Uh-oh! There's One Couture Designer Who's NOT Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian (Get The Scoop!)

Uh-oh! There’s One Couture Designer Who’s NOT Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian (Get The Scoop!)

Well this is interesting. Over the weekend VOGUE’s Andre Leon Talley and couture designer Ralph Rucci, celebrated Ralph Rucci’s Lifetime Achievement Award given by the Savannah College of Art & Design with an over the top exhibit of Ralph Rucci’s work. Fashionista had the pleasure of getting the low down on why Beyoncé was late for the Met gala two weeks ago, the usage of the word couture and why Kim Kardashian was not invited to the Met Gala. Read on…

Beyoncé being late for the Met ball


Andre Leon Talley: Beyoncé was not slated to come. She decided to come last-minute when the dress [which he later said took 350 hours to sew] arrived at her house. She tried it on and then she said, ‘okay, I have to come.’ She did arrive at 8:55 and the ball had already started but it didn’t matter because she is Beyoncé.

The word “couture”


Ralph Rucci: The word couture is over used.

Andre Leon Talley: It is abused!

The infamous Kim Kardashian non-invite to the Met Gala


Andre Leon Talley: What’s shocking to me is how important the red carpet is. At one point I thought it was ruining [fashion] but I don’t think that anymore. I don’t think any celebrity can take away from fashion. Not even Kim Kardashian could take away from fashion…Though, of course, Kim Kardashian didn’t come to the Met Ball but [her boyfriend] Kanye West did.


Ralph Rucci: And see that’s the thing: Many people who I think are the celebrities, other people don’t think are the celebrities [implying that he doesn’t think Kim Kardashian is a celebrity.]


Robin Givhan: So would you ever dress Kim Kardashian?


Ralph Rucci: No, I think that’s bastardizing yourself [as a designer].



Yikes! This can’t be good for her boyfriend’s Kanye-fashion obsessed ego. Thoughts?



Tunisia Z. Wilson

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  • Baddvixentype

    I agree with Rucci. She aint a celebrity really…She doesnt deserve to be held up and anybodys standard or pedistal…she a no one…a very known no one…if that makes sense.

    • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

      That makes sense and I completely agree.

  • I don’t get it

    People swear this chick walks on water

  • Mystique

    I don’t blame him. Beyonce is the celebrity. K.Kardashian is a noboby trying to be somebody by hanging around with Beyonce. I think Beyonce tarnishing her good name hanging around something like K.Kardashian.

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