7 Celebs Who Share The Same Birthday (You Couldn't Have Guessed It!)

7 Celebs Who Share The Same Birthday (You Couldn’t Have Guessed It!)

You would be surprised to see which celebrities share the same birthday. If your into zodiac astrology, this could tell you everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite celebrities. Some of these pairs are exactly what we would have predicted, while others are polar opposites. Leaving us to wonder if the “bad boy” and “good girl” personas are all show. See who shares their special day with who…


January 16th

Aaliyah 1979,  Sade 1959

April 3rd

 Amanda Bynes 1986, Eddie Murphy 1961

May 16th

Megan Fox 1986, Janet Jackson 1966

May 5th

Adele 1988, Chris Brown 1989

September 4th

Beyoncé Knowles 1981, Damon Wayans 1960

June 1st

Heidi Klum 1973, Marilyn Monroe 1926


  • Spades6784

    lol i knew that had to be wrong.

  • Michael Jordan; February 17, 1963, Denise Richards February; 17, 1971, and Paris Hilton; February 17, 1981….mine February 17, 1975 😉

    • and me 2 17 83 🙂

    • also Billie Joe Armstrong, Larry the Cable Guy, and me all on February 17

  • ChamikaWalker

    Amy wine house and Nas share my bday September 14th cool

  • Augustisthebest

    August 8
    Meagan Goode
    Countess Vaughn
    JC Chavez..dude from Nsync
    Jimmy Jean Louis
    Divine Brown
    Lindsay Sloane
    A Princess in England
    A Princess from Canada (me)

    And plenty more

  • Libra

    You missed one where the celebs were even born in the same YEAR!! Chistina Milian & Serena Williams 26 September 1981! :))

    • Insatiable_qt2003

      My Bday is also Sept 26!!!

      Hey and isnt this funny (or not)…Amber Rose and Kim K have the SAME birthday! Both were born October 21.  Amber in 1983 and Kim in 1980.

  • bedstuy4eva

    Halle Berry and Magic Johnson August 14th

  • Guest

    May 27th
    Andre 3000 and Lisa left-eye lopez
    (My birthday too )

    • OMBRE

      Happy belated birthday!! 😀

  • greygoose125

    Etta James and Alicia Keys both share my birthdate: January 25th.

  • Apoetis

    Jay z and Tyra Banks Dec 4th

  • Brittany Harvey95

    Viola Davis August 11, 1965
    Chris Hemsworth August 11, 1983

    • Brittany Harvey95

      That’s Also My Birthday Too !

  • court g

    Mariah Carey, Fergie (black eyed peas) Quentin Tarantino…..March 27

  • vila

    Kimora Lee Simmons, Lance Bass (n’sync)…meeeeee

  • Lovely Gemini

    June 15
    Ice Cube
    Neil Patrick Harris
    Jim Belushi
    And Me

  • Truth be told

    April 14
    Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

  • HoppiSC

    This was a stupid article…. especially when the title includes “you couldnt have guessed it” at least choose celebs whos birth date AND birth year are/were the same!



  • Guest2012

    It reads “Megan Fox 1986, Janet Jackson 1966”

  • Geniafenner

    Marilyn Monroe and Hedi Klum and I have the same Birthday June 1st this Friday

  • Baddvixnetype

    July 2, 1985 – Ashley Tisdale
    July 2, 1986 – Lindsay Lohan 
    July 2, 1989 – Candice B. (ME)

  • Pleasantries

    Get this! Kim K and Amber Rose – October 21st
    (KK- ’80, AR- ’83)

  • guest

    Jimmy Smits, Tom Hanks, Richard Roundtree, Fred Savage and the imfamous O.J. Simpson share my birthday, July 9th. Not-so-honorable mention to Courtney Love, also born on 7/9.

  • Ciara

    Robert Downey Jr. and Heath Ledger Both April 4th

  • Alluse

    Kelly Rowland: Feb-11-1981 – Brandy: FEB-11-1979 – Whitney Houston’s death: Feb-11-2012 ==> 2 celebrity friends who lost their mentor on their birthdays #sad… 🙁

  • Goober

    And just what is the significance of this totally useless information?

    • Ispeakthetruth

      Sometimes people don’t want to have to think too much after a hard day at work/school, so this article is just useless fodder to pass the time reading nothing too important. You took the time to visit and comment, so chillax!!! Jeez!!!

  • Dee

    Madonna and Angela Bassett, August 16, 1958.



  • girly

    Heather Locklear/Will Smith/ Barbara Walters sept 25

  • WHERE do you get the people who write these articles? Copy/paste from above:
    ” If your into zodiac astrology, this could tell you everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite celebrities.” If YOUR into” How about hiring someone to write who knows the difference between Your and You’re? ANOTHER huge FAIL!

  • BarerMender

    June 27: Julia Duffy, Bob Keeshan, Helen Keller.

  • ale

    Robert Duvall and Diane Keaton

  • SillyGirl

    Alanis Morrissette is also June 1st…………

  • Jenn

    Kelly Clarkson and Barbra Streisand- April 24th

  • Scotti

    Willie Nelson, Kirsten Dunst, and Dianna Agron share the same birthday. It’s April 30.

  • Catherine Zeta Jones sept 25 1969 and Michael Douglas sept 25 1944

  • Ispeakthetruth

    Gabrielle Union and Tracee Ellis Ross have the same birthdate, October 29, 1972.

    Janet Jackson (1966) and Tori Spelling (1973) were born on May 16.

    Brandy Norwood (1979), Kelly Rowland (1981), and Jennifer Aniston (1969) were born on February 11, the day that Whitney Houston died.

    Angelina Jolie and Russell Brand were born on June 4, 1975.

    Finally, Kanye’s ex-GF, Amber Rose (1983) and his current GF, Kim K. (1980), were born on October 21. Scary coincidence!!!!

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