position cuz she is not aging well….

  385. says:

    ok michelle needs a better photo, jenner sisters look fabulous, when I was their age I looked 21 too, I bet they will be carded at a bar or for cigarettes, the fat one needs to lose weight, joan van ark is old, the other one that needs to stay out of bars is old too, latoya has on too much make-up & surgery, miley looks her age tone down the make-up bruce jenner anybody married to kris is going to age everybody else needs better photos

  386. says:

    OK. I HAD to stop at number 4 or 5! A. Who are these people? – LL aside and B. If you’re telling us about who’s ‘aging badly ‘at age 14 and 16, then all I can say is your magazine is aging even more rapidly if you launched in 1991 and are now 11 but looking like a total dino … sniff :)

  387. says:

    I love it that we are all standing up to this viral bullying. Enough is enough! These women are beautiful, why are you so mean?

  388. says:

    Wow, to say that the Jenner Sisters are aging badly is really pathetic. These girls are babies. They are teenagers who are currently models and who of course will look older bc that’s what modeling entails, other than flaunting your goods to the public. These girls are not aging badly, check in again when they are in their 30’s. I guess this (article) writer needed two more names to complete his/her piece that he/she decided to use the Jenner sisters. Poorly done.

  389. says:

    Rache Zoe really looks older than 40. If she was a bit fuller she would not look as old. And she just had a baby too. Amazing how this stick-figure person did not have much problem conceiving, yet Kourthney K and Guilanna R. are unable to do so.

  390. says:

    Of all the Jenners, Bruce is definitely the worse looking one in terms of aging. All that cosmetic surgeries make him look much much older and not very attractive.

  391. says:

    Uh…. Alec Baldwin and Larry Hagman….

  392. says:

    Take away the makeup and mature style clothes and you have a 14 year old.

  393. says:

    What a terrible message to send to young women in the world! You’re 16 and someone can actually write a blog claiming a 16 year old is “aging badly”? You ought to be ashamed of yourself!

  394. says:

    the writers for this site should be ashamed. what an incredibly obnoxious web site for shallow losers. it bothers me that CNN, which once was a reputable news source, allows garbage links like this to be related to their site. it’s bad enough this site has flash commercials on every page that you can’t stop, but goodness it’s full of malware and celebrity CRAP.

  395. says:

    This is not sexism, but your comment is truly sexist. An ordinary person does not even think of that or think of the “sexist imbalance” all the time. A complex-free person is not concerned to have a need to think up fifteen additional images to “balance” the women in the list.

  396. says:

    This article appeals to the lowest common denominator. People read it because they have a secret sadistic delight in seeing the beautiful, privileged ones “age badly.” (ourselves included, after all, we all read it.) However, I think it was really stupid to say that a 16 year old is aging badly. Anyway, I think these women actually look good. Why are they aging badly? Am I missing something?

  397. says:

    But is that so important? What is she like INSIDE? Looks are so superficial, and you magazine / media people forget that. True beauty is not measure by make-up.

  398. says:

    Kendall Jenner is absolutely stunning..puts the whole K family to shame

  399. says:

    What?! A 16 year old trying to look older?! That never happens.

  400. says:

    I vote for Anderson Cooper. That dude has had white hair since he was the host of the Mole. Remember that stupid show?

  401. says:

    Joan Van Ark has always struck me as unattractive; in this photo, she looks scary-freaky…

  402. says:

    This entire thing is blasphemous.

  403. says:

    Joan Van Ark is actually frightening. She doesn’t look fully human. You know, she looks like she’s going to follow in the footsteps of plastic surgery queen Jocelyn Wildenstein. Google her if you want to see something scary!

  404. says:

    All I can say is; I agree with you all whole heartedly. Society does have a twisted way of placing doubt and levels of insecurity in the minds of women/girls making them feel as though they do not measure up to the expectations of what society considers to be acceptable beauty.

  405. says:

    I saw Michelle Williams on there and thought, Are you kidding? There is almost no one in entertainment that looks more amazing. Then I got to page 2 and realized it is some Michelle Williams I’ve never heard of.

  406. says:

    The younger girls you commented on are actually trying to look older and more sophisticated. and most are doing a good job. Amazing how hard this writer had to work to be totally obnoxious. Get a real job or learn how to write.

  407. says:

    Who comes up with this tripe. Sounds like it comes from a focus group of aging drag queens.

  408. says:

    you, along with most on here, obviously didn’t go through the whole list.

  409. says:

    What a beyond stupid article. 14 and 16 year olds aging badly? Insulting Sammy Sosa when it’s widely know he has a loss of pigment issue. You should all be ashamed.

  410. says:

    Lohan will be dead within 10 years by her own hand.

  411. says:

    Who is writing this stuff? Because forgive me but you sound like a group of vicious gay men.

  412. says:

    No way does lindsey Lohan look near 60 years old. She is beautiful with bad gossip. The Jenners are beautiful all of them.Now I have to go and look to see who else the writer is jealous of!

  413. says:

    This is a creepy website.

