StyleBlazer Curvy Closet: The Best Dress For You! (Check Out Our Dress Guide)

  • YouGoneBuyIt?

    what happened to clothes people can actually afford??????$?

    • Takeshaa1

      4 real it cost less than that 2 look good. Don’t get caught up in the hype

  • Kris50

    No…no I won’t be adding a $525 sun dress to my closet. Even if I could afford it, I still wouldn’t pay that much for a regular sun dress.

    Whoever wrote this doesn’t have the greatest editing skills. I think you meant to say “IF you’re rocking a stretchy body con dress…”

    • Tini_1106

      I agree two hundred percent.

  • Leslie G

    The shirt dress would be great if you were top heavy with no bottom because then it would just be a shirt. That color block rachel roy dress would be awful on plus sizes because it has no structure. This article was half done

  • Rebekah

     A good conscience is to the soul what health is to
    the body; it preserves constant ease and serenity within us; and more
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  • guest

    I’m going to wear a chambray shirt?  I can buy that at Walmart.

  • bargain diva

    The dresses are cute, but wayyy out of my price range. No way I would ever think about buying a 500 dress smh. Next time please post “affordable” dresses… Thanks!

  • Ahb

    I have a blue sun dress like the $525 reddish tube top one. While it is probably not as dressy and a different fabric, I paid $12 for it at Old Navy. These prices are ridiculous!

    And you shouldn’t wear bodycon dresses simply because you have an hour glass figure. There are size 2 hg figures and size 20 hg figures. Those dresses aren’t for everyone!

  • EKinNC

    none of these models are plus size except the woman in the blue dress and the prices are outrageous

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