StyleBlazer Curvy Closet: The Best Dress For You! (Check Out Our Dress Guide)

StyleBlazer Curvy Closet: The Best Dress For You! (Check Out Our Dress Guide)

Summer’s officially on the way so it’s definitely time to stock up on sundresses! Your social calendar is probably filling up with special occasions, so the hunt for the perfect outfit is on. A killer dress is an instant winner and it makes life easier when you have a look that can translate from a day in the office to an evening outing. The Curvy Closet columns are designed to help you make decisions that will flatter your shape and make you feel like a million bucks, no matter what you wear.

This time around, we’re going to break it down for you with the Dress Guide. Check out some new designs you’ll want to add to your summer wardrobe.

Top Heavy

Dresses are designed to make you feel feminine and draw attention to the all the right places. Having adequate support up top without an exposed bra strap is key. Explore adjustable bras and sheer straps so you can avoid having to fuss with undergarments. Your best bet is to go for classic wrap dresses (see: DVF and Rachel Roy) and halters that will accentuate your bust. Also, a fuller skirt will instantly balance you out.

DVF The Denim Wrap Dress, $398

  • YouGoneBuyIt?

    what happened to clothes people can actually afford??????$?

    • Takeshaa1

      4 real it cost less than that 2 look good. Don’t get caught up in the hype

  • Kris50

    No…no I won’t be adding a $525 sun dress to my closet. Even if I could afford it, I still wouldn’t pay that much for a regular sun dress.

    Whoever wrote this doesn’t have the greatest editing skills. I think you meant to say “IF you’re rocking a stretchy body con dress…”

    • Tini_1106

      I agree two hundred percent.

  • The shirt dress would be great if you were top heavy with no bottom because then it would just be a shirt. That color block rachel roy dress would be awful on plus sizes because it has no structure. This article was half done

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  • guest

    I’m going to wear a chambray shirt?  I can buy that at Walmart.

  • bargain diva

    The dresses are cute, but wayyy out of my price range. No way I would ever think about buying a 500 dress smh. Next time please post “affordable” dresses… Thanks!

  • Ahb

    I have a blue sun dress like the $525 reddish tube top one. While it is probably not as dressy and a different fabric, I paid $12 for it at Old Navy. These prices are ridiculous!

    And you shouldn’t wear bodycon dresses simply because you have an hour glass figure. There are size 2 hg figures and size 20 hg figures. Those dresses aren’t for everyone!

  • EKinNC

    none of these models are plus size except the woman in the blue dress and the prices are outrageous