  414. says:

    The point is people expect people with money and fame to look at the top of their game and as humans that is just impossible. We all age and we all have our flaws. Big F#ng deal! If someone is arrogant enough to think they can play with mother nature and win then they deserve what they get. The aging human face is beautiful. We have all been brainwashed to think that the only beauty is youth. BS! Get a life!

  415. says:

    Where is Pamela Anderson, she should be 1

  416. says:

    I like Cameron Diaz , but I think she is also ageing badly

  417. says:

    And Pamela Anderson should’ve be #1 on this list

  418. says:

    Aging badly yes some of them are,some of them just need to quit having plastic surgery, & the others need better stylists or they need to listen to their stylist.

  419. says:

    I actually remember when LaToya was beautiful.

  420. says:

    Wow…does Sammy Sosa have snap on plastic hair??

  421. says:

    I wonder if the person that wrote this realizes that it’s kind of a common thing with young girls (the 14 and 16 year olds they had in here that are related to Kim Kardashian I think it said) to try to dress/look older, it’s not until (in my opinion and from experiences) around late 20’s that women try to look younger.

  422. says:

    None of these folks even rate as “celebrities.” They are wannabes that People, Stylebrazer, OMG embrace because true celebrities—those with talent—are reclusive. Bruce Jenner is a celeb? Latoya? Ah…….not a chance.

  423. says:

    She looks like she just shaved her facial hair!

  424. says:

    So young ladies under 20 that look like they are in their 20s are aging badly? What idiot wrote this article?

  425. says:

    Kendall Jenner looks fantastic…. I’m just hoping she doesn’t try to look like her step-sisters!

  426. says:

    Re: Kendall Jennings – isn’t it the goal of most 16 year olds to look 20 or so? She’s not aging badly, she’s dressing in more adult clothing..that’s a big difference!

  427. says:

    Coco Jones (born 1998 but looks like a 20s version of JHud)

  428. says:

    This list, as so many on your site, is a piece of misogyny. What gives you the right to call women “monstrosities”? What allows you to say any of it? We all have our imperfections, and everyone ages. Just because they don’t looked photoshopped when they walk around in public doesn’t make ANY individual less beautiful. SHAME ON YOU.

  429. says:

    Today has been my first and last visit to “STYLEBLAZIN’BRANDS”. I have never seen such sloppy editing on a web site nor such outright–well, I’ll call it what it is–hate speech in the guise of entertainment. The photos are manipulated to suit the editorial (and I use that term loosely) point of view. Worse, the spelling, syntax, and overall grammar is just shoddy. This doesn’t even pass grade school level writing, with women used in place of woman and other obvious misspellings the norm rather than the occasional slip up. When it comes to my occasional escapist moods, I really don’t set the bar all that high, but certainly higher than THIS trash!

  430. says:

    The dandy came about in the 18th century not the middle ages which ended in the 15th century.

  431. says:

    yes very true but i think thats mainly because of very bad plastic surgery,at least for val kilmers case!!

  432. says:

    Really how did you forget kim Kardashian with all that plastic surgery she looks older?.You also forgot other women like Fergie,Christina Aguiera they look way older than they are.

  433. says:

    Lil Kim still looks adorable. I think her 80’s throwback got you confused.

  434. says:

    I think it”s more bad Plastic Surgery than Aging that makes them look terrible

  435. says:

    Bruce Jenner has been battling skin cancer for years, he is excused from the list.

  436. says:

    Rachel Zoe, Joan Van Ark, Latoya Jackson and Kate Moss are the only ones who really look aged from these particular photos. Ooops! I forgot that’s because these people really ARE old! Guess the series creator doesn’t understand the difference between unattractive vs. looking aged. Because someone like Sammy Sosa doesn’t look good doesn’t mean he looks older than the average man of his age which is 46. Same for Bruce Jenner who looks unattractive & too plastic but certainly doesn’t look older than the average old man of 65. The man is old a social security geezer get a clue!

  437. says:

    Medieval women were very over the top in their dress too. All the elaborate wigs, hair jewelry, ornate jewelry, corsets, undergarments, collars, bibs, fans, embroideries, powders, rouges & make up. The women of the nobility, the queens & great merchant families the Lucretia Borgia were extensively admired for their beauty & fashion. Female looks have always been the first reference. Today is nothing new.

  438. says:

    That Adele b**** is a fat pig! She has an awful personality too. Pure trash!

  439. says:

    It Should Say “Aging Beyond Their Years” Some Of Them Are Still Gorgeous, Just Look Older Than They Are, Like The Jenner Girls. They Are Beautiful, But Just Wear Makeup And Have A Fashion Sense Of Someone Twice Their Age, By No Means Bad Looking.

  440. says:

    An adolescent woman looking like a slightly older, early 20’s woman is not an example of aging badly.

  441. says:

    You forgot to mention Mickey Rourke and his lookalike twin sister Ellen Barkin.

  442. says:

    Rachel has had ‘work’ done since this photo and now looks better. How can a 20 year old be ‘aging badly’!!! How very silly!!!!

  443. says:

    Nothing like a nice current article from 2012

  444. says:

    You should just call all these articles 85 mc Donald s ads…so annoying and unreadable

  445. says:

    Lindsay Lohan looks like an old janitors mop. Good god!!!

  446. says:

    Why does lohan have flies buzzing around her head?
    Answer: Because she’s a chiphead.

  447. says:

    Ahhh, c’mon. Did you have to ruin my dinner?

  448. says:

    Get back in your time machine and set it for the middle ages.

  449. says:

    Joan Van Ark OMG!!! Number 13—-she looks like something out of a cheap horror movie. What the heck happened to her face. Did it turn to wax???

  450. says:

    Lit Kim looks like she’s doing her grand daddy.

  451. says:

    Sammy Sosa looks like the Boston Strangler.

  452. says:

    OMG! Joan Van Ark!! However she looked, it could not POSSIBLY have been worse than this.

  453. says:

    This is a shitty article written by shitty people. Many of these photos are just fine.

  454. says:

    Now who was that who was 16 at the time of this article was written 16 you say and looking like they were hitting 20. so someone resents anyone who over 20 well that’s America for you folks. Thank God my boss doesn’t cut off everyone who doesn’t look like a teen his damn place of business would be empty

  455. says:

    If u don’t Iike the subject matter don’t read it. You knew when you chose to read the article what it was about.

  456. says:

    I agree with the Rachel Zoe analysis. Decades of chain smoking and slamming lattes makes her look almost 60!

  457. says:

    You got some right and some wrong! For example the Jenner girls and Miley may look a bit older but they certainly aren’t aging “badly” To proclaim a teen is aging badly is ignorant. The Jenner girls look lean and fit. I’ll bet in 30 years, maybe even 20, they’ll look LOTS better than their half sisters.

  458. says:

    I think Rachel Zoe is an anorexic and it has taken a toll on her body and appearance. Last summer I saw a photo of her at the beach. Her body looked like that of an 70 year old concentration camp survivor. I’m surprised she’s still alive.

  459. says:

    Joan Van Ark would look great if she got a new makeup artist and possibly a new hair style.

  460. says:

    That’s mean to say about 2 kids.

  461. says:

    Except Kendall and Kylie aren’t 16 and 14 but whatever…

  462. says:

    This is a horrible post.


    I bet the writer for this blog aren’t all that.

    i might look younger than i am but i dont think thats a fckin reason to post horrible things abt ppl

    Just cuz they have fame or money doesnt mean they dont have feeling

  463. says:

    excuse the typo’s ..ha

  464. says:

    why are all the negative ads geared towards women? you have 2 men on this list and there are plenty of men who look older than they are

  465. says:

    not sure i guess so if my email in already in

  466. says:

    they are good at layer

  467. says:

    Did anyone notice that they got the ages of the jenner sisters wrong?

  468. says:

    This is journalism at its worst. Someone should write a piece on how surprised fans can be to see that a star has aged–yes, looks physically older than he or she did thirty years ago. Amazing. YouTube and movie reruns can freeze someone in time. Meanwhile, that 25 year old comedienne is now 55 and minding her own business at a quiet beach house, were it not for the intrusiveness of a zoom lens.

  469. says:

    Kendall Jenner is so much prettier than the other girls in the family. She is downright beautiful, and I doubt if she’d need much make-up and clothes to make her so. She is so natural. The others need the make-up, clothes, etc.,.

  470. says:

    Why did Sosa bleach his face? You know the answer to that one. He wants to be Caucasian. What minority doesn’t? Just look at the extremes Michael Jackson and his sister, LaToya, went to in their effort to become Caucasians.

  471. says:

    Kendall jenner is 18, not 16, kylie i 16. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT

  472. says:

    omg the author of this article is a piece of work. REALLY? 16 yr old aging badly? 1st off that has f-all to do with how this CHILD will age… secondly, how DARE you attack a child in such a jerk off manner. Utterly reprehensible…and mothers wonder why their daughters are so body conscious and stuggle so much with self loathing… its scum like YOU that contributes to this mysogenisic culture. Get a real job where you can’t harm others…creep!

    • says:

      oh and btw, I stopped reading article once I saw a lame A** adult so called professional, spewing bully’s words about a 16 year old CHILD!!! and I will never frequent your page again…buuh bye sponsors!

  473. says:

    Dakota Fanning is 18 and she’s “aging badly”?? Who writes this crap?

  474. says:

    I stopped at 3 out of disgust. I’m no Kardashian fan, but that girl at number 3 is just a child and if I’m not mistaken under 21. Then she sees this horrible list and has plastic surgery and the person who put this list together is the first to condemn her for it.

  475. says:

    La Toya Jackson is 58 years old and she doesn’t look as if she’s aged poorly.

  476. says:

    Bruce Jenner and Sammy Sosa are not male? And mine says 15 not 8

  477. says:

    Kylie Jenner is 16 & Kendall is 18, get your facts straight.

  478. says:

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